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  • The Will Adams is a great friendly pub with plenty of real ales. Once spent an night there once being listening to tales of some of the locals football punch ups in the 70's and 80's.
  • All pubs only have four people in it. They are all related to the pikey scum tat that Gillinghaam spews out. Its the drug dealing, arms dealing and human trafficing that keeps them open. Avoid the Ship and the Hastings Arms you might wake up in a bath full of ice with a few organs missing!
  • All pubs only have four people in it. They are all related to the pikey scum tat that Gillinghaam spews out. Its the drug dealing, arms dealing and human trafficing that keeps them open. Avoid the Ship and the Hastings Arms you might wake up in a bath full of ice with a few organs missing!
  • The Barge nr the Strand. Friendly staff, welcoming crowd, beer garden looks a bit ad hoc but relaxing view. The George in Brompton does a solid Sunday roast.
  • neva the crix in gillz chlo raby goes - scary lairy muvva lol
  • Star Pub on the A2, serves good food at reasonable prices and has been spruced up several times in the last ten years (2012)
  • The Britannia in the high street is a warm and welcoming little place.And they have some good entertainment. Clean and tidy.
  • If your looking for ya school chums visit any gillingham pub you will see someone you know for sure! the schoolkids have more money than the adults so are therefore welcomed as patrons to any old dive!
  • beacon court,if you wanna pay to see what was free at the woodlands tavern(before it got shut)
  • The Barge........Good pub. Even though Marsh was seen there!
  • lol i 13 and i can get served basicly anywhere!! Mannor is kwl
  • The barge or southern belle for a quiet drink with nice people, Ash tree or cricketers for a lively night, the star if you want to look like your in hollyoaks, engineers or black lion for an 'intimidating and violent' experience
  • Twydall and Gillingham
  • The best Pub in Gillingham is the LIvingstone Arms On Gillingham road, BECAUSE There is live football every weekend sing song every other friday night a disco on a saturday night and with in the week we have football, darts and the bar staff and really nice, friendly and cute and there is a get croud of people that go into the livvy just try it once if you dont like it dont come back but try it first before you say anything. Take a chance!!!!!
  • Engineer in Twydall, are you having a laugh mate, terrible place, full of wannabes and powerdrinkers, kids outside on the wall!
  • Dog and Bone. Advertising gigs that happened 5 months ago. God knows how far the beer's out of date if they can't even change their posters!
  • The Old Ship, Mere
  • Spy glass and kettle, tap and tin, The three tones got a good pool table
  • If you like trying to watch footy with dorirs day on the duke box drowing out the commentry and a miserable gay landlord then the countryman is the place to be !
  • Ashtree
  • The old ash tree (or ash tray!) is great. Nice and quiet but great for a booze up. Regularly have quiz nights on a sunday and wednesday and also have live sport on a big screen. The only thing that spoils it are the miserable staff!!!
  • The Barge is getting a lot of (justified) recommendations.No chance of finding any under-aged drinkers either.In fact,is it by chance that there is a cut-through to the grave yard?
  • The Star has sofas, The Cricketers has a church nearby, but the Flying Saucer is within easy staggering distance of my house, and there's always a friendly barman willing to carry you home!
  • The Star is cool but WHY DO THEY HAVE THE MUSIC SO LOUD AT WEEKENDS?!?!?! I kno it's *trendy*, but it's still only a pub for fucks sake! And they don't let you where caps in there, which is gay! Southern Belle has a young, tho infrequent, crowd, and its nice and quiet. Britton Farm House for weekend lock-ins is always a winner! Most Gills pubs are old man's pubs tho. There's talk of a weatherspoon's on the high street.
  • If you like good beer try the Frog And Toad, No kids, No Music, No games just nice people and good beer. For the best place to drink try the Frog and Toad.
  • the black lion pub is the place to be
  • The Star, Spyglass and Kettle, The Cricketers or Hop and Vine
  • The Will Adams.A real football discussion pub. The Blues Rock Cafe at Priestfield Stadium.Sky Sports and all things football related.Open pub times.2002.
  • If your after a fight or fancy a bit of under age drinking try The Prince of Guniea, lower gillingham near Richmond Road
  • The Roseneath is a trully vibrant pub. Customers and Staff terrific (The landlady is sinmply scrumptious)
  • Pubs are getting better in the high street. you just have to know the dodgy charachters and stay away. Football times are always dodgy something about pubs and football, Cricketers in sturdee ave is reputed to do good food. The Star is revamped and so full of crumpet a sane man will go blind. Most pubs have loads of reall good looking women whicn can be good or bad depending on how pissed you want to get.
