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  • Get your sorry self down to the Nicholas Nikelby on Ferme Park Road - you too can watch lesbians fighting!
  • THE FULL BACK!!!! I've lived in a few places in London, this is one of the best pubs I've ever been to. Great beer, not bad prices, superb atmosphere, nice little garden in the summer. And they show loadsa rugby. Full of character.
  • Now I know that people are frequenting The Big Fat Sofa - so why no comment yet? Used to be The Flag on Crouch Hill but is now a very chilled pub, with excellent Dj's, and very reasonably priced beverages (mentioning no names you people at the Larrik - oops). Haven't tried the food yet, but the Sunday roast seems a bit pricey - another Larrik tradition. Great new addition to the area, which needed something like this.
  • och.....the pub vibe on the strp is by eb large super fine. Dairyworld has improved sheds.....fine food, lively lagers, magic music......staff chit chat on.....yeah....nby far the best wee boozer in the arena.
  • The World's End. If it was the end of the world, I wouldn't drink in this pub. A group of us turned up for food on a Saturday afternoon: we had to wait ages cos the chef was cleaning the loo, then they completely mixed up the orders and the chef closed the kitchen in protest, the staff were rude and unapologetic. Don't go here.
  • What FP lacks is a decent pub. However. Q Masters opn Seven Sisters Road is dodgy, but it has an enormous pool hall out the back and the drinks are cheap. The T-Bird on Blackstock Road has all the makings of a great little place; a bit of fine-tuning and it will be. The Irish pub near the tube station often has good live bands.
  • Larrik - OK, looks like an All Bar One, but Finsbury Park needs more pubs like it. The Old Dairy - keeps on reinventing its foodie area.
  • The Arsenal Tavern. Unless the scummers are playing at home you can always get a seat. Decor includes small collection of old sleeping drunks as standard. Rumour has it the back will open up as a club in May.
  • Haven't seen the Faltering Fullback on here yet? One of F park's best pubs, although it can be quite studenty at times....
  • Old Dairy best building, though numbers are dwindling. Excellent Music quiz on Thursdays. Faltering Fallback intimate and also serves Thai food. The Larrick is over-priced and faltering on the pretentious. If you're out to roll a drunk, pick up a methy doyle in The White Lion. Chapter one tres cool
  • For a good atmosphere when the Arsenal are playing try to the Twelve Pins, a great local is the Hornsey Tavern, very friendly bunch in there and lots of pool tables.
  • The Old Dairy, this is the place to go if you like a relaxed atmosphere, good food, pleasant company and comfy sofas. There are board games, quiz nights and live music to entertain you, so why not give it a try!!
  • If you like watching the footie without a punch up but with plenty of banter try The Plough on tollington Park,not the best decor but a great vibe for the arsenal matches and the customers do like to hear from the opposition!!
  • woodbine..blackstock road is a good pub with a good atmosphere...big aussie links but who cares...they know how to party...fine jukebox as pubs should be...dark!!
  • The Gas Light - dead opposite Finsbury Park station. Wooden floor and interior leads to a relaxed and cool atmosphere. Service is quick, clean and friendly. A great place to chill out.
  • The Old Dairy - very popular with a student crowd all week and it's absolutely huge! If you've got a thing for architecture check out all the cows down the right hand side of the building... The Flag - this is actually Finsbury Park's local gay bar. It's just up from the Old Dairy on a corner at the bottom of Crouch Hill. It's quite small and tends to be quiet but the staff are friendly & they stock all the free weekly papers & have Carlsberg on tap (which isn't all that common). Note however the strange door policy - you have to buzz and the staff check you out on the CCTV before they let you in! cheers all!
  • White Lion of mortimer-bit dodgy,but worlds end is a great place
  • The Larrick (opened late 2000) - opposite The Dairy, giving it a run for its money. Airy, pleasant. The Faltering Fullback, Perth Road (off Stroud Green road) - divided into two parts. One with lots of character and candles, the other with pool tables and juke box. Small concrete yard out back with picnic tables. Nice place. Twelve Pins, Seven Sisters Road, close to station. Irish theme. Convenient for the park itself.
  • The Larrick is situated opposite the Old Dairy at the junction of Stroud Green and Hanley Road and is tons better. Airy atmosphere, board games and whole chickens served on Sundays.
  • Hornsey my local, always good for a giggle especially if Donny or Jack are serving.
  • T-Bird bar is a bit unusual, eclectic crowd, non threatening, great jukebox. Only local place I dare go in as single woman
  • All dreadful
  • A Wetherspoons, a World's End, and the very nice airy posh but comfortable Old Dairy, with a cow theme.
  • The Worlds End Pub

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