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Buskers, Street Entertainers
  • The litter man who picks up the rubbish with his stick haha
  • the litter guy who walks down the road with a litter stick haha and the Puerto Rican gangstas on east dean ave.
  • Jason on his bike. Big Issue man!
  • The Walkman guy was a chap called Graham Bilsby, who sadly died last year. He was on various flavours of medication but was actually a nice chap once you sat down and talked to him. Though he did go off the rails towards the end of his life he was never violent or unduly abusive.
  • theres a mental asylum in epsom and nut cases roam the street, yelling at lmap posts, and chavs seem to travel in packs, prey on the innocent "average joe"
  • Selling the Big Issue does make you an entertainer. I see this one guy, outside the Ashley Center. He has to put up with such crap from us school kids (this includes me feeding him celebrations) and he just stands there smiling. God, I don't even know his name.
  • I think it's fair to say that Epsom is very well represented in the freak/nutter stakes and visitors can expect to see some original characters as opposed to the clichéd park-bench drunks and "big issue" salesmen with 3-legged dogs. I don't know if he's still around, but a middle-aged man used to spend his days standing next to the ground-floor lifts in the Ashley Centre inspecting the plastic tops of milk bottles. His routine was simply to purchase a bottle of milk from a nearby supermarket, take the lid off and then spend the remainder of the day looking at one side of it then flipping it over and examining the other side. Also worthy of a mention here is the frustrated karate kid - a man who would go 'power-walking' through the town centre dressed in 80's style shell suits and would sporadically burst into a karate move in the middle of the street before walking on as if nothing had happened. The pick of the bunch though has to go with the legendary "Sinner". A dumpy middle-aged woman recognisable by her short dark hair and ever present travel bag, she would stand outside one of 2 or 3 variable locales and recite lectures that I assume come from a very long whinded religious book. I once tried to give her some money but when I went up to put a pound on top of her bag she hurled it at me and screamed something about the "7th dimension". Upon seeing this, some younger kids started putting pennies on her bag which sent her into a coin-throwing frenzy and commuters at the station got showered with loose change.
  • dom the tramp and his 3 legged dog! lives on the corner by lloyds tsb
  • Epsom's most famous tramp is a crazy bearded bloke with a multi-coloured stripy jumper and a 3 legged dog which looks like a Wolfhound. When he's had too much cider he shouts at people. He's great. Lives on the bench on the corner across from the train station and sometimes in Court Rec grounds. Go talk to him. You'll enjoy yourself
  • new bloke with a guitar always out singing shit songs, and not forgetting dom! tarra tarra! legend
  • sad boys from brixton come here @ da weekends coz der nuffin in der own areas nd feel big nd bad round here-until da longmead lads tell em where 2 go
  • Dom the tramp and his 3 legged dog.
  • the witch twins are notorious, or the 'bobblehat twins' as my mum calls them, can be quite terrifying, the kung fu kicking guy,and this freak who never leaves the phone booth down my road,he just stands in it
  • Does anyone remember Sinner? I heard many tales about this mad old bag lady at school. Apparently she would stand outside Epsom Train Station, reciting the Bible (which she had supposedly memorised cover to cover) and scaring kids, telling them they were going to hell. Only ever saw her once, she was running towards a school bus I was on shaking her fist as the elder boys blew kisses...
  • There is 'Sinner' she is the mysterious bag woman, everyone knows her as 'Sinner', she stands around reading the bible which she clearly knows off by heart, goes red in the face and starts shouting and screaming and cursing anyone who talks to her, she is apparently on a mission to find God...she has only got as far as waterloo though. Some one threw an apple at her once, she shouted out 'God is calling!' hee hee
  • There is a mad bloke in a tracksuit who walks around town listening to a walkman, he breaks into this 'Kung-foo fighting' dance then carries on walking. The woman who stands outside HSBC and swears at people.
  • The old lady twin sisters who my dad used to scare and teese me about, he used to say "they just both looked at you and whisperd to each other and done a stabbing motion (or gun cocking or whatever, neck-breaking movement etc..). They both look quite eeevul wicked witchy (no offence ladies sorry)
  • Unfortunately the old woman with the red face that used to stutter little mutterings, and scared me when I was younger - was last seen near Mordern.
  • the chap outside Waitrose. Poor fella.
  • Yeah, there's street entertainment. There's the mad old bag lady who stands near HSBC of a day moaning to herself and getting red in the face. There's also an odd man with glasses who walks around the park telling off his invisible friend... although I haven't seen him around for a while.

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