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  • Check out the bird in hand for alkies, gangsters and forest hill school student. since the malt closed, they have got to go somewhere. the capitol is good, but the open plan design means gazing into the middle distance is unadvisable, often counteracted with a loud 'WhatdafuckyoulookinatyouCAHHNT?!' Stay away from the woodman and sydenham in general.
  • the hobgoblin you can bring your own food,see tha rabbits,and relax in a friendly enviroment
  • How cool bring your own food,and they supply the plates and cuttlery at The Hob.
  • The capitol, not just a pub, but a restaraunt too! THe Hob (Hobgobline) Cool music and decent booze
  • I would recommend The Hob,for a fantastic atmostphere its over 21s,the entertainment ranges from bingo(sundays),live bands,karaoke,play station on the big screen,quizzes,fancy dress parties,theme nights,staff dance on the bar and tables occasionaly to the YMCA.And best bit of all when we bought a take away they provided us with some cuttlery to eat it with so 10/10 for great food.
  • The Foresters Armes is now called All Inn One-Foresters Bar. Has been under new ownership for the last 16 month and is a very nice place. Live Jazz every saturday, good vine list and real alea and the best sunday roatst in FH.
  • I don`t agree with the above comment in regards to the Foresters. The Foresters Armes has been under new management for the past year and now called the All Inn One -Foresters Bar. Nice Pub with nice atmosphere, live Jazz every saturday and the best sunday roast in towne. They also have a good selection of vine and real ales.
  • The Foresters Armes, now called All Inn One-Foresters Bar has been under new management for the past year and is a very nice pub, nice atmosphere, live Jazz every saturday,good vine selection and real ales and the best sunday lunch in towne.
  • Wetherspoons has now taken over the cinema but it is pretty dire
  • The Capitol (ex-cinema on London Road) is probably the beast Wetherspoons in London - huge, airy, a heated beer garden and decent food. A great pint of Hopback Summer Lightening too.
  • Now blessed with two Whetherspoons. The Windmill on Kirkdale is open and a very pleasant venue for a drink and food. The Capitol (due to open in May 2001) will be in the old cinema/bingo hall. It looks like a very interesting development.
  • when is Wotherspoons opening?
  • Opening in April of J D Wetherspoons
  • The Railway Telegraph is a short walk but worth it. Oranjeboom in Forest Hill. I never thought I'd see the day. Light, airy, comfortable but a bit loud when the footy is on. (Not loud enough when you want to watch it of course).
  • Somebody told me yesterday (21.4.00) that Witherspoons has acquired a licence to turn the old cinema into a pub/restaurant. I hope its true. I have no idea who "owns" Witherspoons these days.
  • NOT The Forester's Arms!

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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