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park place school hehley by john (Member 10320671) on 24-Apr-2018
I'm looking for friends that was at park place school in the 1980s. there where in the boy shouts at the time.   
Priestfield Road by Roger Taber (Member 10037306) on 27-Aug-2016
I was born at 91 Priestfield Road on December 21,1945 and lived there until my family moved to Hoo in 1959. I continued to attend Gillingham Technical School (in Green Street then) but travelling to and fro on a number 19 or 65 bus was a nightmare as there was only one bridge across the Medway in those days, and there was awful traffic jams between Chatham and Stood. I would love to hear from any childhood friends.   
Help my Nan find her friend by Carly Schwarz (Member 10299466) on 10-Mar-2015
Hi everyone. My Nan is trying to find a friend from primary school from years back. My nan is now 65 and went to Woodlands Primary in Gillingham. Her name back then was Elizabeth (Liz) McHugh and is looking for a friend who was called Liz Cartwright back then. She has great memories of their friendship and would love to find her and catch up. Any help would be really appreciated. Thank you in advance.   
yvonne John by Lewis Stannard (Member 10084432) on 2-Feb-2012
I am trying to trace Yvonne John (Maiden Name) if she married. She originates from Gillinghan and went to Napier Rd school. And lived near it.
She had 2 sisters and worked in the small clothing manufacturing establishment by the school
reg thompson by george fairbrass (Member 10263787) on 30-Jul-2011
Hi all back in the fiftys i worked on the railway as a fireman at gillingham sheds,i became friends with a guy called reg thompson,i lost touch with him when i moved to bricklayers arm old kent road i do know that he lived at maidstone road rainham, we used to go to the Pav every friday & sat night any help in finding him i would be grateful.
Pilbeams and Rigates by cspence (Member 10263778) on 29-Jul-2011
I have Pilbeam and Rigate ancestors that lived in Gillingham. I was wondering if there is anyone still there? Thanks for your help.   
Great Sandwich Bar In Strood by Derek Hallewell (Member 10248895) on 9-Dec-2010
There is a great new Sandwich Bar called Franz'n'Janz opposite Spike Lee's. I went in there today and the sandwiches were lovely. They also sell pies, jacket potatoes, cakes and the usual crisps,chocolate and hot and cold drinks. A breath of fresh air for Strood to have a quality food place. Recommended :-))   
Joanne Harrington/Whibley by Wendy (Member 10083752) on 19-Jan-2010
Hi, Just trying to locate a Joanne Whibley (possibly Harrington) as her name may have been changed, she is about 28, think she may still be in the Kent area.

many thanks
family ties by Shell (Member 10233211) on 20-Jul-2009
This one is very good for looking for relatives/ancestry.
What Difference Would Extra Income Make to Your Life ? by David Taylor (Member 10103609) on 31-Dec-2008

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Looking for Gina by Bill Gibbons (Member 10233704) on 1-Dec-2008
Hello All,

I lived in Priestfield Road, Gillingham from 1987 to 1994. Before I emigrated to Canada, I rented out the house to Gina Johnson (or Johnstone), a divorced mother with a couple of kids. I lost touch with Gina after the move but would like to find her again. She was then in her 30's, very attractive with short black hair, curvy and had a sort of Mediterranean look about her.

If any... more >>
  • Re: Looking for Gina by Maureen (Member 10295213) on 22-Aug-2014
    Hi Bill I am ginas auntie I have spoken to gina and she remembers you how can she get in touch with you? Please reply to my email address it is

  • Re: Looking for Gina by Rachel (Member 10295226) on 22-Aug-2014
    Hi, I'm Gina's daughter-in-law and she is currently sitting next to me, she would love to get in touch and is very intrigued! Please let me know any contact details.

    Hope you see this, thanks.

  • Re: Looking for Gina by Bill Gibbons (Member 10233704) on 16-Dec-2014

    I just sent a message to Maureen, but my email is:

    look forward to hearing back!

  • Re: Looking for Gina by Maureen (Member 10295213) on 20-Dec-2014
    Gina told me you sent me an e mail but I cant access it willkeep trying anyway happy christmas to you I used to live in linden rd do u remember the keatings take care maureen x

upbury manor by Shell (Member 10233211) on 3-Nov-2008
looking 4 yosef reece. he was diabetic same as me.
Anyone that remembers me? Sandra Howse,Upbury Manour school for young lady`s lol! by sandra (Member 10231082) on 28-Aug-2008
I lived in Gillingham with my parents,my dad was in the M.O.D police,my mum was a special need`s teacher at Richmond road infant`s school,i attended that same school before moving on to Arden street primary,then up to Upbury manor,although it was my parent`s wish that i followed my Brother Mark`s footstep`s to woodland`s lol!,But i have had no regret`s of going to Upbury,other than i was a bit of ... more >>   
Gillingham Escort by Karly (Member 10217135) on 27-Aug-2008

I'm Curvy Karly and I am based in Dartford for incalls, or am able to visit Gillingham and surrounding areas for outcalls.

40G bust, competitive rates and a time you'll never... more >>
Modern Jive /WCSwing Workshops and Competitions 2008 by S.B (Member 10184513) on 4-Jul-2008
Dancers from across the Globe will descend on Cheshire to compete at the 'UK Star Studded Championships held at Northwich Memorial Hall on the 1st,2nd & 3rd of August.

This is the first time this venue will be used to hold this event, the Saturday evening includes a Modern Jive & West Coast Swing Freestyle.

The competition for the first time will have a Modern Jive category, 'UK Modern Jive ... more >>
we shouldnt get use to murder by Shelly (Member 10226895) on 29-May-2008
Hi guys, fed up of hearing about murders, needless murders, lobby your MPs or Gordon Brown.
Michael Barry Hudson by misty (Member 10192950) on 13-May-2008
Looking for the above named person. I think he had family in Gillingham so maybe someone might know him on this board.
Any imformation would be great.
Names I remember by Ethan Mayall (Member 10204215) on 15-Sep-2007
Jo the names I remember from Richmond and Upbury are< Hanson, Mills, Mead, Simmonds, Bailey, Cozens, Whibley, Mcdonnell,Sidey, Webb, Fisher, Lorence, Craigallen, Palmer, Flannery, Davis, Gray, Gilder, Bushell, Butler, Ross, Macbride, Giles, Tough, Hamilton, Knight, Pearson, Haigue, Sandal, Ward, Smith, Ovendon, Kirk, Bethel,others I can picture faces but not put a name.

reagrds Jo.
  • Re: Names I remember by Shell (Member 10233211) on 29-Jul-2009
    I remember the Bushell's of Knight Avenue in Gillingham.

My Berry Tree by LeCoach (Member 10169670) on 11-Sep-2007
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MARINA (nee) PROVEN by Tania (Member 10169345) on 27-Jul-2007
Still looking for this lady (who has no doubt married and changed her name) or any of her family; John, Sue. They used to live near Rock Ave in Gillingham c.1960s. If anyone has any info would be gratefully received. Thanx   
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