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  • Petek on SGR is fantastic - the food is wonderful; giant hunks of fresh baked bread with dip, grilled haloumi, chicken shish - the tenderest chicken ever, served with youghurt, very fluffy rice and salad. My boyfriend and I managed lots of bread, a starter between us and two massive mains (the spicy meat balls were more like small homemade burgers) and a 15 bottle of wine all for 30. The prices are great, the food is superb, and the atmosphere is welcoming - get in there!
  • Every day I open my front door and find at least one new take-away leaflet shoved inside the letterbox. I now have enough to create a library. You will be spoiled for choice if you love kebabs, Indian, Chinese and fried chicken.
  • Pizzadelique on Chatterton Road off Blackstock Road is a wonderful place. The staff are very friendly, the food (the only pizzas in the area to rival la porchetta) is amazing and very cheap. It's twinned with Exquisite across the road and you can order from both menus. Brilliant idea.
  • Chez Liline - fabulous Mauritian fish restaurant. Looks a bit scabby but the food is wonderful and known to foodies all over London. Pizza Pappagone - friendlier and less frenetic than the legendary Porchetta, and every local I know prefers the pizzas, too. Jai Krishna - interesting Indian veggie food. Cheap. BYO
  • Greasy spoons, junk food, local foxes.
  • 'Small is beautiful' is one of the best restaurants I've been to in London - small, intimate, great food, very reasonably priced, friendly staff, varied menu that changes quite frequently. I love it!! It's on Blackstock Road, towards Arsenal tube. The Vine Leaf nearby is also ok and there's a Mexican restaurant too in the same parade of shops. T Bird is across the road so go there for a drink on your way!
  • CATS pretty good for Thai food. Everyone's mentioned La Porcetta and Papa Gone's so i won't. I already have
  • We've got Italian, Mexican, Jamaican, Greek, Indian, Chinese all worth a visit.
  • Pappagones on Stroud Green Rd is one of the best places in the area. Everyone rates La Porchetta, but to be honest I find the staff rude. The food in both places cannot be faulted, but the friendliness of the owner and the rest of the staff in Pappagones is second to none - and if you go in there often enough, you might even get a free shot after dinner, as I do, frequently. Let them know if it is a special occasion as they will do their best to embarrass the lucky person with various rudely shaped desserts!
  • Stroud Green Rd has loads! La Porchetta(great Pizza's fun for Kids birthdays) good value warm welcome for families.On the bad side if you bother with 'Nando's' make sure you order all your requirments at the start as they have a really terrible habit of trying to charge you a minimum charge for any additional items to try to get rid of you if they are busy,there are plenty of places with a better service to their customers so vote with your feet!
  • eaten in many indian restaurants..but ruman tandoori in blackstock road is truly as good as any ive ever eaten in...wide and varied menu...reasonable prices..good service(friendly too)...chicken dopiaza well worth trying
  • Deep breath! Stroud Green Road (up the hill from Finsbury Park Bus Station) must have the most incredibly varied range of restaurants anywhere in London - and get this, they're cheap! As follows, all the ones that I've eaten in - and a few that I haven't: Starting from the end of Stroud Green Road nearest the tube station: Los Gaudalhales - Mexican - cheap, cheerful and a lovely atmosphere. Quite small, intimate restaurant & the food is good and very authentic The Hummingbird - Caribbean restaurant that's been there for years - very popular with the local Jamaican population and serves all the traditional dishes - fried plantain, dumplings, ackee & saltfish etc etc etc! Hannah's - Caribbean restaurant owned by the ex-wife of the guy who owns the Hummingbird! A small restaurant that has a very modern european style - this probably explains why the crowd here is a lot more mixed than the Hummingbird - white/black/yellow/green etc etc! but it is a bit quieter (I can't imagine why - it's lovely!). The only noticeable difference in the menus is that Hannah serves up the most incredible fruit cocktails and smoothies - try the peanut drink! Yum! They also have Carib & Red Stripe lagers - try the Carib if you're a lager drinker - it's lovely & sweet and not at all gassy... and no, I'm not getting a free meal out of this - Caribbean food is really underated & it's a lot more varied than u think ;-) Give it a go! Cats - Thai