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  • I used to like the Europa by Queen Street Station but it closed and is now a wetherspoons. Piwo near Central Station has a great range of less well known pilseners plus a great comedy night.
  • Fat Boabs - near St Enochs Shopping Centre, brilliant jukebox (Black Sabbath)and brilliant crowd
  • all the bars in glasgow are good
  • there's one near St Enochs
  • It's got a huge screen behind the bar for all the big sporting events, video clips and for movies. The sound system is top quality and fat enough for one of Glasgow’s famous clubs. The staff are all nuts and the booze is cheap. And not only all that, it’s got real style too.
  • the windmill tavern is a dive. its full o fitin n folk fae other schemes end up dun n stabbed
  • auchineers down a lane off george sq
  • Rufus T and beer garden and solid rock cafe
  • Firewater, Variety Bar, Library, Beir Republic. The best pubs tend to be outside thecity, but those are good. Having been a fresh faced drinker for 2 years now, I tend to have a grip on the best and cheapest places to wet my whistle.
  • Firewater's good, but smells of the disinfectant they use in the toilets - good large pool tables.
  • A roon by
  • Hey check out this cool recording studio in Glasgows Westend. We had a great recording session & payed a great price. Gotta be the cheapest. GoGoStudios Multimedia For professionals & the creative on a budget!
  • Hogshead on Woodlands Road. Good weekend crowd and they serve Hoegarden! Mmmm
  • gazelle has a variety of good quality djs. air organic USED to be cool but was bought over and has turned into a place for middle aged west end folk and neds with money. shame
  • Abbotsford
  • Rufus T Firefly Otis B Driftwood
  • Sleazies (dark), Brunswicks (dark), 13th Note (Egiots), there a pub called logic (next to the shack, remember) that is good for those who use Oil of Olay too much. Personally I drink in the CCA, EshKa Bha (Not how it is spelt!), The State, The Local and anywhere that is near where I am.
  • The student union at Strathclyde Uni. Cheap drink, and you get to watch all the 18-20 yr olds away from home for the 1st time getting pissed on a couple of bottles of WKD and making a complete tit of themselves. Tip (not done by me incidentally): Take a half-full pint glass into the toilets, top it up with piss, and leave it on the bar for some cheapskate student to spend a couple of minutes eyeing it up, then pinching it when he thinks no-one's looking, sit back and enjoy!!!! That's what you get for vandalising my car you lazy slackers!
  • Rufus T's is the place to be for cheap booze, good atmosphere and it also plays some great music. Good for young people, if you know what i mean ; )
  • The Springbank Cottage
  • Firewater, Sauchihall street - it sells the humerous "Duff Beer"... no really, seriously, it does.
  • Nice And Sleazyz , especially if you are a jake , and if you like getting your head taken off at the neck by the shelf at the pool table behind the seats , and if you like playing doubles at pool with onlly one que in whole joint , and it's fucked . Also try a droughty special from Droughty Neibours , that shit will kill you dead , but don't try and speak to the guy behind the bar , because fuck knows where he hails from but they don't speak English there .
  • Merchant Corner - amazing atmosphere,fabulous interior, 15 piece jazz band (but not the heavy stuff)on a Saturday afternoon and the amazing people of Glasgow - all make this pub what it is!!!
  • The Carnavon on St Georges Road is a well kept secret - A Traditional little pub with small booths for 6 where you can have a nice chat close up.
  • The Monkey Bar 100 Bath Street Glasgow is a downstairs bar where all the trendy good looking clubbers go (tip: go there b4 going to a nightclub as you may get flyers and discounts etc.)
