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Bicycle Shops, Bike Sales and Repairs
  • Central Cycles - 64 Ballards Lane. Used to be known as Action Bikes, but the management/staff are the same.
  • The brothers at Oscrofts decided to close the shop after one of them became ill "We're packing it in and going to use our bus passes" they told their customers and closed it down. That shop became an estate agents. However a new shop is open a few doors down at The cycle store 201 Woodhouse Road which is run by a cycle mechanic and one of the staff is Oscrofts old "Saturday schoolboy assistant" - friendly and helpful, some BMX bikes and parts, mountain, road, kids bikes tool.
  • Bittacy cycles mill hill east
  • Info on bike shops is a bit out of date. Oscrofts closed over a year ago. Another shop has opened up nearby. The 'yellow' shop mentioned is the same Actions Bikes also listed. Friendly, helpful, cheap. Will get stuff in if you ask. Definately not Half#@%s.
  • Hi, I see Oscroft Brother's bike shop mentioned on this site - it was originally opened by my Grandfather who sold it to a friend a few decades ago. As the write-up says, it continued to run as a friendly, service orientated shop - it felt like you walked back into the 70's when you entered. The site suggests that it has now gone - if anyone has any more info. I'd be very grateful. Kind regards, Oz Oscroft
  • Shorter Roachford Cycles in Woodhouse Road. Where did the excellent Oscroft Brothers bike shop go? They were brilliant.
  • Action Bikes in Ballards Lane,a main shiopping avenue outside Finchley Central Tube,has a big Tescos too,is a friendly shop.
  • There are two great shops in North Finchley on the Woodhouse Road. Oscroft's is the "establishment" bike shop run by two brothers in a back-in-time environment. From the ding-a-ling doorbell on entry to the wooden floors, grease guns and nostalgic looking photos and postcards this is a great person run shop. And they'll do anything for you. Spoke replacement to wheel building and they are very reasonable. Shorter Rochford ( look like more of a commercial enterprise with the latest in custom built road bikes, Italian road bikes and mountain bikes on display. The service is good and the guys helpful. This is the place to go and get a dream-machine custom built or an off-the-peg Bianchi. There is another bike shop just opened in Finchley Central opposite Tesco's which is one of a chain of "yellow" something shops. I haven't been in but it looks pretty sterile and gives the outward appeal of Halfords.
  • Shorter Rochford Cycles - person powered - on Woodhouse Road. Absolutely excellent.
  • Person powered- Oscroft in Ballards lane are reasonably priced and give good service.

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