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  • does anyone know Paul musker? A really old mate or mine who I spent many hours with pretending to go to museums,
  • horace also has his favourite people, i would often hear him in sainsburys asking about a girl who worked there,asking where she had gone to after she left, i think he adored her but also liked her hunky boyfriend who he would always shout at and cuddle
  • Outside the former Finchley Manorhill School gates,Stanley would sit,perma-smile on face,occassionally running and catching and shaking any silly twit who dared speak his true name.Cicar 1978-82 -we dressed in our teen guises-customising uniforms as mods,rockers,punks and a strange lad known only as Stavros would cruelly call us " posers".But Stanley was a benevolent figure from childhood days-large,different but smiling and 'one of the kids' really.Good to know he is still around and remembered fondly on the whole apart from rites of passage spotty youths who dared to rile him.
  • I am an ex-resident of Finchley and was highly amused to hear about local entertainer Horace.
  • I am an ex-resident of Finchley and was highly amused to hear about local entertainer Horace.I remember Horace hanging around outside my old school,Finchley Manorhill, 1979-1982.Thank goodness I didn't ever call him by the name I knew him by,Stanley!
  • Horace is a legend. the guy with the punk hair and a dog called tramp outside North Finchley post office
  • Horace's real anme is Stanley White (only don't tell him I said so) and I can remember him as far back as 1980, when he was still shouting "best of luck" if he liked you and something far worse if you called him Stan. Also, never shout "heads" as you go past-unless you're a very fast runner!
  • Horace White AkA Stanley AkA 25 AkA Heads you Live Tails you Die - The Grange Estate, East Finchley. Every manor should have a Horace White. He's chased me, he's thrown his shoes at me,Lucozade bottles, he's called me every name under the sun, he's lent me money, he's bought me birthday presents,alcohol,he's drawn me pictures ( "it's a picture of a boy and girl on the grass on a sunny day" - it only ever rained once in Horaces world, when the painters came to decorate him and his dads flat and his old man threw out his paper collection ) he's collared me on a packed tube train at rush hour in Camden Town and wanted to do a quiz ( "Who sings Fire ... 'Don't know Horace' ... the crazy world of Arthur Brown" - keep saying "The Police" to every question and asking him if it's the right answer and watch him bite his tongue and clench his fists ) and on the odd occasion, he's managed to sneak up and catch me, usually in the Burger Master or the upstairs of a bus. If you want to make Horace laugh, just mention the name "Mr Philips" a manager from the Bald Faced Stag in East Finchley ... then call him Stanley ... or heads ... or 25 .... just for the chase ...
  • Horace: aka Stanley i was told by a very reliable source that his first name is stanley and the reason he doesnt like it is because his dad used to call him this when he beat him
  • RE:Horace in Finchley - who goes mental if you call him Stanley. His real name is Stanley and for years he wandered the streets happy to be addressed as Stanley. But one summer back in the late 70's a bunch of the Tally Ho boys told him he was cursed and that Stanley was going to die on June 6th. The only way he would survive was by being reborn under the name 'Horace' (which was about the most ridiculous name we could think of). So that's why he freaks out if you call him Stanley - he thinks Death might be listening and you are blowing the cover that he has so successfully maintained for the last 20 odd years. It's a matter of Life and Death.
  • Horace was actualy called stanley- His brother wos not cald stanley- His brother woz kild wiv a stanley knife wen e wos 25. Dat is y wen u shout stanley e chases u round. I ave many a tym bin chased by im in North Finchley/Finchley central.He He lyks 2 draw pictures ov ppland if its ov u dn u can keep it- e carries a big brown suitcase which says horace white the big man is nt scary e.t.c He may seem lyk a lovely guy an im nt sayn es nt but once e tld me n my best friend dat e wos starved ov sex and believed dat dis cud lead 2 rape. E sed e wudnt do dat tho. E lives on the grange estate in East Finchley near the lido and apparently keeps his keys in the post box lol! "The best a Luck"
  • no where
  • I dont consider my friday nights in north finchley to be complete unless i have a talk with Horace White (who knows me by name now), notice the suit case he carries around with him, if you ask him nicely he will show you his collection of illustrations that he keeps in exercise books, he will even let you do a drawing in there if your nice. Once he stops his "THE BEST OF LUCK" greeting, you can catually have a sensible conversation with him.
  • horace - a really nice chap. i can remember him back in 1982, when i was at northside school. he once shook my cousin and made him cry, when my cousin called him stanley. serves my cousin right! the pigeons at tally ho corner.
  • Apparently horace/stanley used to go to manorside school, now called Compton. He does wander Sainsburys on colder nights. When I used to work there he would often chat with some of the staff- Rachel especially but she talks to everyone. I doubt there is a single member of staff, or the public for that matter, who haven't been questioned on what they'd do if they "had a real gun" by horace. I guess he just likes mind-fucking with people a bit :).
  • Horace can count as street entertainment. Constantly walking around, this formidable giant is very friendly, shouting (pretty damn loudly) "THE BEST OF LUCK!!!" at people who say hi, and also at shop fronts! Just don't call him Stanley...or if you do, be prepared for a chase. This guy has attacked a nice 263 bus with a crowbar once. Friendliest of people until rubbed the wrong way. Horace!
  • Horace (aka "Hotel Horace"), though not entirely a "street entertainer", is quite entertaining and pretty much always on the streets of North Finchley. If you acknowledge him in any way he will wish you "THE BEST OF LUCK" very loudly. Often to be heard wishing the world "THE BEST OF LUCK" down the aisles of Sainsburys.
  • Didn't know his real name is Stan - but he was a big part of our childhood and has survived the generations. My nephew and niece know who Horace is. Still in North finchley and he's STILL smiling!
  • i heard horace wasnt his real name...his real name was stan and he used to chase kids from finchley catholic down the high street when ever one of them was dared to go up to him and say 'alright stan?'
  • Horace!

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