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BEER by Robert Fiander (Member 10028934) on 22-Mar-2001
Can anyone remember me Robert Fiander AKA Flea
ejected from felixstowe exactly 10 years ago for a life of Sun and different beer

Please someone must remember the Port Hole, more like shit hole but we had fun !!

My brother Spid is back from New Zealand and the other brother little flea will be at the Han... more >>
  • Re: BEER by Dave Walne (Member 10021098) on 29-Mar-2001
    Remember me, I was at school with Spid, one of
    twins (Mick) the other one. I remember you well

    Nearly bought your Mum,s house about 4 years ago.

    Is Spid back in Felixstowe, and Pete Salmon did he have is own haulage business (Son of Alan & Ursul... more >>

  • Re: BEER by David O'Brien (Member 10228914) on 10-Jul-2008
    Spid, Flea, Mick Banham. Paul Friston and the Walne twins....

    Now those names bring back memories.

    Good to hear that you're... more >>

Anybody Out There ?? by wesley (Member 10026747) on 22-Feb-2001
Hiya, i went to Deben and was wondering if there was any of the infamous 11A1 class(95) out there ? If so, leave a message !!!!!!   
Are YOU having problems with the "CHILD SUPPORT AGENCY" ? by Graham (Member 10026291) on 17-Feb-2001
If you are having problems with the Child Support Agency (CSA) or think you may be about to be contacted by them, please get in touch with me at


Or on (01394) 285066 / www.gakworld.co.uk "help & ad... more >>
  • Re: Are YOU having problems with the by GRAHAM BOWDEN (Member 10005543) on 17-May-2001
    The above email address is now Graham.Bowden@nacsa.org (not org.uk)

    Or you can contact me on my personal email at the top.

    Anyone with CSA problems,men and women are welcome to contact me for free help and advice. Next CSA meeting will be on 12 June at the Grosvenor public house, starts at 7:30PM

  • Re: Are YOU having problems with the by Gak (Member 10084794) on 8-Dec-2002
    If you need any info on the above, please go to:
    http://www.nacsa.org.uk/, I am no longer holding meetings or using that email address, but can give a little bit of help & advice on CSA matters. For the best info please use the website address given.


    (National Association for Child Support Action)

Is anyone out there? by Natasha Masters (Member 10025532) on 7-Feb-2001
Is there anyone out there that remembers me back then my name wash Natasha Newby. I went to Kingsfleet but left in 1988. I lived on Gulpher Road and Cliff Road. I'm semi-related sortof to Daniel Philpot if that name rings a bell. Oh, you may know my brother Gavyn Newby, he still lives around there. If you do remember me please drop a line or post a message.
  • Re: Is anyone out there? by Richard Cross-Bardell (Member 10297630) on 10-Nov-2014
    I think I might remember you. I certainly remember Daniel Philpott.

    Christ, I feel old now!!


Looking for old friends (1976 - 1982) by Mark Usher (Member 10025008) on 31-Jan-2001
Bored as usual in my office in the Middle East I came accross this site and thought, why not, lets see if any of my old friends are here. I moved to Felixstowe in the hot summer of 76 and attended Deben High until leaving sixth form in 82 and moving to London. I now live in the Middle East (Qatar) and have done for the last 10 years. I still see a couple of guys from Felixstowe when I am back home... more >>   
  • Re: Looking for old friends (1976 - 1982) by linda riddett (Member 10043263) on 3-Sep-2001
    hi I went to the Deben from74 to 78. My maiden name was Pawsey. Before Deben I went to Colneis and before that Fairfield school. Ihave happy memories of my time at the Deben. My friends were Tracey Todd Tracey Rendall Suzanne Carter Anne Bullard Liz Olney to name a few. My fav teachers were Mr Drew Mr Allen Mrs Ratcliffe Mr Brent Mrs Lynch to name a few. Ialso remember Mr Whyard (piggy) Mr Wright ... more >>

Gene Pool by john (Member 10021396) on 6-Dec-2000
The Felixstowe Gene pool defiantly needs enlarging   
  • Re: Gene Pool by Charlie (Member 10021424) on 6-Dec-2000
    Yes, but at least we don't get 'definitely' and 'defiantly' mixed up. Or is it that you just can't spell? Or there again, maybe you are an employee of Knowhere just trying to stimulate some discussion? I think we should be told.

Looking for Old Schoolfriend by Dave Walne (Member 10021098) on 1-Dec-2000
Can anybody help me contact Dave O,be O,brien
We attended Causton & Orwell schools between 1962 & 1971.
Last known living in the London Area, working for Shipping Agents.
  • Re: Looking for Old Schoolfriend by David O'Brien (Member 10228914) on 11-Jul-2008
    Hi Dave,

    Just found this message (8 years on)...

