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Cheap Food
  • The best Chinese food I've ever tasted is from a place called Ruby Palace on Clarkston Road at Netherlee (used to be called Moon Gardens). They have a restaurant and take away and prices are pretty standard. It's a bit of a treck from the city centre but definitely worth finding... I've been known to make an hour long bus trip just to get there - the food is THAT tasty!
  • most places away from the city centre
  • Restaurants ten-a-penny. nice restaurants off buchanan street.
  • KWIKIES near the GOMA! 1 pounds 5 inch pizzas which actually taste nice, surprisingly
  • grosvenor cafe on ashton lane closed down now. RIP.
  • You all have to try out "CAFE WANDER". It's a fresh, young, inviting cafe. Rather cheap prices, and excellent food. Location: Positioned in the city centre - 110 west george street - it has a prime location. Atmosphere: As you enter through the doors you automatically feel a happy. The bright, cheery welcome from the delightful staff gives it an inviting atmosphere. Staff: The staff greet you warmly and keep a close eye on you to attend to your every need. Food: Made freshly you can choose from panninis, sandwhichs, salads, soups, baked potatoes, wraps etc. It is all fresh and made before your eyes (all very hygenic) unless it is warm in which it is in the kitchen. Fresh fruit smoothies are delightful and the freshly squeezed orange juice is to die for Price: It is very reasonable, ranging from roughly 3 for soup to about 4 for a wrap. Overall: An immense cafe, just "wanderful"
  • the SINGAPORE EXPRESS at Clydebank shopping centre has a running buffet on at a fiver per head eat as much as you want, good Chinese food look out there piza hut this is a great place to eat
  • val dora chip shop glasgow cross
  • you asked about good takeways open late- cafe india on great western road,just outside hillhead street,is nice. they serve a great naan,which is like a gigantic pita and the vegetable pakora's nice too. prices are reasonable enjoy!
  • Blue Lagoon chippies, go to the one under central station bridge and get chips and gravy.
  • You have about a thousand chippies/Kebab Shops, Pizza shops and McDonalds, KFC's and Burger Kings fighting the streets for more fat fatties to fatten their fat faces.
  • Gills on Alexandra Parade, YUM Karisma at Charing Cross - stay clear if you dont want to be charged a fortune for non-existent drinks!
  • Asia style - FAB!!
  • Hey check out this cool recording studio in Glasgows Westend. We had a great recording session & payed a great price. Gotta be the cheapest. GoGoStudios Multimedia For professionals & the creative on a budget!
  • You've got to try Kebabish on Gibson Street! A massive Grill, great fresh meat and a brilliant atmosphere. Open late Or go to The Village in Tradeston...go to the tacky downstairs restaurant instead of the posher upstairs one...the food is the same but the service and speed are 10 times better!
  • gazelle
  • Aftabs
  • Yes there are more than can be said amount of food places, The Beekteki house near St Enochs is Brilliant, as is the Spicy Mince pizza from the 3-in-1 on Elmbank street (ask for the spicy powder too!). Roll's Fritters and Curry sauce are the best food there is around here from chippies (or anywhere's I think) but do not go to the kings Cafe as they charge an arm and aleg and don't even smile (and to think that prossies used to earn there wears in the back tables there not 10 years ago!)
  • You take your life in your hands with most of the restaurants/takeaways in Glasgow, but the Horseshoe Bar does some decent pub grub at reasonable prices.
  • Italmania is a great little place for a meal and has a good take away too.
  • TriBeCa on Dumbarton Road is great for brunch! Try the eggs benedict, the hollandaise is the best I have ever tasted! Also very good for dinner with absolutely massive portions!
  • Andy's on Maryhill Road, best Sweet and Sour Chicken and Chicken Curries out there!
  • Greggs if your a cheap lousy bastard with an appetite for death and a sick fantasy about waiting in a que out on the road on the busiest part of george square for ages .
  • The Social; very reasonably priced for all us students with lots of nice Italian style food. Its just off Pitt Street.
  • The Filling Station was one of the most stinking restaurants I have ever eaten in - my Caesar salad resembled lettuce soup - if there even is such a thing - it was completely submerged in dressing! It gave me the pure boke!
  • biddy lynches ,next door to the old barns pub (lynches), in tyhe london rd at the barras.
  • Attention chocolate lovers! Try the brill new Belgian chocolate shop on the 1st floor of the St Enoch Centre. Nice shop, nice staff, fab chocs!!
  • Just thought I would share this with you... Try the brilliant crisps at the partick farmers market. This guy comes in a wee trailer and makes the crisps for you and you get them hot with any flavour you want. I think its called the crisp hut and it is at the partick market on the second and fourth saturday every month.
  • pies, bovrils
  • Ashoka on Ashton Lane is is Stravaiginto except you can't smoke till after 10...Anti Pasti - yum...there's too many to mention
  • loads.
  • The fast food co in union street is surprisingly good. Other than that, Underworld is cool, as is driftwood in charing cross
  • The Green Room is a very nice restuarant, in the Concert Hall, underneath the big tv! Good food and good prices! S
  • Go to The Parthenon in Gt Western Rd, it's one of Glasgow's best. Philadelphia chippie's good too though.
  • Riginal Cuisine on Oswald Street makes the best pizza and kebabs handds dowm. Try a Sar BEni. it will change your life. And your waistband. if Tony isnt in, then dont bother cause the other boy who works there is a dumpling.