  • caltonian club 18 london rd. glasgow cross
  • The Bon Accord is the best ale house in the west of Scotland say Camra (campaign for real ale, and you know they can't be wrong, they also serve great food,no not CAMRA The Bon Accord of course the have live bands, quiz and open mike nights and oh yes a brilliant website with a great jokes page why not visit their website or go for a pint 153 North Street, Glasgow near Mitchell Library
  • Elders Bar ,Tollcross Great friendly staff weemags smashing good beer good food friday night big jackie dj keeps the parties going sat night young brian keeps entertaining gee it a try
  • The Chip, Bar Brel, Three Judges, Lismore, mmmm beer dribble urgle Tennents, Nice & Sleazys, Brunswick Cellars, Variety, Bier Halle Republic or whatever you call it, Taverna and Carbeth Inn on a hot summers day
  • All unions, but you must be a student. 13th note again, firewater in sauchiehall street, but don't expect to be able to talk - the music is LOUD.
  • The Lab has some good cheap nights, and some cool cocktails as well!
  • The Hall is great -Pool is fantastic, great set up -music, tv, and fooood!
  • Hubbards!
  • Nice n Sleazy and King Tuts have great jukeboxes. Loads of Wetherspoons with cheap bevvy and no music. if you want to watch footie dont go to bar sporto, its bollocks.
  • Bar jedi has a "fresh faced" crowd brunswick cellars is the alround best ever.
  • the pippin bar to the forge it iz the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • There are very few pubs nowadays that cater for punters other than those flashy designer bars with their £5 bottles of lager and full of posey arseholes that brag about the price of their named clothes/car/mobile phone etc. and what big named gangsters they jump aboot with.
  • There are just too many to mention! I especially like those new trendy bars that are springing up around Glasgow on Sauchiehall Street and off Buchanan Street but anywhere with big comfy sofas and cool music is fine by me.
  • Too many to name, just decide what part of Glasgow you want to be, and there will be a pub there!
  • fucking hell, Glasgow would die out if there werent pubs. Its full of alcoholics you see.
  • Hogshead
  • Nicos is the best pub in glasgow
  • Limhor/ Ben Nevis for trad Oblomovs (Gt Western Rd) for claasy afternoon pint Arta for posing
  • Lauders was great on weekdays. Bit crowded on saturday nights.
  • The Candy Bar in Hope Street - for dancing on tables, great music, good cocktails and generally all round having a wild 'ol time.
  • The park bar, Revolution, Pivo Pivo, Bloc, The Ben Nevis and the Stadium bar in Ibrox are the best I have been to.
  • BRAZEN HEAD If you are a Celtic supporter this is the place or you, why not pop in and have a good aul Irish/Celtic sing-song!!
  • If you like real ale and malt whisky, then the Cask and Still on Hope St is great. The walls behind the bar are covered in a variety of whiskies, and the other drink isn't bad either. Super, smashing, brilliant.
  • the western bar in great western road looks great after it's facelift, thankfully the place has retained the traditional look with the original features now uncovered including the real coal fire. the smoke extaction system was badly needed. prices are cheap particularly the vodka and whisky house specials. a friendly crowd and great atmosphere at the big screen karaoke nights (thu,fri,sat& sun)a "mixed" pub for the footie.
  • southside pubs are for older clients but are fairly cheap and friendly
  • hey, why aren't there more mentions of nice'n'sleazy? steve lamacq once said that no matter where you were in the world, as you walk in the door of an alternative pub, they will be playing jane's addiction 'been caught stealing'. sleazys is that pub. go there and feel at home. (also they serve top nosh)
  • The Zoo in kelvingrove.Bar Gaudi in Blythswood st.
  • Jim's Bar in the QM - best place on earth. How much do I want a pint of Caffreys at the moment?! And O'Neills near Queen St Station too, that one opposite Bar Oz on Great Western Road and the Solid Rock! It's not that scary.
  • Underworld, Los Borrachos, Candy Bar, Bargo...list is endless. Tuesdays are usually the cheap nights - 60p vodka mix in Underworld.
  • Nico's, Sauchiehall St, Very Cheap Booze all week long, DJ Scott Problems and Playtex every Friday Night.
  • Nice & Sleazy still rules when it comes to atmosphere, music ....etc
  • If you support Celtic go to the Nairn they'll welcome you with open arms but they'll severly do you if you support Rangers
  • Strata in Queen street has excellent cocktails. YUMMY!!