  • The star again on watling street. it's been all done up like a twelve yr old at bar rio and is really nice loads of really cool gadgets like touch screen juke boxes that have there songs updated weekly and also get pre release songs
  • There are lots of them. Don't go to any in lower Gillingham, they're all full of chavs and roughed up.
  • The White Horse (Rainham). Both "The Cricketers". Beacon Court.
  • Jolly Jake's Skinner St.Someone trying to make a difference In a Bad Area
  • The Roseneath,Arden St.Best selection of beers, eye-candy staff, psycho cat and slightly whacky landlady.It certainly is the best place to get demolished!
  • Old Ash Tree as was.
  • The Roseneath, Arden Street - brilliant in Summer - hugh beer garden and has beer festivals. The Barge, by the Strand - again, good pub. The Dog and Bone - James Street - full of odd old folk, but it's cheap! Stay well away from all of the pubs in the High Street though, unless you fancy a bit of trouble!
  • The Rose Neath is probably the best (Real Ale and not much, if any, fighting)although the Man of Kent in Rochester is better for Real Ale.
  • Star on Watling Street is closed being redeveloped opens at start of December. Its going to have 3 great pool tables, 7 screens for sport, outside drinking, big area for meeting your mates - the guv is still bald though. Cricketers in Sturdee Avenue - bloody marvelous pub, Jenni is the boss and she is top totti. Bands and disco at the weekends, big screen for sport and you can even log onto the net there.
  • Pub not to go to - Roseneath, Arden Street - frequented by a load of old smelly fat bearded farts who drink warm beer with sticks in it ! Apperntly they call it real ale in there. Ohh and watch out for the 'Wicked Witch of the Neath' - you'll know her once youve been in !!
  • The Beacon Court, the Woodlands Tavern and The Southern Belle........ oh my god, I'm showing my age.
  • The Star is next to the fire station and sometimes firemen are to be found there!The "chicken plait" is supposed to be v. nice (according to ex-waitress of the Star). I myself like the chips with chilli and cheese.
  • The Roseneath is by far an away the best pub in Gillingham. In fact it may well be the only decent pub although The Barge is also OK.
  • The Pub has closed down and is now a Chinese take away called 'Kung Fu'. So try the Ash Tree, cool and wicked place!
  • The Viscount Harding (black lion end of the hight street) Has gone down hill in the last 4 years, (r did i get older??) however, is the local pub for the brompton-based Royal Engineers, and therefore has high level of squaddie clientel (can't be bad!) BUT! this does bring out lots of sad old women (mutton dressed as lamb) who still want a bit of the old slap and tickle with a young sodier. you have been warned!!!
  • Black Lion. Mill Road...great atmos. Landord and Landlady are a scream. Quiz nights every Tuesday.Don't go if you are a Countdown freak as its all just for laughs.
  • Roseneath, The Barge. Great for real ales and a warm atmosphere
  • The Barge is a good old-fashioned pub for ale drinkers. It's round the corner from The Ship in a dead end street, so you'd never come across it by mistake! For younger types The Star is better. But this is Kent, so go and visit country pubs!
  • The Roseneath in Arden St. Good beer, good company and lively. Various ages. The Cricketers in Sturdee Avenue - loud, lively, sky sports.
  • Tons. All dives (except the Cricketers in Sturdee Avenue which is quite nice)
  • three mariners lower rd rainham. Exellent pub!
  • The Ship Inn and The Barge are worth a try, quite good food at the Ship, whilst the Barge is a good old fashioned drinkers pub, with plenty of Real Ales.
  • The Star on the corner of the A2 and Darland Avenue has just been renovated and is now packed out every night
  • If you want something a bit quiter, just down the road from the Star, on the way into Gillingham, there's a nice place next to the Girls Grammar school but it's got a really funny name that never sticks in my mind. (Probably: Boatswain and Call)
  • The Engineers (cheap) in Twdyll is quite nice if you're Rainham way, as are The Cricketers, and the White Horse, both found at the top of station Rd in Rainham.
  • In lower Gillingham there's many a pub, such as The Pub, The Prince Alfred, and the Admiral Elliott, none of which I would particularly recommend.
  • The Woodlands is no longer a music venue and it is now called the Canterbury Tales.
  • WESTCOURT ARMS, Canterbury Street, used to be a dump, now with new landlord (Dave & his missus, Margaret) its quite good, quiet during the week but has live music friday, band - disco - karaoke and sunday karaoke from 3pm to 7pm.

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