  • Metro cfe in cresswell lane
  • Good ol' Mcdonalds, Burger king, pizza hut, KFC, McDonner(beside Woodside Secondary) is one VERY!!!! nice take away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  • the chinkies indians..
  • Ashoka is excellent if a little pricey. Also, that Mongolian Restaurant in the Merchant City is fab - you get to make up your own receipe from raw meat, spices etc and they cook it in front of you! Meats include mad things like wild boar but book first as its v popular.
  • GONG - fucking brilliant
  • Hogshead next to queen street has the best grub and best lookin barman in also top nosh
  • the first chippy u fall into at 4 in the morning
  • Number 16 Byres Rd
  • Kebabs at the Istanbul, on byres road.
  • Antonious - Sauchiehall Street - (Greek cuisine) the service and staff's attitude STINKS, do yourself a favour and visit Cafe Serghei, for great food and superlative service, instead.
  • The sportsman chipie in Ibrox is one of the best in Glasgow. They do a great steak pie supper. The 3 in 1 just off Sauchiehall street does great pizzas at reasonable prices and is open until 4am most mornings.
  • If you don't mind being a bit squashed, or having twats going on about how stressful their power-broking jobs are, then try the Wee Curry Shop. It doesn't do a big variety of curries, but its pretty reasonable. Shame the restaurant isn't big enough to swing a cat in..
  • 13th Note Cafe. A totally vegan menu, but dont let that put you off. Meat eaters will enjoy the brilliant food. Cheap too, big portions and very friendly staff. Make sure to try the vegan cheesecake, which is a revelation in what vegan food is all about. Try also Ichicban (Japanese) on Queen Street, which is like an attitude free version of London's Wagamamma, with better food too.
  • will some of yous start letting me know any take aways open quite late around the west end of the city
  • Henry's on St Vincent St for fantastic, cheap food. Shimla Pinks for great curry.
  • Paperino's is the best Pizzeria in Glasgow
  • Big Blue on the Kelvin walkway below Kelvin Bridge, opposite said underground. On sunny days you can have a pint at the outside tables overlooking the river. The pizzas are the best in Glasgow and are little more than a fiver for real quality! Interior is great - like a trendy grotto.
  • Los Borrachos has excellent food. If you haven't tried Mexican and want to try it then I would recommend here. China Blossom in my opinion is excellent. My favourite chinease restaurent in the land.
  • there is a line of chapaits selling kebabs and pakora things like that dotted everywhere
  • Cafe Cossachock, King Street - Only Russian restaurant in Glasgow....scran 7 out of 10, vodka menu (separate from food menu), 10000 out of 10!! The scran is getting better, but if you don't like the Russian taste in food, you'll forget it by the time you get half way down the vodka menu.(honey vodka highly recommended).
  • The Orange Balloon is excellent, the Office Wine Bar is pretty good too. The usual Indian and Chinese resturants, which I've yet to try. Several pubs serve food, the best being the Hooden Horse (spicy stuff) and the Ivy House (trad English).
  • Jaconeeli's Cafe, Maryhill Road. Understated, affordable,normal, good,
  • Chimmy Chungas has now shut down and become Bar Oz, which does not serve Mexican food. :( A great loss if ever there was one! :(
  • Go to Chimmy Chungas for the best in Mexican scoff/swallie.
  • Amy Greggs for a cheese and minging pastie. Studenty tourist types should avoid the undeniable but obvious appeal of MacDonalds etc. - fast food Glasgow style is Greggs the bakers, with staff hand-picked from the worst schools in Scotland - an entertainment in itself!
  • Sadly, Cafe Manana is no more. We mourn its passing.
  • Cantina del Rae for great Mexican grub - also very friendly to large groups of jolly youths.
  • If you're feeling flush and/or flash check out the Rogano for shellfish in a well-classy Art Deco surround.
  • Good currie: Koh-i-Nor at Charing Cross.
  • If you're peckish but poor in the West End, check out the Grosvenor Cafe on Ashton Lane (behind Byres Road, acess from lane next to the TSB). If there are no tables totally free, just squeeze into any free seats.
  • Barcelona Cafe in on Sauchiehall is great as is Havana by Union station, both are trendy pub type of cafe spots
  • Countless, really. Sal e Pepe on Gibson Street is very reasonable and tasty italian place. Stravaigan is hailed as amazing, but I wasn''t convinced. The Canton Express is a must for drunken late-night Chinese. always a fight or two, many kissing couples, and you never get what you ask for, but it's a great experience. Kebab Palace extreme west end of Argyle Street. I recommend the chicken kebab and if you order an extra pitta they think you're an expert and make it especially nice. Legendary - I swear. Air Organic (old Bar Miro) for total organic muck at extraordinarily high prices. McPhabbs (new bar in Sauchiehall Street) for good food at okay prices and an incredibly relaxed atmosphere. Bar Bola (off Gibson street) for large portions. Insomnia (24 hour in Woodland's road) for same.
  • Cafe Gandolphi, Albion St, Merchant City. A new menu every couple of months keeps you coming back for more as if the Gandolphi Standards werent enough. Ask for Seamus and get him to do you his special G&T.
  • Canton Express . Only good at 4am after dancing all night at The Garage opposite. Chimmy Chungas now closed. Yes is absolutely amazing for food. Very posh, stylish , expensive, but worth every penny.

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