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The Worst Things
  • My Acrostic Rafborough Estate Poem! ROUGH Nepalese gangs wander it's dusty streets AWFUL 30s terraces line up in dusty rows FUCK living in a hellhole like this ever!!! BEWARE of skin oup skin oups on street corners ONLY a fooooool would underestimate it alllll RUSTY balconies line unkempt 60s low rises ORANGE slags lean out the windows of 50s dust houses UNDERESTIMATE this hellhole at your peril GET out while u can or you'll be stuck living between disgusting boarded up mould houses where residents do sticky poos on its streets HELL is a less intimidating place to live.
  • the drug problem and nothing to do but hang around estates thiefing farnborough is full of drugs you can get whatever you want puff heroin crack you name it especially on west heath estate women aint that great either
  • No council housing and a waiting list that's updated yearly and only grows, thanks to government scheme to move every Gurkha alive into rushmoor, it's not the kids you have to be afraid of hanging up on the streets but the spitting elders
  • The worst things about totland are the parents that bring up the kids that do all the stuff your mentioning. The funny thing is the people writting all this stuff about totland probably dont even live anywhere near it where as i do and yeah there are a few idiots around here that think making people feel unsafe is ok but there are alot of people around this area that do not deserve to be put in the same catagory as the people your going on about and i find it very affensive that you think its alright to class everone that just so happens to live around here as thugs. Grow a brain who ever the narrow minded person that wrote them comments is!
  • People need to be more open-minded & friendly.
  • Farnborough.
  • Cove is definitely the low-light!
  • The knackered old town centre, the dangerousness of the clientele in 90% of the pubs and the Totland estate.
  • Large groups of children making peoples lives a misery.
  • The lack of entertainment, the lack of everything, but it wouldn't be the farnshite we know and love to hate without having to make your own fun.
  • opus, they suck monkey nuts
  • pikeys, rude-boys, boy racers at the Farnborough Cruise.
  • My rents wont move so i have to wait till uni to move away
  • there were drug dealers on totland about 10 years ago, the so called totland six. they all went to prison and totland flats were refurbished.the prince louis pub was transformed into a shop and community centre. totland is nothing like as bad as it was....
  • the woman who works in iceland who has a fully grown beard and wears a people shirt........beware
  • The First day in Farnborough when you realise what you have getten yourself into. Do not go to Farnborough College Of Technology.
  • Farnborough itself! totland estate going to asda and wasting all your bank balance buying crap you don't need, cos there is nothing else to do. Pikey kids Pikey Parents Pikey Grandparents council workers cutting your lawn, at a certain student house at 7am!! The local police who 'stop 'n search' you cos they think you might be one of the local pikeys cheezy nights at the student union
  • no clubs!
  • the rude boys starting on everyone
  • grebblers
  • the unpretty mazes of council housing aroung totland flats. they are covered in graffiti n they are skanky
  • The Totland/Prospect estate is disgusting!! especially the totland flats, they are in the worst condition ever and full of crack dealers and prostitutes.
  • Local papers with nothing worth saying. Continual whingeing about aircraft noise. Comedy attempts at bus services to neighbouring towns. How long does it take to plan and build a cinema? 10 years? Don't drop the scheme because Camberley are planning one - build ours first!!! And build bars, lots of bars.
  • In common with all of south east England, property is really very expensive indeed.
  • far from good shops
  • I have been here on and off for over a decade (also in London and abroad)- and I have to sat that I have never seen a town of this size with so little going on! The town now boasts an airport but no new pubs, clubs, cultural centres- I have witnessed a creative brain drain- let's make something happen,
  • There's a real categorization of people type thing going on, not so much among the older people as with the comprehensive school age ones ... i.e. 'Townie! / Grunger!' so a loss of individuality which is crap ... my ister's ex-boyfriend and his 2 friends got beaten up just for walking through town by a bunch of 'townie' types, and they're not even hardcore 'grunger' types, slightly skaterish but that was it!! >:(
  • the totlands estate is damp dirty and full of freshly sprayed urine. dont touch the stair rails as you enter the main flats or you'll get diseased.
  • The mini wanabes
  • The drug dealers on the totlands estate. It's just as rough as some inner city london estates.
  • everything inside the boundaries of cherrywood road and mayfield road i.e : the totlands estate.
  • The council estate on chapel lane is pikiesh and it's falling down. It's a no go area.
  • the totlands estate and the hawley lane estate.
  • driving around the crap one way system, the council estates ... the sad loss of Totlands reputation :/ *weep*
  • A lot of kids with nothing to do...
  • Townies pretty much run the show in Farnborough. Their arent as many as in Aldershot or Camberly though.. yet
  • The shopping centre as it has nothing of any interest.
  • Is it strictly legal to say that I worked with Phileas Fogg Travel Agents in the summer of '99 and found them to be a bunch of suburban hick donkeys? Ok then. Still, they're stuck living in Farnborough which is punishment enough, while I'm happy here in London doing my stuff, thank you. Also, there is a slightly dodgy arms trade originating from this town, selling torture weapons to countries in conflict through viable legal loopholes. Never mind, though, the trade means they've got the best flower displays in the streets in the UK, and the locals don't seem to mind too much.
  • No nightlife, and good shops
  • Shop assistants
  • Airshow traffic. The whole town is overrun by moron drivers looking at planes out of their sunroof's.
  • The town centre is shit. There are no good shops (except Meltdown Records).
  • It's full of very stupid people.
  • Terrible bus service- the last bus from Farnborough station to my house is just before 6pm!
  • Tory Politics and success stories, stopping a new pub opening in the town centre and making a roundabout bigger - SAD Tory MP against the equal age of consent - bigot

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