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Favourite Building
  • the prozie club
  • Train Station - it gets you the fuck out of Gillingham
  • Train Station - it gets you the fuck out of Gillingham
  • The long gone Central Pub on Watling Street with the Central R & B Club behind it. Where are Mungo and Satch now?
  • The new Mid Kent College in Gillingham is a thousand percent better than the old demolished one out at Horsted
  • The guildhall musiem rochester
  • The white memorial on the great lines is tranquil (except at night when all the gays come out), Fort Amhurst is a cool place to go inside
  • Medway Tunnel - it's the quickest way out.
  • My Nan's house. The Gillingam Squat.
  • train station cos my honey works there
  • Hempstead Valley, brill shopping centre!
  • The pile of rubble where Quasar used to be. its classy round ere.
  • Municipal building at the park is quite good to look at they should have kept the Jezreels building the only one of its kind and what do they do? pull it down. Ash tree pub is a land mark.
  • none there all shitty
  • MacDonalds. Hell, it's the only clean one.
  • In Gillingham?
  • Quite a lot of the high street shops have flats above them, which are cool. Check out the Lunn Poly shop and one of the temping agencies by the old Halifx building. It's about 100 years old, date stamped and looks good.
  • Britton Farm House, Labrokes
  • The Bowater (now Tesco's) tower/bubble thing.
  • The only interesting building in Gillingham - Jezreel's Tower, a Kentish version of the Tower of Babel, was demolished in the Sixties. There is also the white monument on The Great Lines. The Royal Engineers Museum is never visited but is full of amazing stuff. The Chatham Dockyards are really in Gillingham, also full of amazing stuff.
  • Spy Glass & Kettle pub in Wigmore!!!

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