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Do You Want to Increase Your Income in 2009 ? by David Taylor (Member 10103609) on 1-Jan-2009

Many people are worried about the coming year with redundancy, Credit Crunch etc. Would you like to join a business part/full time where these difficult times make your services even more attractive?

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Modern Jive /WCSwing Workshops and Competitions 2008 by S.B (Member 10184513) on 22-Jun-2008
Dancers from across the Globe will descend on Cheshire to compete at the 'UK Star Studded Championships held at Northwich Memorial Hall on the 1st,2nd & 3rd of August.
This is the first time this venue will be used to hold this event, the Saturday evening includes a Modern Jive & West Coast Swing Freestyle.
The competition for the first time will have a Modern Jive category, 'UK Modern Jive ProA... more >>
long shot, pls help if you can by MaMaMammy (Member 10224170) on 3-Apr-2008
Hi there, I am looking for a man named David Evans (maybe using smith instead) born 3rd feb 1955. Or anyone who is related/knows the syms family - Hilda, Beryl and there families.

I am pretty sure Hilda and Beryl lived in regents street in Ferndale, but have not been there since I was a child so the memory is hazy.

If anyone does know the whereabouts or what became of David please contact me... more >>
  • Re: long shot, pls help if you can by Huw Wilson (Member 10228027) on 25-Jun-2008
    Hey Jennifer :)

    I'm probably your cousin as my aunty was Hilda and Beryl. I know that both of them are sadly now dead but and i tried to ask my grandfather selwyn baber about the whereabouts of your father David Evans (Smith) but he only knows that he went to live in Hayes or High Wycombe in London. I have numbers and contact lists for you to try but obviously i can't give them out over the we... more >>

Trying to locate a family. by David John Troughton (Member 10203406) on 23-Feb-2007
I am searching for details of a family that lived in Ferndale around 80 years ago and may still have decendants living there now. The family name is James, the only information I have is there was a daughter Dorothy Mary Irene, she had two other siblings and their mother died when they were quite young, probably in their teens.
If anyone has any information please leave contact details.
brian bees by john (Member 10191172) on 14-Aug-2006
Brian.working in China saw message about your brother like to hear from you john watts.   
finding people by jan (Member 10173744) on 7-Jan-2006
Hi, I'm an ex-pat hoping to catch up with a few people in Wales. Does anyone know of Michael Henry Jones of Ystrad? Rena Williams of Penrhys? David and Christine Harris of Ystrid? Was in Wales in 83-85 with a friend from Australia. We'd love to catch up with these people.   
  • Re: finding people by D Thorne (Member 10198113) on 18-Jun-2011
    Did you get in touch with Rena?

Sudoku by Reader (Member 10122086) on 23-May-2005
Help available at http://www.urbanrim.org.uk/sudoku.htm   
Looking for David John Griffiths(Dai) from Blaenllechau by Cathryn (Member 10139419) on 4-Dec-2004
I'm looking for David John Griffiths(named: Dai) from Blaenllechau,parents are Gwyneth and David Griffiths sen.
Can anybody help me??

Cathryn(far far away)
  • Re: Looking for David John Griffiths(Dai) from Blaenllechau by kellyclement (Member 10217626) on 5-Dec-2007
    Hi i am from blaenllechau and i know david and gwynweth griffiths, they still live in blaenllechau

  • Re: Looking for David John Griffiths(Dai) from Blaenllechau by Cathryn (Member 10139419) on 10-Dec-2007
    Thanks for your answer!!(after 3 years)
    Can you tell me something about the son David (junior)??He has two children(and my daughter as well is a child of him).

'Cliff' Jones by Michael Hunter (Member 10092603) on 9-Nov-2004
This guy (Real name Clifford Lee Jones)'works' at the Bell centre in Blaenllechau & had recently had his picture in the Rhondda Leader. Be very wary of this character. He has been under suspicion of kiddie-fiddling for a number of years. There's not enough evidence to convict him, but he will slip up one day hopefully. DO NOT LET YOUR KIDS ANYWHERE NEAR HIM....   
  • Re: 'Cliff' Jones by Michael Hunter (Member 10092603) on 9-Nov-2004
    He's also a Member of the BUFFS, who as you know are like all secret societies do a good job of protecting & hiding these Characters. So Bro. Cliff Jones. Your card has been marked.

