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  • The Toss
  • Everyone is shit
  • Everyone is shit
  • I posted about Stan a while ago and have now seen many replies about him; I am glad that I wasn't the only one who liked and missed him. One contributor asked for stories so here is a definately true one. As I said, I attended Arden Street CP (Mrs Reeves, Mr Grinsted and Mr Harris) and Stan lived in Fox Street with his mum. She was very little and thin, tiny in fact and when you saw her and then looked at Stan, well, you just couldn’t believe it. Stan did exactly what his mum told him to do, no arguments. However, one day a neighbour heard cries if distress coming from their house and eventually went to investigate. Opening the door in response to the cries for help they could not see anyone but the cries were coming from that room. Stan had hung his mum from the clothes hook on the back of the door by her apron shoulder straps (she always wore one of those cotton aprons ) because she had kept telling him off and he couldn’t stand it any longer. Apparently he had hung her up, left her dangling there, and then gone out! I was there when Stan was told off by the lady who ran the local corner shop opposite(ish) Arden Street CP (I think it is a taxi office now). That was also funny because this lady was small as well and I remember big Stan just standing there with his head hung in shame as she told him off. Over the years I have frequently wished I had also been decisive enough to hang up a few people up who irritated me, and gone out and left them as well. Thanks Stan.
  • Someone should remember Stan. Big chap, good natured sold the Post newspaper in the High Street. Always read books that were upside down. New him when I went to Arden St CP in the 50's. He had a very, very hard life with many problems but was always good natured and a pleasure to talk with if you could overcome your initial fear. Have not seen him for years now, guess he has gone.
  • Mad Stan - (wonder if he's still alive in 2012?), he would trawl Gillingham High Street waving his stick and shouting to the school children (totally harmless though - and I think he became a reformed alcoholic). Let's not forget the legend that is Steve Hall - him with the long hair and bo selecta glasses, Steve could be seen regularly running round Gillingham wearing his short shorts and string vest in the middle of winter. If you ever get the chance, stop and have a chat, he really is a nice guy, a true gentleman of Gillingham.
  • The ponces! aaaaav uuuu got 40p maaate i need to use the fone to get sum gear im cluckin! fuckin die u waste of fabric cunts!
  • granny beetle lol she hates all kids and shouts 2 her self wen she see's 1 haha tryed 2 hit me wid her walkin stick once
  • cup of tea man outside the staion, or mad gary with his coke and tennis attire
  • Unfortunately 'Mad Stan' died around Christmas time but we have now got the local bobby 'Don' to take his place
  • Careful in chatham get quite a lot of homeless people there and beggers dont go there at night unless you have a death wish.
  • Bazza 'I'm to Sexy' - Appears fortnightly at Countryman Karoke. ans Jim ;Wanna f**k a dog up the ars*'
  • Update on " Stan " I opened my local Rag the Chatham News or whatever its called now last week and found an almost full page dedicated to the Memory of " Stan" one Stanley Hughes . Anyone who grew up in Gillingham in the last 40 years will know Stan.. One massive character. Frightening but harmless.. tormented to hell by generations of kids.. The word Oakwood , would be garuanteed to send him into a frenzy, something I witnessed many times in my youth and was guilty of doing once which almost cost me my life ( Ran like the wind through the alleys around Corporation Road and Knights Avenue to escape his fury ) Stan was the man ! ( Before Eminem was born ) we had Stan ! He passed away earlier this month aged 72. According to my Father over 150 people attended his funeral service yesterday Tuesday 30 Mar 2004 ! He will be missed, Another Icon of my Medway childhood consigned to memory. Stanley.... RIP. As a lasting tribute lets have some Stan Memories posted here !
  • The man who says 'GOOD MORNING' whichever retail outlet he goes to. PLEASE NOTE he is not your friend and not your mate !!! What a loser !!! His outstanding abililty to complain continuously makes him a local gem !! Which is made even better by his slicked back greasy hair and his ill fitting trousers which are slightly too short for his legs. His tweed jacket makes him a fashion icon WHAT A LOSER !!!his one aim in life seems to be to harass those who do not give him satisfactory customer service ! "GOOD MORNING AND GOOD BYE SIR."
  • the hatherley boys....gillingham,s answer to the krays
  • Mad Stan is definately no longer with us (was he ever )??,but Mad Gary is still doing the rounds.He lived (maybe still does) off Grange Rd, but as he ran everywhere,he could cover most of Gillingham on a few minutes. He always has a ball with him (either tennis or football),and if he saw one in your garden,he'd be over the wall and pinch it in a flash.It'll be a sad day when he conspicuous by his absence.
  • Mad 'anyone for tennis?' Gary. Cup of tea man with his war stories. Is Stan dead? I once saw one of the jakey crew singing to his wine bottle!
  • Mad Stan is still around,and also Gary.Saw him the other day in the High Street.Also saw yesterday,21/09/02,the bloke who shouts about the war,outside the co-op.
  • mad Stan is still alive and can see him in the town still. but he has swopped his walking stick for a zimmer frame.
  • Gillingham market.....ive put it under street entertainers, because all the traders are a laugh. if you want tools or car stuff then go to see terry by james st entrance to the high st.
  • Wolf's Head Morris are now looking for Male members for the 2002/3 season of Festivals. If you enjoy drinking, dancing, dressing up and falling down (a bit like Princess Margaret in Mustique...)contact us;
  • There are some good ones from time to time. There was an old boy who played the Zither but I havent seen him for a while a couple of good guitar players and a girl who used to play the violin outside Smiths & the Con club? The old Pan pipe players are always about and they sound great on a warm day.
  • Chatham high street i've been stopped numerous times by people asking for money and theres loads of people there selling hot dogs that shouldnt and are always moving
  • Big Issue sellers all over the place.
  • Willie Brown: The one man band. That Weird guy who wanders round Gillingham High Street shouting anecdotes. Christians who preach at me. Good for a laugh. Various drunks and paedophiles.
  • Mad Stan god bless him! RIP.
  • Most of the drunkards who sit in the high street with their cans of Kestrel at 9am! - get a job and get off the booze!
  • Old man always talking about Monte Casino and how many were killed.
  • ryan bennett and the 4ever growing hair. u have to see it to believe it!!!
  • Mad Stan - this insane old bloke who chases kids around the high st with his walking stick. He might be dead now, I'm not sure. Plus there's Mad Gary as well.
  • Avoid people who look like extras from the Fast Show, and those preachers in Chatham, otherwise, it's not too bad.
  • Erm... Lots of annoying women doing surveys. Sorry - 'lifestyle studies'
  • go to chatham high street.

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