    Currently working and living in Riga, Latvia. Come back to the UK about 4 times a year so see the kids (and Grand kids a... more >>

ex Deben High School pupils by Barbie Wyard (Member 10021103) on 30-Nov-2000
(nee Barbara Thomas) I would like to make contact with old friends from Felixstowe and Deben High - especially Quince Eagleson who moved to Germany in around 1977. Her mum was Rowena, she had a sister Polly and brother William; Sandy & Leslie Smith who moved to Northampton; Tracy Burt; Karen Tolley; Tina Taylor; Pauline Sciezska; Anita Lewis (Orwell High); Sally Walker; Jane Thomas (who attended ... more >>   
  • Deben High School Staff by Nathan Cocheese (Member 10017249) on 2-Dec-2000
    Mr Drew, also known as Boris.

  • Re: ex Deben High School pupils by Dave Walne (Member 10021098) on 29-Mar-2001
    I noticed in your message a Tina Taylor, how old would she be now?

    And could we suprise the Tina Taylor who is now married to me, she is 45, could that be here?

  • Re: ex Deben High School pupils by mully (Member 10055488) on 12-Jan-2002
    Hi Barbara, not sure if you would remember me, but I certainly remember you. Blonde and thin as I remember. Not even sure if you'll ever see this, the message is ancient, and I have only stumbled on this site today! Trish Mulholland

  • Re: ex Deben High School pupils by William Eagleson (Member 10205418) on 27-Mar-2007
    Barbara, this is William. I can give you Quince's contact details if you would like to contact her. Hope you are well....after all this time !!
    Take care !

  • Re: ex Deben High School pupils by Linda (Member 10222600) on 6-Mar-2008
    Hi there, this is someone else looking for Quince Eagleson too, only I knew her as McIlwrick, and managed to trace her ex army husband Dave and got her maiden name from him! Then I put her name on the goolge bar...and here I am...YIPEEEEEE!!!!
    I DO HOPE William or Babera would be good enough to pass on her details to me, maybe an email address? If you speak to Quince, would you tell her i... more >>

  • Re: ex Deben High School pupils by Steve Hubbard (Member 10252157) on 20-Sep-2010

    Are you the ex of Ali Brixey, as I've been trying to find you for months. If you are, I hope you don't mind me contacting you. Just interested to know how your doing, as I always considered you a good friend and have fun and fond memories of you.

    Looking through old photo's triggered memories of us in the lake district.

    Steve H

  • Re: ex Deben High School pupils by Tony Butler (Member 10263851) on 1-Aug-2011
    Hi Barbie
    I doubt you rmember me as we haven't had any contact since Junior School.
    I was just trawling through stuff on the net and came across this really old post from you. I also saw Anita Lewis mentioned too. Names from my childhood!!!
    Hope you are doing well and life has treated you indly.

Are YOU having problems with the "CHILD SUPPORT AGENCY" ? by GRAHAM BOWDEN (Member 10005543) on 18-Nov-2000
Are you or someone you know going through divorce and have children to consider?.Be aware you could end up in the hands of the "child support agency".

If you are contacted by them , do not tell them anything over the phone!, contact myself or go to WWW.NACSA.ORG.UK and seek help fast, wether you are the "parent with care" or the "non resident parent", make sure you know what your rights are bef... more >>
  • Re: Help with other problems you may be facing? by GRAHAM BOWDEN (Member 10005543) on 18-Nov-2000
    Check out the "help and advice" page at www.Gakworld.co.uk for more information on many matters. See also the other pages listed there for some good old fun that will make you laugh till your ribs ache!.

  • Re: KENNY are you ok!!! by GRAHAM BOWDEN (Member 10005543) on 27-Nov-2000
    Hi Kenny, just spoke with your dad, sorry to hear what happend, hope you get better soon m8, drop me an email if you like, would be nice to know you are ok, see ya m8.


  • Re: Are YOU having problems with the by Kenny Magee (Member 10005989) on 19-Dec-2000
    Gak I'm alright now cheers.... how are you???
    right people of Felixstowe I need help... I'd like to purchase a second hand Nintendo 64 with games etc.... contact me..... thank you...

JOHN LEADBEATER by S CAIRNS (Member 10020277) on 16-Nov-2000
  • Re: JOHN LEADBEATER by Do you know who I am? (Member 10020323) on 17-Nov-2000


    L... more >>

  • Re: JOHN LEADBEATER by Mark Stone (Member 10035601) on 17-Jun-2001
    Yeah, I remember you. Smoking a fag at the bar and getting caught or nearly, by Jonnah.

