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Cheap Food
  • Mermaid Fish Bar, 174 Long Lane - Nice traditional chippie, and quite cheap too. Used to be Long Lane Fish Bar but the new owners took over in April and re-furb'd the lot... The food is fab !
  • 'Quality Tandori' in the high street in East Finchley - ok not a great name, but does the best food. Give it a try
  • Izgara on Hendon Lane ( the BEST kebabs). Man Chui on Ballards Lane for fantastic Chinese.
  • Guru Tandoori, Long Lane, Sun Wah, ballards Lane, and the fantastic fish and chip shop in long lane.
  • The Olympus Fish restaurant at 140-142 Ballards Lane is lovely for fish & chips. I went there recently and have a lovely meal. They fry or charcoal grill fish for you there, there's a takeaway section aswell as plenty of room for parties. It's well worth a visit next time you're in Finchley and fancy an enjoyable fish meal (oh and there are vegetarian options too!)
  • Fantastic newly-opened Italian deli in Regents Park Road, near the Two Brothers fish restaurant. Family-run and using only fresh ingredients. They also do hampers. Try it out!!
  • Rani is a must for all. This restaurant offers vegetarian only, but you would not know. It has a international reputation. Try it.
  • Rani Indian in Finchley Central - bit overrated and over priced. Jenny burgers and Wimpey in North Finchely. also a mcdonalds. shaheens in tally ho [not far from yates is good]. chix chox -
  • Undoubtable the best chinese restaurant in East Finchley, and most likely in all of Finchley. Nice, friendly Malaysian - Chinese waitresses, however you'll have to come to terms with the chinese sense of "humour" which is so blunt it makes a ball feel sharp. Excellent food, brilliant service and the presentation of the food is totally amazing. Where else in Finchley can you get a totem of a crane carved into an extremely large carrot? Extensive menu, and wine list. I recommend the Crispy Fried Ice cream for dessert, sounds odd, but is it worth it? Totally!
  • Rana Indian Veggie Restaurant.
  • No gourmet foodies will get a decent plate in Finchley! There is a real deficit of decent eateries. Misto is worth a try for the wacky interior where kitch meets 90's materials and pseudo-nouvelle plates. The Italian "La Trattoria" in Ballards Lane does decent food for the hungry. Nice service too. I am told "La Scala" and the Thai next to the Elephant pub in North Finchley are OK, but I haven't been yet. Bengal Berties (Indian) nr Tally Ho is a reasonable Indian. Not very impressive but satisfying. Il Zucchero (Regents Park Road) is awful. Bright lighting, bad music, overpriced flavourless food and poor service. Avoid. Best take-aways : Chinese Sun Wah opposite KFC; fish'n'chips Two Brothers near Catcher in rye pub, just chips - chippy on Tally Ho next to Yates pub.
  • The Raj Majal near the Queen's Head on Regents Park Road is a winner. A new Indian restaurant has also opened next to the Innisfree on Ballards Lane and is certainly worth a visit. A new Turkish restaurant has just opened on Hendon Lane, replacing the ill-fated Cafe Toulouse (near Barnet County Court). No reports on how good it is yet.
  • The new fish and chip shop opposite The Malt and Hops in North Finchley is great.
  • Majjo's in East Finchley (next to Barclays Bank) - excellent deli-style Indian takeaway. (But where's Man With The 'Tache gone?) Casa Pepe, E.F. High Road, does the biggest and best all-day breakfast to be found anywhere. Also Chorak's cafe/bakery/art gallery, E.F. High Road, - great food, but seem to be trying to enforce a starvation diet of late.
  • Fishmongers - A J Scott & Son. 94 High Road, East Finchley, London N2. Telephone : 0181-444-7606. Near the junction of High Road and Fortis Green. Now owned and run by Clive, and ably assisted by Lennie. Fresh Fish daily from the market every morning. Open Tuesday - Saturday. All types of Fish, Seafood and fishy delicacies.
  • Check out Man Chui Chinese resturant. Crispy duck pancakes are yummy!
  • wierd north african cuisine at "la hacieda mediterraniene" dirt cheap and filling ,really helpful owner if you'r not au fait with algerian food Fancy a curry try Raghmahal ace

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