  • McCuhill's Way out West is great, the QM stoodent Union is the best, The Living Room is not bad. Bar Oz is ok if you are desperate. Go in to town or Ashton Lane if you are 30+, have a goatee and think black polonecks and leather jackets are de rigeur. You are twats.
  • Try Maclachlan's in West Regent Street. At last, a new independent pub where you can have a good blether.
  • Ross's nex to the tunnel is good - if you want Tinnitus
  • Bar Lautrec's - Thursday night pre-club at The Ambassadors Reception (9pm to 1am) DJ Stuart Elliott and guests spoiling punters with the best in tech-house.
  • Hooden Horse on Pembury Road is my fave; good food, excellent range of real ales, great music. The Ivy House is good if you like things 'cosy', and the New Drum is a rather appealing (if no frills) local with good beer and a friendly atmos. Other than that, a mixed bag; from the inevitable Wetherspoons (if you like drinking in a warehouse) to a couple of jaw-droppingly horrible places near the station (can somebody please explain why it is that pubs near to stations are invariably cr*p?) Oh, I nearly forgot, it also has an ace Real Ale off licence in the south end of town which sells draft beer to take away in plastic kegs!
  • Nice n Sleazy is an ace pub - massive jukebox and it sells Buckfast by the glass (if that kind of thing interests you)
  • The Art School is a cool place for cheap beer and drum'n'bass sounds.
  • The Tennent's pub on Byre's Road has its own wee off licence next door which stays open till 11 every night and sells munchies, smoking things etc as well as alcohol of all kinds too.
  • Another good pub I recently discovered is Bar Miro near Kelvingrove Park. Good beer and live music. Always good sounds on the house stereo.
  • Yes = another trendy place with good music.
  • The Halt Bar. Woodlands Rd. Friendly local.
  • For a taste of our formative years try a taste of the Peel on Garscadden Road next to the train station. This entertaing bar should do its own Olympics. Imagine... catch the javelin, header the shot putt, mug the poor bastard who's steamin' off the blue train next door. Living in San Francisco makes me wonder if it has all changed.
  • Trendy pub with good food and drink was Babity Bowsers. (It's been a while so I don't know if it even still exists.)
  • New (Mar 97) place on George Square: Counting House. Loads of good cheap real ale, and the food is good too. Converted bank so the interal deco has to be seen to be believed, eg 30ft ceilings.
  • On the odd occasion when the weather is sunny try one of these two pubs: Jinty McGintys in Ashton Lane (just behind Hillhead underground) if you like a lively night with a heavy lean towards all things green and Irish. Or, for a more sedate bar, try Wickets just behind the West of Scotland cricket club, nice beer garden and good food!
  • Kilkenny's, an Irish pub in the centre of Glasgow. Definitely the best in Scotland!
  • Sadly, Chimmy Chungas is no more but has become Bar Oz. This is a crass 'Australian' theme pub which has surfboards for table tops. 'Nuff said. If you still end up there, there is a great pub called Hubbards which is just across the street! Watch out crossing the road!
  • Air Organic (old Bar Miro) - a travesty that Miro has been replaced by this squeeky-clean space-age creation, but it's getting better. Bar Bola - sort of okay from time to time McPhabbs - busy little boozer - very relaxed - if you can ignore the comments on the blackboard (inane) it's great. Sunday is good to sit and relax, listening to DJs . Cul-de-Sac (Ashton lane) once commander-in-chief of all Glasgow trendy pubs, now losing ground rapidly - or maybe I'm just getting old. Grove Bar (near Air Organic) is a MUST for experiencing REAL old Glasgow steamers in relaxed surroundings. Hilarious and cheap.
  • Bar 10, Mitchell Lane, Off Buchanan St. Right in the heart of the city, Bar 10 is an oasis during the day and a party at night. Good Booze, good food, good punters and a joy to be in.
  • Solid Rock Cafe,next to central station. Bonkers side. Also Underworld, look at the pictures on the wall!

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