Anyone from Felixstowe Grammar School 1962-1967 ? by David Kitchen (Member 10019032) on 24-Oct-2000
Remember me ? I lived in Colneis Road and left the School after O levels to go to Ipswich Civic College. Also a regular in the North Stand at Portman Road.   
  • Re: Anyone from Felixstowe Grammar School 1962-1967 ? by Charles Wright (Member 10007811) on 24-Oct-2000
    Yes of course I do ! I'll mail you soon.

  • Re: Anyone from Felixstowe Grammar School 1962-1967 ? by Martyn James Croft (Member 10226845) on 28-May-2008
    I attended FGS from 1960-1967

*** >>> Go to Deben High about 1980 to 1985 (ish) ??? <<< *** by Tim Nice (Member 10017522) on 25-Sep-2000
Anybody remember me - Tim Nice - I've already seen Mark Elliot's posting and have contacted him but wondered if anybody else is out there.

Please e-mail me.
School Reunion reminder by Charles Wright (Member 10007811) on 8-Sep-2000
For all ex-pupils of Felixstowe Grammar/High or Deben High School, there is a reunion on Saturday, October 21st, 2000. This is not year specific - all are welcome. For more details contact me, or Mr F E Robins c/o Deben High School on 01394 282602.   
  • Re: School Reunion reminder by Nathan Cocheese (Member 10017249) on 20-Sep-2000
    As a former student of Deben High School Iím touched that there is a re-union taking place and I assume Iím cordially invited. However, due to several teachers and the regime at Deben High School making my life a misery for five years, Iím sorry to decline your kind invitation.

    I often wonder what happened to the likes of Hotton (nice back perm), Ring (Mrs. Baker), De-Wolfson (Wolfie), and Syke... more >>

  • Re: School Reunion reminder by Charles Wright (Member 10007811) on 20-Sep-2000
    Well, I'm sorry you have such bitter memories. You'll be pleased to know that attendance is not compulsory ! I can't say that school days were the happiest days of my life; I certainly got into a few scrapes myself. However, after a few more years, the rose tinted spectacles may begin to work. I left in 1968 and think it's a good opportunity to re-establish contact with old friends. You could ... more >>

  • Re: School Reunion reminder by AdMaN (Member 10019443) on 31-Oct-2000
    Some of the teachers at Deben in the 80s should have been strangled at birth - especially Tehan, who did for maths what the bubonic plague did for Europe in the middle ages.

    The various twats, charlatans and just plain dumbarses who headed Deben's classrooms in those dark days are more numerous even than the tapeworms in poor old Matthews' anaemic gullet.

    Love, Ad

Is there anyone out there?? by Peter Cain (Member 10013905) on 21-Aug-2000

I was born in Felixstowe, at a very early age, (1949) when to Causton and what was then the Secondary Modern school,lived in Seaton Road then Tomlin Road before moving to Ipswich when I was 16, then to the Isle of Man, where I still reside, (not for tax reasons :-). Have not been back for 20 years but hope to visit in September for my Aunt's 50th wedding anniversary. Would love to hear from... more >>
Car boot sales - where & when by christine (Member 10014706) on 22-Jul-2000
Visiting American tourist wants to discover the true gems of British culture - but, since that doesn't seem possible in Felixstowe, will settle for a car boot sale or two.   
  • Re: Car boot sales - where & when by christine (Member 10014706) on 9-Aug-2000
    Seriously, I want to know where these are held and when. Anyone?



Anyone Remember Me !!! by Mark Elliott (Member 10000580) on 22-Jul-2000
Mark Elliott here. I lived in Felixtowe from 1978 to 1988 (roughly). I attended Deben High School until leaving in about 1987. I lived in Langer Road before then and went to Langer school as a kid. Then I moved to Stour Avenue and spent most of my time in Coronation Park or down the seafront. I then stayed with a friend Brandon Kemp in the town centre. My father still lives in Felixstowe, Brian wi... more >>   
  • Re: Anyone Remember Me !!! by Phillipa (Cracknell)Smith (Member 10015234) on 3-Aug-2000
    Mark - I do not know you (I am about 10 yrs older) but I used to live on Waveney Road (all my life before moving to the US). So I certainly know all the areas you speak of. Coronation Park was our hang out too - especially before all the new houses went up. We used to hang out in them while they were being built. It beat getting rained on!!! I also have a brother Robb Cracknell who still lives in ... more >>

  • Re: Anyone Remember Me !!! by Tim Nice (Member 10017522) on 25-Sep-2000
    Remember the days of Mr Lillistone and the ceiling tiles / Mrs Warren and the smoke generator / Adam Whitehouse and his killer bag

    Yes, I remember you - Tim Nice here.

