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  • The yard and the Forum's shut down. So has the Legion I believe so all we have left is the CISWO n STYX. BAWS !
  • dixon arms great pub for all your sport 3d tv for some football games, 5tv's plus a projector, and a further 3 tv's in the lounge, great banter, great entertainment most saturday nights from solo singers to bands such as no 1 sun, joes band great place staff very friendly and has a fantastic atmosphere
  • dixon arms glenrothes entertainment every weekend, from solo artists,bands, duo's & karaoke
  • the fucking otters is a shithole full of bampots.
  • The Golden Acorn thats the place fir cheap swally
  • the yard
  • The Oast House has recently been taken over and the pub is officially moving up and away from what it used to be, new owners have spent some cash on the place..... well on the way to being an excellant community pub, and in the last few months the atmosphere has totally changed. Four big plasma screens have been installed for the football...there is a quiz night (tues), disco (fri / sat), karaoke (sund), dominoes (thur) and soon be starting a chef so food aswell from 11am - what more can you ask for...!!
  • The Dixon Arms glenrothes pitteuchar, times have went on this pub was called the wee cooper but now its a superb pub all the idiots are not in the pub anymore it has live entertaiment on one a month the next one is on the 18th of febuary it is a male vocalist which is brilliant he is caled dave lewis which will take your hearts away, 22nd of febuary we have a quiz were u can walk away with £75.00 which includes a curry supper all it costs is £2.00. i would say this pub is good because it has a good atmosphere and also it has nice friendly bar staff too, and has football on so you will never be stuck for the football
  • Spoons although recent barrage of smokers congesting front door looks off putting.
  • The Yard (the reason i pray for neuclear holocaust every day)
  • The Yard (the reason i pray for neuclear holocaust every day)
  • pubs the golden acorn is pish thers never any seats an no music.. the yard is nb like wen theyv got karioki n bowling alley is nbnb like well i wud say
  • Pubs in Glenrothes are generally shite, although are good places to watch people making complete arses of themselves
  • Poachers. Fullof student type, artistic well educated regulars who love nothing more than a game of dominoes, and a good scrap
  • Glenrothes is a hole fir jarring. The Acorn is dirt cheap but you meet abdy you went to school with that youd really rather never see again. The Yard is alright but its always mobbed (despite rumours to the contrary i've never seen a fight there.) Oasthouse used to be good now its mingin. Wee Cooper/ Dixon Arms is mingin. Rothes Arms is awful. The Forum is alright for a jar if yer in with the right people, if not stay well clear and dont stray in on old firm day if yer a celtic fan. CISWO is overrated. The Phoenix is utter crap cos u cannae wear a fitba top in it and rumour has it its a gay bar. Snooker club gets my vote fir best place to drink - cheap guiness. Leslie (in particular the burns and the oak) and Markinch (Jamies) are decent places if u fancy a change of scenery.
  • ... So many fine public-houses, very supportive of the under-age drinker... aSnooker Hall now run by the local squadron of the Sopranos...
  • *well thers the pub were all the mental ones go the west end in leslie *thers act alot of pubs on leslie high street great for pub crawls *thers the braw golden acorn wich has alot of back ans side doors *the yard fukin great but no1 goes unless the pole dancers are ther so any1 is welcome *you have the tav in maci thats a gid laff all packed with fresh faced people...
  • the dixon arms formerly the wee cooper has changed alot it has had a face lift and none of the neds are allowed in, it used to be rough but has changed for the better great place to spend your weekend with karaoke, live bands etc
  • go tae the oak for a poke in leslie ( young pussy ) woops i never new she was 15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • the Tavern in maci :P aka fight clud or the golden acorn :P
  • The New Bridge Tavern - Nice pub, nice food, nice entertainment. See
  • Go to nearby Leslie...Greenside or Oak For A Poke are the best pubs.
  • the dixon arms is the place to be it's fantastic live music every sat, quiz nights etc it's been done out now and is alot better the knobheads have all gone now so it's alot better.
  • The Golden Acorn is a favourite, as is Leslie high street as it has almost 10 pubs.
  • where the boilers hang out
  • Hmmmmm pubs in Glenrothes?? What a joke.
  • the yard is too busy, they let far far too many people in you get squished cos there's no room and to have to plan a strategy to get to the bar and back without spilling your drink,
  • soulless shitholes mostly,apart from the woodside inn,leslie has better pubs
  • pubs all over , round the center mainly
  • Rothes Oak for a Poke. Rumour has it, Daz the Spaz King of the Pokers has his own throne in the cellar.
  • Ah ,well the wee chap chantin on about pubs in Glenrothes being the armpit of the world may be wright but one thing which is wrong,The burns Leslie used to be a great wee pub, but the folk from across the watter namly Edinburgh got hold of it and alas it has turened into another transit pub no atmos ,most of the regular costom has gone only to be replaced by folk from the pochers,and the doorman is more stoned than the punters,so he is a wee tad behind the times
  • when are we going to get a decent over 25's
  • wee cooper has bars inside the windows.
