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The Worst Things
  • Medway Council. want everything to be in their beloved Chatham. Money grabbing bunch of shysters cannot even keep the streets clean. Bring back Gillingham Council.
  • Cunts on drugs
  • Cunts on drugs
  • Having to come back to the cunt hole.
  • Having to come back to the cunt hole.
  • Apathy. It feels like much of the town has been left to rot and more could be made of the area. We could start by tackling the lose rubbish blowing around and the fly-tipping. ( Letting residents use wheelie bins for their black sacks would be a start.) The bus service is significantly over-priced.
  • Bus service poor in terms of routes and costs more than London. I can't even get a direct bus from Gillingham high street to the 24hr Tesco. No wheelie bins for normal rubbish so you end up with broken bags and debris everywhere. Council needs to provide bins and collect fly-tipped items around the town daily to stop it looking it tip. Coop as the local "supermarket" is as pricey as Waitrose without the quality.
  • Do not ever live on watling street Gillingham because u will not be living alone because there is loads of rats in the wall cavities above shops especially costcutter shop owned by a pakki called AJ he is skum he lets mums with kids live in his damp flats with rats running about and dont give a shit so do not ever rent from AJ!!!!
  • Your life must be extremely dull n boring if you felt the need to come on here and make up pathetic n very childish crap about me! I'm glad my life has such an inpact on yours, I do aim to please. A very interesting character you are.
  • mason kizzy fay
  • The High Street Gillingham Council for destroying Gillingham over the last 50 years
  • Fluer lol
  • Girls wearing black leggings round the town... they may as well walk out the house naked and paint their legs and @rses black! I know that the idea is to give a thrill, but there has to be a limit.
  • coming back
  • dont eat the food from the high street outlets. have you seen the size of the rats.
  • Dont eat in Gillingham....exp the food outlets in the high street.....HAVE YOU SEEN THE SIZE OF THE RATS.
  • not enough shops selling what you need, some savoury charactors and weed! not a lot of opportunity
  • - Hundreds of "chavs" that are un-able to reason with you. If they don't like you they'll never like you and they'll use any excuse possible to assult you. - Avoid Forge Lane, The Vineries, Woodlands Rd, Grange Road Park, The high street. - Lack of things for the youth to do. - Everyone who lives in Gillingham knows it's a shit hole and would love to move. No one ENJOYS living in Gillingham. - Once again. If you want to be mugged or assulted for NO REASON AT ALL. Come to Gillingham!
  • Ginger haird well built bully boys
  • Below jeffrey street! crammed full of just about every wrongun imaginable! very few white people!loads of mouthy teenagers hangin outside the skanky turk corner shop opposite the sunlight centre! take a claw hammer with you and wen u get abused for saying no to the kids requests of getting them booze an fags smash em up good style! the fuckin little cunts! and the turks sell heroin from the shop every one knows about it!!! Fuckin smash em the old bill wont giv a fuck!!!
  • Do not walk through the high street area past midnight if possible, u may get robbed or stabbed with a knife or bloodfilled syringe take your choice! over populated by cosovans and just about every other illegaly entered cunt on the planet! if you must walk around at that time of night make sure u have a bag of brown or a rock on ya that way you will escape being attacked! just give them the drugs and continue on your journey whistling as you go! And most important do not let loved ones out of your site, if you do theres a high risk of loosing them to a life of drugs, prostitution,being a rent boy,becoming a kiddie fiddler,and generall bad mannered scruffy unwashed shitstirrer!!! you been warned!!
  • Cant be any worse than it is!
  • the coach service that brought me back.closing the woodlands tavern,best music and a crowd of bikers that kept it safe for girls to do their stuff.
  • CHAVS beating us up!!!! Im sick of it!! The council need to do something for once!!
  • poor subsonic copycatz
  • Lower Gillingham is quite bad, expect to get mugged, spat at, shouted at, intimidated and the rest when walking there alone. Medway hospital is one of the worst in the country. A few years ago Gillingham high street was voted the worst high street in the country. No culture, No hope!!
  • Graffiti
  • don't ever go to The Great Lines, as it is full of gay men, or gay men in the process!!!
  • Coming back. Gillingham is a 'prat magnet', you leave, you come back. PRAT
  • The kids of our area. They all mostly have a chip on there shoulder and all believe they are the center of the world.
