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  • the running horses in erith is now a very friendly and warm pub to drink in. the old carvery which is upstairs has been reopened bye the new landlords and is a great place to eat. the staff are very helpful and friendly. they serve great food both in the carvery and at the bar. its a far cry from the awful place it used to be when i was a teenager drinking most weekends!!!
  • Gotta get the record straight about Running Horses, Erith! The new landlord Phil is a top bloke and has put a lot of money into the place. Everywhere has been refurbished with some more work to do in the small bar. He has put in the carvery and he used to be the chef back in its heyday so I think he'll know what he's doing! Give the pub a try because it has moved on loads since previous owners! Best pub in area including Belvedere and North Heath!
  • too many to mention. im just lazy and dont wanna write them all.
  • as landlord i would like to put the record straight about the running horses(built dec 1938).myself(peter don) and partner marie nayler pride ourselves on the fact we believe the pub offers anyone a safe place to enjoy a drink or 2 with a very friendly atmosphere you do not get in other pubs.we do not tollerate any drugs or trouble at all and all offenders are never served again.whilst it might have its quiet moments it is usually has very lively,friendly and entertaining evenings.our clientel are a mixed group of people and this pub is definately not a old mans pub/working mans club. we offer food lunchtimes mon - friday and a disco last friday in every month. its a shame this website has been hijacked by people inputting inaccurate and useless information usually by people with axe's to grind.anyone with any problems with our pub please e mail me in confidence on we are here to provide a worthy venue and welcome any comments.
  • The Ship, West Street mixed/gay pub, especially on a Friday. Friendly and down-to-earth. Running Horses, High Street, is nice for a pint outside.
  • Well, there's the "Style & Winch" - formerly The Boundary. Full of the people who live in the high rises surrounding the pub. The karaoke that can be heard emanating most weekends in the summer is beyond belief, and the women always sound sooo delightful drunkenly screeching as they leave. Then there's the White Hart - as mentioned in a previous entry, full of diamond geezers that would headbutt you if you looked at them sideways. Free function room upstairs(quite large) with a bar. The Cross Keys - only go in there if you are a "local" person and your granddad, father, uncles & cousins drink there. There's The Running Horses - frankly, a morgue has more atmosphere and is full of the T's crowd till 10ish. Lots of Burberry. The Ship on West Street - gay pub, friendly, used to strangers coming in, so don't stare as you as you walk in. My nan's wallpaper. V bad taste in entertainment - if 2Kay are billed leave if you value your ears. The Traf, also on West St, is now derelict, and not a moment too soon. There's also the Royal Alfred (New Light), the Halfway House, The Belvoir, The Belvedere Hotel & The Chequers, moving further into Belvedere, not too mention all the pubs in Belvedere itself - people here have got a lot of sorrows to drown,clearly. In less than a square mile there's the Conservative club, Erith Working Men's Club, Erith Trades & Social, Belvedere Social Club, The Priory, The Standard, The Fox, The Village Inn, The Victoria (tiniest pub in the world), the Prince of Wales & the Eardley Arms. Might have missed a couple. These are mostly your standard pubs - nothing special, although in the Eardley the staff do have a distressing habit of wearing nothing but flesh covered pants with enormous fake cocks on special occasions.
  • The White Hart: is Jamie Dole still the resident drunkard? I always remember him either perched precariously on the edge of a bar stool spilling beer everywhere, or face down on the sticky carpet. A friend of mine saaw him a few months ago whirling around on the tea-cup ride outside Ikea in Lakeside (with his kid, I have to add) - man, wish I'd been there to see that!
  • The Cross Keys pub reminds me of the club in Fifth Element(The Film ) if you have been there you will know what i mean ..... very strange nice thin dog.
  • If its music you want, the latest sounds, the latest drinks, and the best there is then go to THE HARROW in Northend Road. They had discos on Friday and Saturday, Karaoke on Tuesdays and a music quiz on Sunday nights. Is the only place with anything decent happening in Erith and decent people too!
  • The Duke at Northumberland heath is OK, a few characters. But pubs ain't wot they were. So mostly i don't bother, and NEVER in Erith. It's bad enough having to live in the dump.
  • Here's a quick guide to Erith's pubs, so tarting in the town centre you have: The White Heart-Stands next to the Erith Playhouse, usual bottle & fizzy lagers. Tends to be partroned by "white van man". Shows footy. The Crossed Keys- VERY strange building (compleate with gargoles) but probably (in my opinion) one of the dirtyest pubs in the world. A real shame as if money was invested would make an excelent family resturant type pub with great views of the thames (although you can see the Essex landfill site). Beer- stick to bottles, the bitters flat and the lagers..odd. The Running Horses - A 1950's built pub next to the swimming barths with a quite nice green opp' and a wide view of the Thames. Used to be a top knotch carvery but now just a normal pub. Two seperate bars one (the larger) has a pool table, fruites, quiz machines etc and is patroned by "quite a fresh faced" crowd (in saying that, no problems) the other bar is very quiet as theres no music in there. Quite nice but abit dull (still that sums up Erith, it's what you make it). Now going along West Street you have; The Ship - Hmmm, I dislike this pub but it has very..flexiable opening hours. The beer is (usually) foul although the Stienbock, Fosters & Guiness are ok. Has a disco on Friday night which is ok but the place is patroned by all the thicko's you hated at school. The landlord ok but most people in there are as rough as your'll find in Erith. The Running Horses-A large 1950's built pub next to the swimming barths
  • Urmmm, only old man pubs ie the running horse!!! (Not a nice olace)
  • Only old mens ones!! the runninh horses, working mens vlub, and a couple of others, which surprisinly have slipt my mind!
  • The're OK, but some are a bit scary!

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