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  • I agree with the comment below I have also lived in Erith for almost 19 years and I am quite disgusted from what has been said. In fact I am also in University studying to become a teacher so I am far from being uneducated. I would also like to point out certain members of my family have lived in the Larner flats over the years and not one of them are single mothers who drag their children up! Also as for having nothing around, that is far from true. Another point I would like to make is Erith station is always open, so please check your facts next time. As for rude and inbred I am neither. In future ensure your unfactual comments that are stated as facts are correct.
  • Bexley College
  • Eriths first gay bar has a pretty decent website - check it out, and the bar too...
  • - provides information on products and services to the people within the London boroughs of Greenwich and Bexley, England ...and beyond.
  • Erith Playhouse.

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