CHRISTOPHER PATRICK STEVENS WHERE ARE YOU????? by irene patricia kahre (Member 10128366) on 26-Jul-2004
My name is Irene Patricia Kahre nee Stevens.I live in Germany and am urgently trying to contact CHRISTOPHER PATRICK STEVENS:(He is about 62 to 70 years years young) If you know him PLEASE PLEASE tell him that I am trying to contact him.(and have been for many years)Any help would be a God sent. Thanks.   
save or earn by derek cummings (Member 10036758) on 16-Feb-2003
6 ways to save money - and one way to earn. Visit http://www.telecomplus.org.uk/derek-cummings   
liked the website by julie (Member 10084974) on 10-Dec-2002
Just to say I enjoyed your website quite funny.
Julie of Tylorstown
Richard Hayden Owen (Dick) by Tony Harper (Member 10081147) on 29-Oct-2002
I am trying to contact any relatives or find a photograph of Richard. Who was killed with my father in a Baltimore bomber in Eygpt on 19th Jan 1945. Richard was born 27.12.1910.at 182 East rd.Tylorstown.His father was Basil Owen. mother was Blodwen.He also lived at 11 Brown St.Ferndale.
He married Sybil 11thJan 1936.Also lived at 13 Darren terr. and 9 Tudor st. both in Ferndale.I believe they had... more >>
  • Re: Richard Hayden Owen (Dick) by Jane everitt (Member 10125843) on 4-Jun-2004
    Hello, I'm Richards great-niece, grandaughter of his sister Eunice, I don't know if there's a photo of richard about but I will ask my uncles and let you know,I was on this site looking for information about my family and was very pleased to see you message. I didn't know Richard was serving in Egypt when he died, so now I will be able to look up his record, also I 've always believed him to be single. Jane

  • Re: Richard Hayden Owen (Dick) by Tony Harper (Member 10081147) on 8-Jun-2004
    Jane. Ihave got a tremendous amount of info about your great uncle which I know your family will find very interesting, please e-mail me so that I can communicate with you regards Tony harper

annette by AMANDA (Member 10067857) on 9-May-2002
im trying to get in touch with a girl called annette who lives in ferndale area she is about 42-44yrs of age and has grown up children she has been married but is on her own know. If there is anyone out there that thinks they may be able to help would be most appreciative   
earn good money from home by derek cummings (Member 10036758) on 3-May-2002
If you are broke and need to earn some money I found a great way to earn from home. Some work part time and others full time. Whatever you needs if you visit http://www.derrylynnewales.co.uk you can apply for a free no obligation information pack. This is not a get rich scheme or scam, it really works.   
Shorney, John Henry (Harry) by Neil Shorney (Member 10065762) on 17-Apr-2002
Harry Shorney, a former resident of Ferndale, sadly passed away peacefully last Saturday surrounded by his family, aged 91 years. Born in 1911 in Fountain Street, he lived there until the age of about 14, when he moved to Bristol. Harry visited Ferdale regularly after this.

I am his grandson, and would love to hear from anyone who remembers the Shorney family from Ferndale, as I do not know as ... more >>
The GILBERTS of Blaenllechau by Roy Jones (Member 10061604) on 7-Mar-2002
I am looking for any information regarding the GILBERT family from Blaenllechau, for a family history I am Compiling. Does anybody remember my Grandfather James Henry (Jim) Gilbert?. Any information about Jim or any of the GILBERT'S gratefully recieved.
Many Thanks.
  • Re: The GILBERTS of Blaenllechau by kellyclement (Member 10217626) on 5-Dec-2007
    I am from blaenllecjhauy and i know a jack gilbert and his daughter mary

  • Re: The GILBERTS of Blaenllechau by jmoss (Member 10253126) on 17-Oct-2010
    I am related to a Richard John GILBERT of Tylorstown (likely now deceased) and am looking for family information. He went to Blaenllechau when he was 10. Brother of Martha June.

    Is this a relation? Tks

Looking For Father by Roy Jones (Member 10061604) on 7-Mar-2002
I am in the process of researching my family history, and am looking for the identity of the father of my half-brother Clifford Jones. My mother is Gloria Jones (nee: Gilbert) from Blaenllechau & she used to live at 39a Dyffryn street, (The Fish Shop) from 1963 to 1972. her best friend was Joan Clements from Union Street, who knew his identity, but she has now passed away. any help would be gratef... more >>   
  • Re: Looking For Father by Renegade1904 (Member 10129477) on 3-Aug-2004
    I believe his name was James Baldwin, & he was a friend of the family. Clifford's mother had a reputation in Ferndale as being 'Easy'. She used to go dancing in the 'Imps' on the Strand.

Looking for Ann by ronnie cleave (Member 10058632) on 9-Feb-2002
Hello to all the folks in Ferndale and Iím wondering if thereís anyone who can help me with what Iím sure is asking the impossible, but Iíll give it a shot anyway! Iím trying to make contact with an ever-young lady I knew in 1962/63 when I was 17 and she would have been perhaps a couple of years younger. All I can remember is that she was a petite blond by the name of Ann, she lived in Ferndale an... more >>   
The Demolished Diesel Pump at Griffiths Service Station by Lynne Skinner (Member 10048769) on 27-Oct-2001
Just to stop any rumours, Geoff actually did pay for his diesel before driving off with the diesel pump still attached to his truck. And he'd like to thank the chap who brought this to his attention, otherwise it would have ended up in TYLORSTOWN!!!!

Sorry Dai!!
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