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  • Years ago, I used to frequent at Zone, then the management changed over and things got silly. The club is now an Urban ghetto for dysfunctional families, squaddies, friends with benefits and grannies who act their shoe size rather than their age. Their most unique selling points are an arrogant sod of a DJ with friends in low places, and a 'secret' you tube video booth wherein are performed acts of wanton debauchery which would fill an average episode of You've Been Framed After Dark and results in an appearance on Jeremy Kyle. They are also very strict on ID, yet the youngsters still managed to bluff their way in. They also seem to be strict on the name, as it's now called Bliss - let's face it, we have pretty short memories when it comes to names: it'll ALWAYS be Zone to us!
  • Raffa, sound hole and mannor
  • subsonic has not been at the manor for 3 years, we've been at the loft in maidstone. but we're back in chatham with a big new years eve launch party at the tap n tin and from then on every saturdy. it'll be great.
  • Barios-GONE, Avenue-GONE, Excalibur-now private function rooms, Zone/Ethos-now changed its name to passion and arabian nighs (or something like that). The zones a good way to pull a few easy women and/or fight one of the 500 drunk squaddies who frequent the premesis. Also the last time i went there i had to, for some reason, take my shoes off!
  • Amadeus and the casinos
  • Blue's Rock Cafe is the best place in Gillingham full of fit women!! also decent music and staff are marvellous!!
  • The Manor club on friday nites and the tap and tin expensive but a real friendly atmosphere. Unless you happen to meet my ex there.
  • Amadeus, The Zone, Casino Rooms are pretty good
  • Manor Club is fab, but is a bit empty nowadays! Play good old music e.g. rolling stones, pink floyd and the decent modern music too. Dress code is also great, you don't have to wear shoes or be smart!!!
  • the oast house, rainham, you should only go there if you are interested in rock, metal music. NO CHAVS ALLOWED!
  • if you diddnt already no that bar rio closed down like forever ago so why have you still got messages up about it even when it woz open it was too small and too paked and you couldent move plus they let every 1 in amadaus on the same note woz and is crap coz there are too many teni boppers in there all us 18 yr old want are a bunch of 12 yr old pestering us in a OVER 18 venue the best place to go in gillingham is the ZONE becoze its boss and there is two rooms with different music to suit every 1 the ZONE rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Bar Rios offends my musical tastes to the limit, but the drink is cheap and in the big scheme of things isnt this all that matters?
  • None, none, and none. Zone, barrio's, excalibur (or whatever it's called now!). Music policy's are all the same - Charty shite. Rigid and pointless dress codes. Easy to get banned from! Close too early. The ave's ok for a piss-up and a rub out off a 16yr old. There was a cool little venue under the bike shop, fuck knows what it was called! I think it's closed down now tho. Pulse is in chatham, music's ok; shitty little sweatbox tho!
  • Amadeus, Medway Valley Park
  • December 2002: Club Amadeus - yes, it is far away from Gillingham and you need a taxi, but the place is gorgeous, drink is cheap and the music is pretty good. Lots of gorgeous girls, a foam party, school disco's... what more do you want? Only downside is that it has become less busy lately and last night the place was less than 20% full. So get down there! ;) The Manor - huge pile of poo, as you have to be a student so that you can get membership just to get into this "exclusive" place. So students only (i.e. under 21's only) and it's NOT dance, it's INDIE :( Secrets - near the manor and the Manor bouncers recommend that non-students go there. Think it's a gay club though and, guess what? Strictly members only =:o
  • Not many decent clubs in Gillingham. The Zones a bit ruff, but Bar Rio's cool esp cheesy choons nite on sat, and every1 pulls in the dark. If your more grungy id recommend subsonic@the manor club, new road in chatham. Its absolutely amazing on a friday night, ill be the 1 dancing 1/2 naked on the top podium... hi everyone, i love yoooooou!!!xxx
  • Knock the Zone and Bar Rio down!!!!!!! Brind back SubSonics!!!!
  • sorry but subs at manor has become the new best thing, unless ur a chav (see chatham girls website 4 details)To get in have to be into slightly alternative music, but most people enjoy themseleves in the very friendly atmosphere, not found in place like Bar Rio, and Amadeus, who have trouble fillin a dance! floor.
  • cannot beat bar rio cheap drinks women sorry girls are gorgoeus cant help but pull. best place in medway! no one goes to the zone anymore.
  • Amadeas for the young ones, zones if its still there, and Barios what a stupid name. if any one has ever been to Gillingham will know Bar Rio is a just plain dumb stupid name, same as Big Hand Mo's but thankfully they changed that back to the Ash Tree. If you can get in them some of the best places now are W/clubs theres a great one in Sturdee Ave, you walk in and its like a really posh bar,discos etc. Avoid most of the pubs at football time unless you want to stand out as the only sensibly dressed person (no football shirt) and avoid clever words they dont like clever words in JILLINERM (thats how you really say it by the way. Most of the pubs in the High Street are trying to lose the bad image they have so give em a go. Just be warned there are a lot of nasties in Gillingham in the evenings.
  • Qube, Passions, Legends, Maceo's, whatever it's actually called nowadays.
  • Subsonics at the Manor Club is about the only decent club In Medway. Friday nights are good for drinking expensive, piss poor beer and being all nostalgic and dancing to fab records, whilst being surrounded by young looking kids. The Union Bar in Maidstone is also pretty good, especially when they have shit hot bands playing there.
  • Hells Angels. Loads of 'em.
  • Subsonics YEAH! - No geezer birds there, just geezers trying to be birds.
  • No good clubs at all. Subsonic use to be OK but at last visit contained nothing but about 10 14 yr olds.
  • Glad to see that the Avenue/ The Spav is still known by its proper name and not the new title Bar rio - or Bario's ( as in Mario's) as it's also known. Many a drunken incident had there, particularly handy for a late drink as it's the only place other than the White Horse open later in the area. Avoid the Thursday after A level results like the plague or alternatively take your sleeping bag a la January sales style to get a place in the queue!!
  • The best place nearby would have to be Amadeus, everywhere else if full of little kids pretending to be over 18!
  • Bar Rio (formerly The Avenue). Full of school kids but not too bad for a cheap night.
  • Vibes, Bar Rio, The Zone & Ethos. All crap.
  • The Casino Rooms in Rochester is the place to go nowadays - only 10 for ladies and 14 for men and that includes all your drink and even a buffet. An absolute bargain and the place for a definite pull - everyone is so friendly well they would be, everyone is absolutely out of it!
  • The Excaliber.
  • The Ritzy
  • Zone, Ethos, Vibes and a new one called The Manor, I think.

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