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Arts, crafts and such
  • The Poster Shop in Kings Court (across from st. enochs car park) is a hidden gem. Billions of posters & prints in there, loads of stuff that HMV that dont have.
  • The wee alley already mentioned with the cute Hello Kitty shop is in DeCourceys Arcade on Ashton Lane behind Byres Road. All the shops in there are definitely worth a look, but some are a bit pricey.
  • Cardmaking / Scrapbooking - the newly revamped Art Store in Queen Street now has a fantastic selection of crafting and paper supplies. Many scrapbooking tools, embellishments etc and more beads'n'glitter than you can shake a gluestick at !!
  • Make and paint your own pottery plate/item.
  • Cardmaking/Scrapbooking - city centre's best is Millers Art Store on Stockwell Street. Pricey but huge choice of everything !! Go to Borders for magazines - all the UK craft ones AND the US magazines.
  • the 'wee alley' with the hello kitty shop is in the west end, i think
  • again a few shops 1 in stockwell st,and 1 in queen st
  • GOMA, CCA, McClellan, Where the Monkey Sleeps, Kelvingrove when it's open and there are various artists with showrooms across the city. Allare generally (& surprisingly) good.
  • the lloyd jerome gallery - little bit unknown - a wee gem! oh and its a dentists waiting room!! pretty cool!
  • Millers , but its a rip in there , ie yuo can buy an eisel made out of fire wood for 40
  • Millers Art Store 28 Stockwell Street art supplier (they do a lot of workshops during summer)
  • again decourcey's arcade in the west end.
  • Try Woodlands Road in the west end. Then spend the afternoon in byres road - the posh shops of Glasgow
  • Eurasia Crafts, Osiris, etcetc on Great Western Road near KelvinBrige Underground. Osiris also on Queen Steet and in Savoy Centre... -cool ornaments, candles, sculptures, HAIR DYE, clothes -Posters, Prints, etc etc etc!
  • Kelvingrove musuem has a brilliant Dali painting of Christs cruficixtion and the CCA is arty drivel.
  • chris and jen co as of summer 2002 , outside Kozi or the botanics
  • Kelvingrove Art Museum and Kelvingrove Transport Museum are both really old, cool and big! and they are across the road from one another.. Buchannan Gallerys.
  • I like Papyrus shops cos they have lots of little knick knacks, great cards and cool sliver jewellery. Urban
  • LIGHTHOUSE, my names c. fraser, look for my exhibition! Jan - Mar, 2002
  • The gallery of modern art. Used to be cool, until all these silver spoon brats from stirling or somehere else full of sheep decided they were into rock to rebel against mummy and father dear. DIE!!!
  • fine glasgow art can be found on bus stops from homegrown talent codes such as BYT,CYT,EYT and BLT can be found here
  • The gallery of modern art is pretty funky, as is The Kelvingrove Art Gallery - although not a lot hanges in their main displays.
  • Oxfam Fairtrade, Byres Rd. is good for textile stuff especially... and yummy chocolate!! The staff are TERRIBLY helpful.
  • Kelvingrove Art Galleries pulls in large crowds as does the Museum of Modern Art (yes..not only the Goths and skateboarders go there).
  • Flip is the best designer discount store
  • there is a wee alley way with cool shops selling weird clothes and funky music and has a cute hello kitty shop
  • Dude, who cares??
  • Art exposure round the back of the Tron, very good local art, whole area has a mix of small art outlets, eg photo, print etc
  • Modern Art Gallery. Royal Exchange Square. Absolutly gorgeous.
  • Collins Gallery at Strathclyde University, free exhibitions, change monthly.

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