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Bicycle Shops, Bike Sales and Repairs
  • GEAR BIKES ON GIBSON ST IS THE BIZZZZZZZ !!!!!!! GREAT SHOP , LOVE IT !! 0141 339 1179 OPEN 7 DAYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • West End Cycles is where its at.
  • anyone who rides in kelvingrove scatepark knows how handy gear bike shop is on gibson st, they even lend you tools so you can fix your flat outside the shop !!
  • good shop on gibson st if your into mountain bikes (near glasgow uni)
  • dont go to west end cycles...they ripped off my mate and have done so to a lot of my friends over the years....very rude staff, esp the so called mechanic...
  • GEAR BIKE SHOP on gibson street is by far the best stocked bike shop and the most helpful staff. believe me iv`e sampled most of the bike shops in glasgow and nothing comes close for customer service, the guys are ace.
  • Gear is the worst bike shop ever! I wanted them to rebuild a wheel for me, and instead they just gave me a rubbishy new one and kept my decent old one. I was stunned! Bunch of chancers, I'm never going back. West End cycles is much better, especially for the comedy staff.
  • Kinetics, Bearsden (North Glasgow), if you are into weird bikes this shop is the best. Ridiculously expensive carbon fibre recumbent trikes (and cheap ones), recumbent bikes, folding bikes and electric bikes (including sometimes some ridiculously road-illegal over powered ones). Also does the entertainingly named "Puky" range, notable for their particularly melodious push horns.... However this shop does not sell cheap s**t mountainbikes and most especially does not repair them. Dales (Dobbies loan) Staffcan be surly arrogant and patronising. However a wide range of MTBs can be found. Alpine Bikes (Glasgow Outdoor Experience) - again your standard bikeshop though a pretty good one. The G.O.E is worth a visit just to see the indoo waterfall and the climbing wall! Gear on Gibson Street. Again a pretty good shop despite an earlier comment. Good stock of high end bikes.
  • deefo west end cycles the guys are great and are bmx riders themselves
  • Some decent motorbike shops in Glasgow but a bit pricey! Try shopping a bit further afield for a better deal. Biking doesn't seem to be a big thing in Glasgow - the constant rain put me off, and Glasgow drivers are a menace - talk about not having a clue!!!
  • West end Cycles!! off byres road
  • west end cycles
  • The cheapest Bike shops are at the Barra's and they open every day. The best service is in the Smaller one. He sold me a tube and a tyre for 6 today and re-alligned my gears for free. A lot of people try to rip you off in bike shops - Ie - that one on Gibson St told me I needed a new wheel when i had a couple of broken spokes and that was all that was wrong.
  • There is a place that sells Harleys and other motor bikes in Charing Cross Glasgow cant remember the name of it though.
  • theres a bike shop beside the BP Safeway garage in pollokshaws road which is very good and cheap
  • billy bilslands in saltmarket..
  • halfords............shettleston ..
  • person powered......gearbikes of glasgow in no 19 gibson st, hillhead, fab bike shop , check out the 1974 choppers & grifters, joe & ben will always have time for you......great shop. 0141 339 1179
  • Push bikes, of course. Get to Chancellor Street and meet the fabulously daft George (with his 13 bikes). Cheap and really helpful.
  • there is a bike shop next to the cd shop in pollockshaws road
  • there is one in Chancellor street dead friendly (person)
  • The following are all pedal power - The wee shop at the corner of Chancellor St and Byres Rd in Partick is still there. There's also the shop on Dumbarton Rd at Scotstoun, and Halfords in the Clydebank Shopping centre.
  • Bikes are crap. Landmowers rule.
  • Alpine Bikes. Great Western Rd. Good deals good staff (especially Dave & Mark)
  • Person-powered : great-looking shop on Gibson Street (west end)

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