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The Best Things
  • The Port of Felixstowe is the major employer. Felixstowe would implode under the weight of all the shit that live there if it wasn't there.
  • One of the best things is that I had Louise when the Amberstone books female dwarf was arranging for her to meet a snob.I had her before he got her.
  • Is to return to Felixstowe on holiday after many tears in Australia to meet up with old school friends. The town's changed over the years, But the locals are still "Beaut" & I hope to return again one day Before I'm to old to travel.
  • Freedom To Do Basicly Anyhting And Not Get Into Trouble
  • skating
  • sea sand sun but not all year
  • Living in Felixstowe is made worthwhile simply by being in the Advertiser Felixstowe’s distribution. That newspaper is so pointlessly entertaining. “Multi Agency forces of at least *12* officers crack down across town.”. “Breaking News: Shampoo Product Recall!”.
  • The way out
  • The term 'Best Things' isn't generaly associated with Felixstowe although The Grove's cool and Jack at Pheonix Fruits who used to give me free apples on the way back from school - he was cool. Felixstowes crazy inhabitants that make Felixstowe unique!
  • The Grove, the beach, the little ferry that runs between Felixstowe and Bawdsey... the relatively low levels of crime and bumping into lots of acquaintances in town.
  • obviously deben, is mr robins still there? the a14....cos it takes you to the rest of the world where pub stay open later then 11, take aways deliver and stay open after 11 and there are decent shops which don't shut before half 5, on sundays or wednesday afternoons
  • The weather, Felixstowe is one of the driest places in the U.K
  • The Grosvenor? Oh yeah
  • The hundreds, if not thousands of residents that indulge in mindless vandalism and indiscriminate violence, which of course, makes for such a pleasant living environment in this cosy little seaside resort.
  • the beach...there is actually sand now and now that i live in a city i do miss the walks along the prom how woolworths is the only place top go on a saturday...everyone does it.
  • Great gardens on sea front Lots of lovely flowers in gardens and throughout the town
  • The card centre,number one in a sea of card shops,all cards under a quid,NICE!unlike clintons,daylight robbery
  • ME here
  • ME here.... thats all really
  • the clubs new look pubs
  • Bounty fisheries,favourite [chicken takeway],the grove,Brackenbury sports centre,the town ground,Langurad fort,Felixstowe musem,John bradfield viewing area[or the viewing point],lesiure centre,the spa pavillon,
  • I know this sounds corny but my grandma is the best she has lived in felixstowe for over 10 years working in the nut house (The Haven) on Cavendish rd. she works hard, has a beautiful personality and a hugh heart. i am 20 years old and i am currently living in ft worth texas and believe me FELIXSTOWE will be the 1st place i will be coming back too. plus i have always wanted to have a drink at the felsto Arms.
  • Being sandwiched between the sea and the countryside is nice. The grove is a nice place to walk, as is Gulpher Road, where you can go and feed the ducks at the pond. It's also nice to sit on the concrete blocks alongside Jacob's Ladder steps, and look at the sea.
  • Ice creams on the sea front on a nice day
  • The Pier!! The Flowers!! and the few old buildings that still stand.
  • The A14 North
  • going down the front on a friday night
  • Skatepark hopefully built by summer 2001
  • Felixstowe, Full of, generally, harmless nutters. You can always go out and meet loads of people that you know..
  • The decent, law-abiding locals, both of them.
  • The TV Workshop, The A14, The duck pond at Station road Trimley where you can feed bread to ducks, chickens, and peacocks.
  • The sea, and the road out (goes all the way the Coventry whoopee!)
  • Sea, promenade, martello towers, Felixstowe Ferry hamlet, swimming pool (Leisure Centre), Hamilton Road, the Town Hall, The Grove (woodland), most local pubs and cafes, sailing boats, Spa Pavilion cafe, beach huts, Felixsowe is not as bad as has been painted.
  • What I remember from 12-20 years ago. The sea air, The mainland european tourists and their lack of clothes, Langer park (and its little hidey-holes), Languard Fort, Beer, Fine Fare, Saturday morning pictures, Detention, Felixstowe FC, The Pier Pavilion (Jackie Pallo's wrestling), Losing my virginity, Beer, Brandon, Andy, Lawrence, Vanessa, Anna-lisa, Shonee, Nadine, Max, Stephen, Nick, Dennis, Georgina, Susan, Tracy, Rachel, Julia, Wade, Adam, Dena, Tim, Deben High, The Grove, Spa Gardens, Beer, Truant, Coronation Park. Football, and the Sea, sorry if i've missed anything (Mark E - see noticeboard)
  • The amount of world travelling I had to do to find somewhere worse to live (the search ended at Barabise in Nepal, 10km from the Chinese border - but it was a close run thing). My favourite view of Felixstowe is always the one I see in my rear view mirror.
  • The prom, the boating lake, the iccle train, the bouncy castle, my gran's house, the cliff gardens where you can play hide and seek, the late victorian buildings (ah, happy childhood memories!)
  • The weather, which you don't miss until you move away. Also the fantastic Youth Group at Maidstone Road Baptist Church, and the minister NicK Swanson (the coolest guy you could ever meet!)
  • The best thing is Landguard Common, a great place to have a walk on a summer's evening, watching the rabbits scurrying about, with the gentle hum of the docks in the background...
  • Long beaches (not surprising for a coastal town), good water sports particularly sailing, windsurfing, jetskis etc. No surf though. Is often the sunniest place in Britain.
    No decent shops in Felixstowe but Ipswich (nearby) is better one half decent record shop (IANS RECORDS), even if you can't find what you're looking for, he's a dead friendly chap who likes to spend all day talking so go in.
    I can't really recommend the place for a long holiday, but if you want a weekend by the sea, sitting in a bar watching the world go by then you can do a lot worse than this place.

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