  • Kane's Bar and restaurant good food, good beer and friendly staff
  • acorn is cheap does have a strict uniform of fake burberry caps and kappa trackies
  • Ah the pubs. Lets see. There is the Golden Acorn, you can sit and relax and have a drink. Needs some music though. Then The Forum is more or less a pub. We also have The Snooker Club and The Oast house in Rimbelton. The Wee Cooper down the Glamis Centre. At the Glenwood we have The Rothes Arms (better known as the Poachers). In Leslie there is numerous pubs around including the Greenside. There is the Ring O Stanes in Cadham also. All for sitting and relaxing. To have a few drinks with mates or to get drunk before hitting the clubs.
  • the yard , the oast house , pinkertons
  • The Oast House on a Saturday. One time legend Andy DJ's there every Sat (he was THE guy in Suzi Q's!). There's a bit about him/the Oast under "The Oast House" at Jackie is the manager there and Paul's her business sidecick.
  • Good god the Acorn good for a fight thats it. the woodie inn still a good place for pool and a pint
  • Ah!!! Glenrothes has at least got a pub where you can buy anything from a dodgy T.V to a rocket launcher!!!!! "THE WEE COOPER"
  • CISWO, golden acorn,
  • Teh Glden Acorn seems to be a popular choice although its more suited to your parents. For the poor people who can't afford to get away from Glenrothes completeley, head to Leslie. A few pubs quite clse together, with takeway shops for after.
  • Snooker Club used to be good under Gordon's ownership/management ... when he left suddenly it was filled with hookers and dodgy local gangsters
  • Get a carry out and stay in rather than go to a pub in Glenrothes. Although the Snooker Club is quite good for cheap drinks and has got a nice doorman to look at (which in glenrothes is quite good in itself). Unusual not to see a guy with a slash on his face or warts in other places!! stay clear of Glenrothes men...very incestious!!
  • Poachers #1 for a fight GUARANTEED
  • Goldern Acorn. obviously all the pubs in Leslie, anyone can get in there
  • Some great fights in the Oast House....
  • Go to the Oak for a Poke in Leslie if you fancy a good night out - karaoke and sometimes a band! The Lodge at Balgeddie is okay if you fancy rubbing sholders with FRESH FACED PUNTERS and are able to duck when the odd chair comes across the bar - great night out - NOT!!!
  • The Oast House, got to be voted "best Glenrothes local" in my book.
  • full of them - try the Paddock
  • Loads of pubs but most of them are crap. Oast House is my local at the moment which is so badly run they run out of pint glass's. Snooker Club used to be good until the Mafia took it over, better watch what I say or it will be the horses head in the bed. They took over the Snooker Club which was a great quiet pub for a good pint and put on Live Entertainment Friday & Saturday night. A lot of regulars left. Leslie has lots of pubs and nearly all of them has a karaoke machine.
  • The Rothes Arms has some scary-looking bar staff, and you will probably regret looking at any of the patrons in the eye. Apart from that, they do a nice Guinness. What am I saying? If you want nice Guinness, try a pub in another town.
  • Canes
  • Flappers - fuck am I showing my age? I've actually moved to Edinburgh now cos it's too pishy in Glenrothes. I recommend youse do the same.
  • ringing stanes north glenrothes
  • Being a Wetherspoons pub selling drink for next to nothing, The Golden Acorn always atracts a lively crowd of beligerent pensioners, the mentally ill and violent "Deliverance" type locals. Also the 'mutton dressed as lamb' has to be seen to be believed. On top of al this, due to the prevalence of single mothers, broken homes and tomcat morality, there is a very good chance that someone will be having sex with a member of there own family every weekend, with and without their knowledge.
  • teh golden Acorn Cheap cheap fight cheep. after being affectivly banned for about 2 months as one of my friends bottled some cunt in there he's back in tho so thats cool or the club (ciswo) which is even cheaper and every night's grab a granny night at the ciswo!!!!
  • Ring O stanes in cadham
  • The Dodgers' Arms (local name for The Golden Acorn). Rothes Arms (Glenrothes' only gay bar).
  • There seems to be little real ale places, only pubs selling 'orrible fizzy stuff. Snooker Club sometimes has some good guest beers though.
  • Friday night is the best night for Glenrothes town centre! Start off with the Golden Acorn for some cheap deals on drinks. Then to the bowling alley for some slammers off Brian Alan -devil! If you are still alive then stumbble to the CISWO for more cheap drink and laugh. Oh, if your drunk enough you might want to go to Apple Jacks, but only if you want to waste money!!!
  • Leslie (practically part of Glenrothes now) has the most pubs per capita in Scotland; the Greenside is a good laugh at the weekends.
  • THE place to get you started is the slammer bar in the loung of the ten-pin bowling alley - late licence til 1am
  • The Burns in Leslie is good - it may be small but the atmosphere is great The CISWO is the place to be at the moment - it is totally mobbed on a Friday - although there are a lot of bairns in

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