    E-mail me if you are still around.

  • Re: Anyone Remember Me !!! by AdMaN (Member 10019443) on 31-Oct-2000
    I now have a Mass Murdering Backpack and I am taking it round the world on a killing spree in 3 weeks time. I have been married for 10 days. Please give me some money. Love, Ad.

  • Re: Anyone Remember Me !!! by wesley (Member 10026747) on 22-Feb-2001
    Well, you won't know me, but i saw your message on here and saw you were friends with Brandon. Well, guess what, so am I !!! I phoned him straight away and he asked me to say hi, how is Villa, and fancy a game of Cricket !!!!!!

  • Re: Anyone Remember Me !!! by Jason (Member 10060960) on 7-Sep-2003
    I lived in Felixstowe from 83 till 89 on russell road. went to Deben for a bit I,ve lived in America for the last 12 years. If anyone remembers Jason Gray, please email me at springheelj@hotmail.com

  • Re: Anyone Remember Me !!! by Sara (Member 10186810) on 13-Apr-2008
    I remember you I was friends with Chritine and Tracey the twins we lived on Coronation Drive near Ben Gardiner

Please help by Martin Burtoft (Member 10014170) on 8-Jul-2000
I am looking for people who could help me out by working a few hours a week Part or Full time.
Please see my Web site www.moorings.alderney.net

Thank you
Martin Burtoft
Felixstowe College by Anne-Marie (Member 10012373) on 23-May-2000
Anyone out there go to Felixstowe College between 1981 - 1986 ? I was a Day Girl for 4 of those years so people may remember me form just hanging out in Felixstowe. My maiden name was Etherington. Used to hang around the usual places when you're under age - The Triangle, Pier, Hustlers !!! USed to go in The Grand quite a bit in about 1988. Good friends with Catherine Hickman, Siobhan Thompson... more >>   
  • Re: Felixstowe College by frances (Member 10017309) on 21-Sep-2000
    I went to Felixstowe College as day girl and as a boarder and we were good friends! I can remember going to Newcastle and trick or treating with you!

    I would like to meet up with you and catch up on all thats happened since!

  • Re: Felixstowe College by Anne-Marie (Member 10012373) on 2-Nov-2000
    Frank ! Hello there, yes were were mates. My god trick or treating in Newcastle, making costumes out of bin liners round your grandmothers house, I remember it well !!! Would be really nice to meet. Mail me back to arrange something. I had an email from a friend of yours, you were her bridesmaid or something, she was going to get in touch with you for me. She said that you had your own busin... more >>

  • Re: Felixstowe College by S CAIRNS (Member 10020277) on 16-Nov-2000

  • Re: Felixstowe College by Anne-Marie (Member 10012373) on 14-May-2001
    Siobhan (S Cairns) is that you? What are you up to now? We should meet up. Thanks for the really nice posting about me, half true the other half definately NOT.

  • Re: Felixstowe College by S CAIRNS (Member 10036001) on 22-Jun-2001

  • Re: Felixstowe College by Anne-Marie (Member 10012373) on 1-Aug-2001
    I'm around, still fairly local. Working as a PA at a well known Telco. Married for 4 years. What about you?

  • Re: Felixstowe College by Phill (Member 10140613) on 18-Dec-2004
    If any of you are still watching this thread.... Cathy, Siobhan, Louisa.... drop me a line! Siobhan, we used to date... :)

Old girl friends from early 1960's by Nicholas Thompson (Member 10000690) on 22-Apr-2000
Although I've managed to track down a number of old male friends who grew up in Felixstowe in 50's & 60's I've not had much luck with some of the girls. Does anyone remember:-

Barbara Gee
Bridget Whittaker
Pauline Durrant
... more >>
  • Re: Old girl friends from early 1960's by Martyn James Croft (Member 10226845) on 28-May-2008
    Went to school with Bridget Whittaker and Barbara Gee and lived near Susan Faires in Fairfield Av.

Lee Knights by CadenceWalden (Member 10010607) on 17-Apr-2000
Just wondering if anyone has any info on Lee Knights, Hes 21 and lives in Trimley, so has to resort in escaping to Felixstowe. Just looking for gossip that could be used at Uni.   
  • Re: Lee Knights by Rebecca Ely (Member 10027929) on 9-Mar-2001
    I don't know how quickly you wanted this info, I only just saw this message... But the only thing I know is he was very small at school the smallest in the class. He has a brother called Karl who went out with my friend. Lee Shagged this girl called Jenny Wilder as well So I've heard. He was never one of the 'in' croud but nevertheless quite a good laugh.

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