  • Price of drinks in Countryman, Gay men
  • beechings green is a great place to hang out if you are on a death wish. bewears of the twydall crew massive(need i say more) with likes of kyle peperrel aka DERGE (????? if you like derge wo back it up) and Raymond Bradbury (now isnt that a name that strikes fear in little girls and boys eyes). as they hang about at the youth club which enables them 2 kit themselves up 2 d eye balls wid cues n pool balls etc (such a good idea who ever decided 2 set that up ay gav umm mr z). so over all twydall is an all over great place to be.
  • No cinema :-(
  • Waiting for the gates to open on the level crossing in Livingstone Rd.I've sat there for days sometimes!
  • Can't ever get a taxi, anywhere! The transport is shit! The pointless 'mini-London' pretentiousness, completely unfounded. The narrow-mindedness.
  • Brain dead low lifes on smack.
  • Strange townies....
  • The dirty streets, cyclists speeding through the pedestrian area,making pedestrians move over, and toilets you would not invite the queen to pay a penny in as they wreak, rat infested rubbish outside certain residences,in Canterbury street area
  • Sadly loads of stupid chatham girls hang around gillingham wiv their hair piled on their head and massive gold(fake) earrings. So if ur a minger come 2 gillingham u cudnt look ne worse next 2 them!
  • Thw worst place in the world to do work experience is at the Black lion in Gillingham. It is so shit, believe me! I done 2 days out of 5 and I hated it! They had me cleaning artificial plants and throwing rubbish out and i just thought, what the hell is this about! Dont EVER consider working there, its all slavery work!!!!!
  • The whole place sucks..... so glad we moved away!!!!!
  • Too many idiots in baseball caps. Insular attitudes, many have never left the Towns!
  • Bar Rio
  • Pikie scumbags
  • 10 to 15 years ago Gillingham was known as the premier town in the medway area nnow its bottom of the pile. the peole have got ugly in nature and in in looks. Drugs are rife so is crime. Some one said before about as soon as the sun comes out the blokes all whip their shirts off and drive around like maniacs and they are quite right. The Gillingham look is now one of "What you effin Looking at" etc. etc. half the women have more tattos than a seasoned sailor and seem to be in a contest about who can show off the most amount of ugly tatoo'd flesh.
  • Fat Women who pester you for sex and beer
  • The actual town itself.
  • Thinking of living in Gillingham? Avoid the following like the plague!!! Parr Avenue, Hazlemere Drive, The Vineries, James Street Flats.
  • Shit local band Puny Fish.
  • Lack of Street Cleaning and ROAD REPAIRS(Worst In the Country?)
  • Howard School -lags behind the times.Fantasises about it's glory days as Gillingham Grammer. Fails to nuture the individual. Atrocious self-congratulatory attitude.
  • The Pikeys with their gold, prams and attitude.
  • Arseholes and Heroin Dealers.
  • Gillingham high street any week day !
  • Moving there in the first place
  • Not enough places to skate without getting injured by drunk louts.
  • Avoid Gillingham High Street if you possibly can. If you must visit it (for the bank or something)put your wallet in an inaccessible place, and your head down and walk fast. Or you could disguise yourself as a native by wearing labelled sports gear, lots of gold jewellery, greasy hair, tatoos and a couple of lovebites.
  • The Zone Public transport Dogshit Twats who drive faster round corners than on the straight. Blokes who drive around topless as soon as there is a ray of sunlight.
  • The groups of kids who hang around on street corners pretending to be hard, at least untill mum says it's bed time.
  • The roads in it, the worst road surfaces in the country. Overcrowding in North Ward, Most crowded area in Kent, Yet still they Build! The Strand Kids pleasure area next to Gas works,Chemical plant, Petrol station with a view of Power stations Oil refineries, and very often a smell from Motney hill sewerage plant PUBLIC TRANSPORT Near non existent Street cleaning Video cameras every where, We`re not all villains!
  • The kappa tracksuit-wearing little upstarts who stand outside the train station and spit a lot.
  • Don't even think of visiting if you don't live here, or are visiting someone who does!
  • Loads of geezer birds especially in the Casino!
  • most locals avoid gillingham high st due to the neanderthol apearence of the underclass that use it
  • None of the clubs play any REALLY good music :(
  • Twydall is a dump, and its kebab shop closes really early.
  • Rainham Mark chip shop dosn't sell kebabs.
  • No kebab shops near the Avenue.
  • Poor traffic planning.

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