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Family history by DORIS MORTON (Member 10319832) on 14-Mar-2018
old friends by jeanie payne (Member 10304090) on 19-Mar-2016
hi i lived at 34 allander st.possilpark my family name was Bates does anyone remember us,i went to east keppoch then possilpark secondary school,would love to get in touch with anyone who knew us   
  • Re: old friends by Brian Mcculloch (Member 10317261) on 17-Nov-2017
    Maybe just maybe, because I remember my grandfather talking about your family. So, it can be but to be frank I am not sure.

Looking for old friends by Andy Logan (Member 10251101) on 24-Sep-2015
I emigrated to the US in 1960 and I'm interested in locating old friends Alistair MacLeod, John Gordon, Albert Tobasnick who all played for Strathbungo football team in the late '50s. The team was managed by Stuart Skilling of the Strathbungo area. Any information would be greatly appreciated.   
  • Re: Looking for old friends by Joyce Macmillan (Member 10262398) on 9-May-2018
    Hello Alan,
    I was googling looking for The New Cross Café, when I came across your request.Have you had a response from anyone ?
    I haunted the The New Cross Café late 1950s early 60s with my sister Sheila,Isobel Macmillan,and Cathy Gavin .... familiar ???
    If you are on Facebook, I've posted a photo of myself and Maria, the café owner, have a look.
    Regards, Joyce

Brian Wright Kings Park Secondary School Glasgow by david gray (Member 10301226) on 10-Aug-2015
Looking to contact a Brian Wright Castlemilk who attended Kings Park Secondary School Glasgow
Born approx. 1954
Brother to Ian & Mary
any information would be appreciated
  • Re: Brian Wright Kings Park Secondary School Glasgow by Lewis (Member 10303915) on 10-Mar-2016
    Did you have any luck with this? I'm also trying to track down this man. Please get in touch if you have anything.

??? by fiona (Member 10299370) on 4-Mar-2015
Any one on this   
does by fiona (Member 10299370) on 3-Mar-2015
Anyone come on here just notice the last post before mine was in oct 2014 ?   
looking for james caldwell aka jimmy by fiona (Member 10299370) on 3-Mar-2015
Hi am looking for james (jimmy) caldwell he will b about 44, he lived near drumry train station 1998 orinally from the drum he had a sister not sure of her name she stayed not far from him, if its rings any bells 2 any1 please cld u get in touch thanks   
Jim Henderson - Your cousins are looking for you by Annette McKean (Member 10296246) on 2-Oct-2014
We believe Jim moved to Canada a number of years ago, maybe Toronto but not certain... Your cousins, Sadie, Jacqueline, William, Roberta and John. Annette & Colin, Margaret, John, David, Marion and Jim, have recently managed to reunite on FB...We would love it if you contacted us....Annette daughter of John and Chrissie who went to South Africa in 1963   
rob hughson by noel arkwright (Member 10282803) on 10-Feb-2013
does anyone know whereabouts of Rob Hughson. has a daughter and a brother who is bodyguard abroad. I've not heard from him for ages. Concerned   
  • Re: rob hughson by Gillian Aston (Member 10310974) on 22-Jan-2017
    ill let him no if ur still lookin for him

Anyone seen my good friends around. by Baldrick (Member 10212514) on 14-Apr-2012
Magoo, billy, and yogi, oh they used to have some fun times flooding these boards, lol.   
  • Re: Anyone seen my good friends around. by Frank Appleford (Member 10281732) on 17-Jun-2013
    Nah, they've all gone baldrick old son, not many of us left is there?

Check this blog out by dave sanderson (Member 10123579) on 10-Nov-2011   
Allan Ferguson Wilson by peter webster (Member 10265028) on 6-Sep-2011
I am trying to locate relatives. Allan Ferguson Wilson Born In 1945 and has a twin called George with a further 6 siblings. Born in Bellshill and moved to manchester in the 1970's but moved back to scotland again around the end of the 70's.

ANY help would be greatly appreciated
looking for an old friend by Joyce Macmillan (Member 10262398) on 14-Jun-2011
Hi, just discovered this site -- it's great to read. I have lived in Australia since 1979, I haunted the Top Hat Cafe and New Cross Cafe at Anniesland Cross in late 1950s' and early 1960s' Anyone out there remember Joyce Irving. I also had a friend called Sheila Logan who lived in Partick.
Keeping my fingers crossed.
Pet Forum by petsadvice (Member 10257026) on 23-Jan-2011
My friend has a forum,
Free advice on pets.

P.S: I lived on a Scottish island once, Rousay, in the Orkney Isles.
  • Re: Pet Forum by jenny tills (Member 10247483) on 2-Feb-2011
    fek off ya jock bastard

UK:GET £80 TO £750 LOAN Today! by srinuvasulu012 (Member 10255272) on 7-Dec-2010
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Private Lessons Wedding Band by private lesson (Member 10202649) on 11-Aug-2010   
brian mathieson smith (SMIDDY) by dangerous (Member 10159857) on 28-May-2010
anyone know brian mathieson smith (SMIDDY) was a heating engineer back in the day, lived in maryhill, bearsden, maybe drumchapel or surounding areas. he should be 48/49/50 has a brother billy. Brian is assumingly well known and its very important i talk to him. if you know him, tell him to go and see Dawn or Jackie Hunter. thank you.   
  • Re: brian mathieson smith (SMIDDY) by dangerous (Member 10159857) on 13-Jun-2010
    wendy turnbull takes it up the shiter.

  • Re: brian mathieson smith (SMIDDY) by jenny tills (Member 10247483) on 15-Jun-2010
    hey dangerous does your mammy take it up the arse

  • Re: brian mathieson smith (SMIDDY) by dangerous (Member 10159857) on 16-Jun-2010
    hey whits hapnin jenny tits? still swallowin donkey dicks for crack? lol

  • Re: brian mathieson smith (SMIDDY) by dangerous (Member 10159857) on 16-Jun-2010
    fuck, just searched wit boards you go on, you get aboot dont you? just like yer da away oot hoorin it lol

  • Re: brian mathieson smith (SMIDDY) by dangerous (Member 10159857) on 16-Aug-2010
    hiy! its fwank or angela or whitever yer name is....stop touchin weans! ye were caught, everybody knows, jackson!

Looking for John Wallace by george dixon (Member 10057705) on 14-Feb-2010
Ex Kenya Police 1952 to 1957 lived in Pollock before he married. He may have moved to Canada as he was born there.   
  • Re: Looking for John Wallace by mike hunt (Member 10207314) on 21-Feb-2010
    yes i know john he is in jail for wanking a horse off,hope this info helps kind regards mike

  • Re: Looking for John Wallace by mike hunt (Member 10207314) on 21-Feb-2010
    yes i know john he is in jail for wanking a horse off,hope this info helps kind regards mike

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