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Cafes and Coffee Shops
  • Sunshine Cafe - it has to be. We all know after a night out you have to start the day the sunshine way. Nicest staff, cheapest breakfast and I am so thankful to them for getting me through many a rough saturday morning!
  • Mari & Monti's is superb - best all day breakfast in the world - and their evening food is pretty damn good too.
  • As a reasonably young woman, I can't walk down the top end of Blackstock Road without getting hissed at/leered at/spat at. Most of the "coffee shops" are actually full of men, and men only. The mere act of walking past is a feat enough in itself: actually going inside would constitute some sort of achievement worthy of a medal. Instead, try the Triangle Cafe (near Crouch End), or one of the greasy spoons further down Blackstock Road for a no-frills fryup of mega proportions.
  • Lots and lots of greasy spoons with big portions, each one with it's very unique interpretation of a full breakfast.
  • It's gotta be The Rainbow Cafe on Stroud Green road. Huge plate of cheesburger chips and a coke for 2.45, and fiona is just great. Say hi if you try it
  • Mari and Mori on Crouch Hill okay in a continental kind of way, otherwise get yer grease at rainbow's or sunshine's on Stroud Green
  • Lots of Cafes along Blackstock Road,Sim Sim is especially good.
  • Mari et Moti is a new addition to Crouch Hill - it's just a few doors up from the 'Old Cow' and they do a fantastic all day breakfast - and it's not too greasy, so if you are hungover this is the place to come. Last week the slightly nervous (they've not been open long) waiter suggested some fresh orange juice - you have to try it. Ok, so whoever typed the menu could probably use some pointers, but the staff are lovely, the food is great, and in keeping with the rest of SG, they are cheap.
  • Far too many to mention -try Stroud Green Rd.
  • the greatest cafe around has surely to be the workmans on blackstock road on the corner of brownswood is awesome..service also..cant recommend enuff
  • The best caff in finsbury park has got to be the spring park caff on stroud green road. Big plates=more food!
  • Sandwich Xtravaganza Finsbury Park Cafe
  • Salon de la princesse does great patisserie. Italian cafe in Finsbury Park itself is really nice and friendly nice people
  • Cafes are all crap except for the Moroccan/Algerian ones. Best caff is Avan's on Seven Sisters Road
  • The Millenium Cafe, Holloway Road Amazon for healthier alternatiives Holloway Road
  • lots of dodgy greasy spoons, probably quite nice, at least one italian, no chains.

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