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Clubs (Dance Music) and Music Bars
  • Native Tongue!
  • Native Tongue has a great club night Headfunk on Friday and Saturday with live breakbeat, indi funk and Nu Soul. It's free entry and open until 2am! Drinks are cheap too. 2.50 for all bottles.
  • this shitty place called the vibe, which is absolutly rubbish (full of builders son and there girlfriends called brittany)
  • clubs in epsom
  • Angelos in the Oaks Square, small but perfectly formed
  • Boogie Lounge is an over 25 bar and club plays GREAT Tunes from the 70,s 80,s and 90,s up to todays tunes no cheese very busy at weekends and wednesday student night.
  • Boogie Lounge epsoms newest treny wine bar and nightclub over 25s no youngsters good dance music no sportswear or
  • yates is good for getting the young looking girls and good old shit town, i mean chigagos always nice to finish off on
  • yoyo's- "you're only young once" main activities include: signin the guest book, sittin on the snooker table, and havin a fag on the patio out the bak
  • chicagos for a bit of overpriced classic rock if you choose the right night,beware the drunken divorcees however...
  • Chicago's if ya like fat women with their bits out, oh and little kids aswell Po Na Na's if ya like a crap nightclub with tiger/zebra upholstery Bar Casa is a nice place though
  • Litten Tree, Greens
  • po na nas is a good club but alot of the longmean goes in there!,but still a good night out at chigagos is a night club to stay away from,but if ya wanna dance to the Y M C A that the place to be.(very sad music)
  • In comment to the remark that Epsom is dead at night, this is no loger true. It is now thriveing. Whether that is in the good or bad sense is debateable.
  • Greens is now Po na na, and is full of rudeboys at the weekends. You acn, however, hire it privately for a very low rate during the week (Only 50 if you fill it and bring yourown DJ), but drink prices are ridiculous.
  • Chicagos! Best night of the week to go? Probably Thursday, early evening happy hour includes 2-for-1 drinks, and it's 2-for-1 cocktails all night!! There's a great vibe and every ones happy (probably those cheap cocktails!) Be warned, Fridays and Saturdays are VERY busy, arrive early to avoid disapointment
  • Greens
  • are all rubbish. I went to epsom once to stay with friends. We went to a place called Chicagos. It was awful. All people from epsom seem interested in is dance music . I feel sorry for the people in the town who actually like decent stuff.

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