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Cringing Cult of Celebrity
  • Alan Ball lived here around about the time of the 1966 World Cup . Can't believe the house he lived in just had a small lawn at the front with no walls , never mind electric gates. More recently , David Rose - writer of They Call Me Naughty Lola
  • - Actor/Writer Luke McEwan - Steven Gerrard - Phyisist Allan Lehan - Economists Gareth Hughes and Mark Craggs - David "Monster" Jacques - explorer.
  • the Wags
  • Recent additions to the list, the great Stephen Gerrard and the really nice Nigel Pivarro (Terry Duckworth to you and me) has been spotted on more than one occasion in Formby
  • Ex-footballer David Fairclough. Daughter is friends with Marty Murray 'Brookside' actors daughter.
  • Emlyn Hughes, Bob Latchford, Ray Clemence, Kenny Daglish, Howard Kendall, Alan Shearer, Alan Stubbs, Wayne Rooney, Duncan Ferguson, Neil Ruddock,John Toshack
  • Apparently Gordon Burns is from Formby!
  • Wayne Rooney, John Parrot,
  • ROONEY The place is full of paracites and none contributers there are some real good people in formby but there are more wanabees than real people all wanting to be something superficial not being themselves come on try and be freandly to all and do not turn yournoses up at other human beings PEOPLE diassociate with scoucers and scally types but the biggest of all was welcomed open arms and left every one home and dry to go too united so hypacritical
  • Wayne Rooney - recently purchased a house here, he'll soon be an ex-resident. Eagle Twins - 2 Blair MP Babes came from here, where are they now, living in London?
  • I lived next door to Emlyn Hughes when I was a kid - a really nice guy. Also Bob Latchford's daughter went to our school (Everton, 70's)
  • Marty off Brookside. And erm...that's about it.
  • Whatever happened to kristin finnigan. she is a singer who lives in formby, beautiful voice, why isn't she singing more around formby?
  • One of the most well known residents of Formby was Councillor James (Jimmy) Rimmer - he was Chairman of Formby UDC for 11 times! and a Councillor for many years. he ran Rimmer's , perhaps the most famous shop in Chapel Lane(the village) remember him? My mum was his youngest sister.
  • An ex-resident would be Alan Shearer, one thats still here is John Parrot who I see often in Hippos :) I cant think of any more yet.
  • alan shearer, john parrot..the list goes on
  • Ste - more commonly known as "the fence man" regularly featured in the formby times, visitor and the champion 'newspapers' this is the man that erected a fence on his own land and upset the neighbours because it meant that they had nowhere for their dogs to go the toilet. The real reason was to shield his view from the eyesore of a carport across the road. you can check out the 'carbuncle' fence and the carport at Gardner road. you can't miss it.
  • Craig from 'Big Brother' has proved highly popular and his parents happen to live in Formby.
  • Peter Beargrie, John Parrot
  • The newly honoured Dame Beryl Bainbridge grew up in Formby and some of her earlier books are set in the town or a thinly-veiled version of it.
  • Alan Shearer Neil Ruddock
  • Formby is a dormitory town approx 15 miles north of Liverpool, it is a popular site inhabited by past and present merseyside footballers. Unfortunately this does include several blue noses.
  • Most of Liverpool and Everton football club live here coz it's the poshest pard of Merseyside. David Unsworth, Niel Rudock, Slavan Bilich to name a few

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