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Demolish It Now Building in Gillingham, Kent*

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Demolish It Now Building
  • Kingsley House.
  • Every one in Gillingham. No, in fact, H bomb the shit pit... ...please add the tap n' tin and as much of Chavham as you can.
  • Every one in Gillingham. No, in fact, H bomb the shit pit... ...please add the tap n' tin and as much of Chavham as you can.
  • McDonalds in the High Street. That has to be the saddest branch in the UK. The Star on Watling Street, called something else now I suspect. An absolute toilet when I revisited it about nine years ago. No class whatsoever, an absolute midden. An offence against humanity, infested by amoebic parasitic lifeforms. Appalling advert for Gillingham.
  • The Viscount Hardinge pub has been changed into a convenience store... it is the gateway to Gillingham and needs to be either flattened or changed back to a decent pub.
  • charity shops.pound shops and all the other tat that gets opened before a town REALLY goes down hill.
  • The whit house washington where all the wrond decisions are made lol
  • The king charles hotel, why oh why is it still standing????
  • The sportsman pub
  • There are three buildings on gillingham road just down from the livingstone circus that need to go. they look JUST WRONG!!!
  • Either Pentagon (I work there) or Medway Police Station at Gillingham Gate (not yet built)
  • Countryman (along with landlord)
  • littlewoods,full of old people
  • The Zone.
  • Any house where drugs are sold.
  • There is a creepy building in Gillingham, think it used to be a Quasar
  • the pink house with the golden cherub (next to the roseneath pub).
  • Zone, Bar Rio, Canterbury Tales
  • Britton Farm has become a shithole since Pat left.
  • Id like to see the Bingo Hall in Green Street Gillingham flattened and turned into a cinema because there are most people who want to see a film than old peeps playing bingo!!! Who agrees with me????
  • Bar Rio
  • Priestfield.. a more wretched hive of scum and villany you will never find.. burn it down, preferably whilst it's full of pikey Gills fans
  • Pentagon in Chatham, stand on the lines at the memorial look out over the Medway at what should be a beutiful view and what have they stuck there? The Pentagon. What idiot thought that one up. and its still half empty. All the ugly great BQ's MFI huge great sheds that they put up on busuness sites do thay have to be so ugly. The new Priestfield stadiium sticks out like a big Blue thumb absolutely revolting the houses aroun the stadium are now totaly dwarfed by theis eye sore.
  • Upbury manor School (guess waht school i went too) either that or the ice bowl adn build a new one with new owners as the current ones are twats who banned me for forging free tickets when i didnt and the manager even admitted i didnt so whats goin on there.
  • Chatham Grammar School for Girls. It's complete crap. Most of the students are chavs and I'm still attending it. Please get rid of it...we can't take much more.
  • The houses of all the members of shit local band Puny Fish.
  • High St Managers office,Think of the money we would save
  • 9 Austin Close.
  • Most of Gillingham - just pull down the pikey houses and start again!
  • All the nightclubs. Without warning on either a Friday or Saturday Night just before closing time.
  • Roseneath Public House, Arden Street
  • The whole place
  • the strand.
  • King Charles Hotel/Club complex
  • The old Quasar building, it's just a haunting reminder of Gilligham's 'trendy' period!
  • TOWN CENTRE MANAGERS OFFICE, or find a some body that will put it to good use
  • gillingham town centre

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