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  • The White Lion would be great but for the incompetant bar staff. It takes an age to get served and it is generally by someone looking very miserable. The 5 bells on the other hand has the best bar staff but it is a real chain pub with awful food. The Stag is crap on all counts, which is a shame coz they do try really hard in there.
  • the tally ho
  • The Dignity in Regents Park Road beacause the staff are always friendly! Winter's ditto and they have a great quiz night on Thursdays plus karaoke, DJs and party nights.
  • Just an update on local quiz nights. Monday night is now Elephant Inn, back bar (and the Thai restaurant has moved upstairs); Tuesday at The Royal Oak in Temple Fortune; Wednesday at the Catcher in the Rye; and Thursday at what has now been renamed (again) Winter's Freehouse - was Oliver's/Clancy's.
  • Fora good night out in finchley you shud start off in tally ho for lots of cheap drink then go on to The cherry tree if u love hip hop n rnb music or autumn house which is abit classier!!
  • orange tree
  • I havnt seen mention of good old tally ho in N finchley. Wicked place to drink cheep booze and prepare to move onto the cherry tree oh but a short walk from the pub where you can enjoy great bar,pool tables and music sometimes live in a modern bar. Oh and you you even find people of an acceptable age.The bouncers even check id for 16 year olds in short skirts.
  • The Boulavard Club Friern Barnet Road. From the outside it looks nothing but inside there is a nice bar big selection of drinks, huge screen with every football match shown no matter what channel. Waitress service in the evenings, if your pint is running low lucy will get u a fresh one ready for when you have finished without you having to ask. Great food all inidian cuisine. Good friendly atmosphere no matter what race colour football team you are. And you get to see George, a legend.
  • A few on Ballards Lane, Central Finchley, but as a Northerner, you have to field the wannabe local hard lads (ha ha!!) who if they ever came to a real city like Glasgow, Manchester, or Newcastle, would be Shi**ing it.
  • The Queen's Head is still in a long decline from the heady days of the eighties when it was an alternative sixth form common room for the boys of nearby Christ's College. Some still return well into adult life attempting to recreate the golden days of youth. Since the school moved to East Finchley the pub has attempted to corner the late drinking market with dire house bands and is very much a baseball cap and trainer clientele.
  • Best pub in Tally Ho Corner is The Wishing Well
  • one of the first wetherspoons in the country was in tally ho [and it still is]. yate's has moved onto part of the old owen owen site.
  • Maddens - East Finchley. Hard to miss really, covered in a bizzare amount of flowers. Put the flower shop next door out of business (but it's starting up again) with it's outrageous all-season floaral look. Great pub, nice friendly bar staff. Most locals who aren't yobs from the Stag or characterless souls from the pub across the road. Weaver or whatever. Also works with the superb chinese restaurant next door to supply "english" breakfasts cooked by chinese cooks, and you can always pop next door for a snack. Owner, Kieran Madden, general top bloke. Quiz night every Tuesday, football and Rugby mad, occasional live bands play also. Also known as the wine bar or Piano bar.
  • Just have to say the The Catcher in the Rye is THE best pub in Finchley Central. The Bosses, the staff and the clientele alike are all really friendly and welcoming, foods good, beers great and the quiz (Tuesday nights) is great fun and if your really clever you get a cash prize!
  • The Chery Tree, formerly the Coach Stop, undergoing major re-furbishment (362K) opens to the public 13th July. Has 5 pool tables, karaoke & disco nights & a dance floor 4 you to shake it up. Have a look, wotcha got to lose? Loads of opening offers, including FREE Bud or Smirnoff Ice 4 the ladies. C U there.
  • Elephant. Good ales, service and price. Great for watching the football or rugby on the big screen. Tables out the front and a Thai restaurant to the rear. Good themed quiz night on Tuesdays. Needs a cleaner interior. Yates. Good for the kids. Short skirts and short tempers abound here. Lively dance music.
  • The Joiners Arms has been renovated since the days of dank and is now a lot younger and more palatable if, like all Finchley drink holes, a little styleless. The catcher in the rye is the best quiet pub and sells Stella at 1.90 if it's not Friday or Saturday, when you wouldn't want to be there anyway.
  • The Erris Tavern - Opposite the Tally Ho - always packed, great atmosphere and good music. A proper Irish pub (i.e. some Irish people drink there and the barman doesn't say "gday cobber" when you walk in. More like "howayya doin?"
  • The Queen's Head has quietened down recently with the arrival of a new landlord with a pipe glued to his face. Where all the youthful and boisterous element have gone is hard to say, but it seems to be edging back to it's (1980s) heyday of three blokes and Postie in a corner despite the brewery's best efforts.
  • The Catcher In The Rye, Regents Park Road, is one of the finest pubs in Finchley and features probably the best quiz night ever invented. The bar staff hand out a sheet of paper featuring 20 questions every Sunday at 9pm (It's free). Some questions look hard at first, but a theme runs throughout the quiz and once you've spotted it, you can fill in some of the blanks from the clues you have. There's booze for the winners and cash for clever-dicks getting full marks (we've done it three times but it's not easy). Great fun in teams and an excellent way to spend a Sunday night. Visit the pub's website at Also, Legends on Ballards Lane has now closed down and been replaced by a small, traditional family pub called The Innisfree. Very intimate, but lacking in atmosphere somewhat. The Ferret And Trouserleg in Nether Street, off Ballards Lane, is excellent for watching football with plenty of small screens and one semi-large one. The food has also improved of late. Taylor's on Regents Park Road is great for sitting outside during the summer and features loud music on weekend nights if that's your bag. The pub next to Tesco's in Ballards Lane is being completely renovated and may be worth a visit when reopened. The Elephant at the North Finchley end of Ballards Lane has a decent Thai restaurant attached and Tuesday pub quiz. The Queen's Head, Regents Park Road, has a midnight licence on Friday/Saturday nights, but you must get there before traditional closing hours.
  • Elephant inn, formerly The Moss Hall Tavern is good. Tally Ho. KKs Near sainsburys, North Finchley.
  • There are few decent pubs in Finchley. The Old White Lion in East Finchley was ok, but is currently being renovated!
  • The Queen's Head is good if you want to get beaten up or arrested. Good also for under age drinking.
  • Queens Head - Favorite hang out of Finchleys very own Baby Spice

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