Restaurant - have a look in the window before you go in because they have a great sense of style - there's an old french motorised scooter/buggy in the window festooned with fairy lights... the food here is cheap (like everywhere else on Stroud Green Road - with one exception which we'll get to later) and it's the standard thai fare but very good - the staff are also *very* attentive here. Because the lighting is quite low, this might be the place in Stroud Green Rd for that romantic meal... Now to the three places I don't know the names of, probably because I haven't eaten in them! Just before the Tesco Metro is a Mauritian restaurant - there are lots of potted palms in the window so thick you can't really see inside - it does seem to be a caribbean "family" restaurant - lots of couples in suits and a few kids running around whenever I've walked past - must try it out and let everyone know what the food's like! Next there are the two Italian pizzerias - they're not chains, they seem to be family run - and they are *incredibly* busy! Whenever I go past there are people queueing right up to the front door and, in the summer, right out into the street. If people power means anything these places must be fantastic - must eat in them at some point! Next up are my two favourites: Jai Krishna - Indian vegetarian restaurant - this place has old Wimpy tables, mismatched cutlery & plates and only takes cash *but* the food is fantastic. It's cooked in a completely different style to the heavy, greasy meat curries that are prepared for Western tastes - all the dishes are very light in flavour and you're very likely to taste spices you've never tasted before. Try the stuffed leaves as a starter with their sweet tamarind sauce, and select five or six dishes for your main course (this is about enough for two people and as they're only 2 or 3 per dish you're not going to break the bank). The "lassi" (yoghurt) drinks are also lovely - try the pistachio or mango ones. These guys also don't have an alcohol licence but you can bring your own - there are a few off-licences on the street nearby. Oh, and don't ask for nans! Nans are cooked on the sides of a tandoor oven and you only have a tandoor if you're cooking meat so.... try the parathas or the pooris instead! Yamina - this is the Moroccan restaurant on Stroud Green Rd - once again, this place is very stylish (like Hannah's) and has lots of traditional furniture, cushions, rugs and wall hangings. The food is actually quite basic - nothing is highly spiced and their main meat & vegetable dishes are simply served over couscous in a thin, herby gravy. However, the servings are enormous and the meats are very tender & accompanied by lots of fresh vegetables - sweet potato, courgette etc. The staff here are the friendliest folk on Stroud Green Rd as well. Well worth a visit if you want a full belly! Just before the end of the road at the bottom of Crouch Hill there's a very swanky looking French/English restaurant - it was full of suits & expensive cocktail dresses and looked a bit pretentious and very expensive to me but if someone knows different why not stick something in the guide! Cheers all
  • La Porchetta, Stroud Green road - excellent Pizza Pappagonia, Stroud Green Road - also excellent
  • Meeting Place - food cooked from fresh, varied menu, helpful staff worth a visit. Vine Leaf - reasonable priced yummie food Exquisite - excellent Mexican, nice and intimate, really friendly staff always buzzing, must book.
  • Jerk D'light, at the top of Blackstock Road, must be the best Afro-Carribean take-away in North London. I'd recommend the Calalloo & Saltfish, and the Jerk Chicken is legendary!
  • La Porchetta Pizzaria on Stroud Green Road is famous as being just about the best pizza place in England. People come from miles and miles around for it. It's even famous amongst Italians and that's saying something. And it's worth the reputation - gorgeous pizzas at cheap price (about 5 quid for a huge pizza).
  • Sunderban is by far the best local Indian takeaway and delivers. Ditto Silver Palace for Chinese. Angelo's (now San Daniele del Fruili) has lost some of the ambience of late and probably calls itself Highbury but is poshest Italian around. The Meeting Place is great..good food at relatively cheap prices, clean pleasant etc
  • Atrocious kebab/burger muck catering for the lowest common denominator of which there are plenty in F Park
  • The Meeting Place
  • Morrocan seems popular, as well as Nando's Spicy Chicken, and two brilliant real pizza places with lots of character down Stroud Green Road.

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