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The Best Things
  • The train station, gosh this place is a dump!
  • Great park recently smartened up with free festivals all summer long and top pay gigs, close to lovely clissold park, fantastic transport links, walking distance to arsenals new stadium which is one of the best in the world and plays host to some of the most stylish football, great restaurants once you get to know the good from the bad, huge mix of cultures to temper your prejudices and open your eyes, plenty of 24 hour shops, some decent pubs once you find them, reasonable rent and property prices and good investment opportunities, station being refurbished.
  • Spacious houses on leafy streets, outstanding transport links, a variety of shops and the beautiful Clissold Park. The free tennis courts in Finsbury Park are a nice touch, if you call a tennis court a bit of gravel and a fishing net. But it's free, and that's what counts!
  • Best transport in zone 2, probably. Lots of decent restaurants. Parts of the park are actually pleasant and the views are OK.
  • The park is really cool to chill out in the good weather although expect the odd spontaneous game of avoid the weirdo...
  • Unrban chaos and Nando's
  • It's incredibly easy to get nearly anywhere from Finsbury Park, as long as the tubes/buses/trains don't all go wrong at once.... Transport is definitely one of the excellent things about this area. Rent/house prices are still pretty reasonable compared to islington and it's certainly one of those sought after up and coming areas..... I'm about to move out of the area but would DEFINITELY stay if I possibly could - for anyone who's thinking about moving to Finsbury Park. It's also great to have Finsbury Park and Clissord Park in Summertime....
  • The humour of either the N253 or N29 at night!!! Provided you just shut up and don't get upset by complete weirdo's, this can be seen as an extension of your night out. Never again will you ever experience such a large proportion of people that should be sedated and tied to beds in a mental institute
  • I moved to Finsubury Park 2 years ago and I was immediately struck by how friendly people were. The varied cultural mixes that work well together. I've travelled home alone at all times of the night and have never felt threatened. The excellent restaurants in Blackstock Road.
  • It's getting better all the time and the residents are staying! It's been a long time coming but finsbury park is no longer famous for Queens drive(used to be an area for Kerb crawling-long gone)but home to the football champions and great gigs in the park!
  • concerts in the summer in the park...ruman tandoori!!!!!!!
  • All the shops,caffs,library-a multicultural environment.
  • The Park, the people, the local restaurants.
  • Feel pretty safe around here at night. So central. Nice neighbours. Good local shops for essentials. Park is really nice- a wasted asset
  • Transport to Central London all the restaurants at great prices loads of shops and supermarkets people are nice great mix of cultures and as a woman I feel as safe here as I would in Chelsea
  • A nice mix of cultures, north african, morrocan, turkish, afro-carribean give it character. The park is great. On the Stroud Green side at least, you get the top part of Islington, with all the poshness that entails, with the bottom part of Haringey, and all the urban realism that entails. Very good tube access to central london.

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Last updated: 2009-01-15

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