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  • fuk al aday with they grahams they were good t u if u were good t them. i thought they were f***ing brilliant toppers oh folk :)
  • I realise that music seems to be the main factor in deciding which group you hang with these days, basically, if you like 50 cent and Scooter I doubt I'll see you with a skateboard (more likely a bukie bottle and a burberry cap and possibly a vauxall corsa...) We should all look on everyone as an indiviual (ok disregard NED's here) I hate the "trendy's , goth's and Skaters". Just chill and get loaded together, we'll have a better laugh.
  • I realise that music seems to be the main factor in deciding which group you hang with these days, basically, if you like 50 cent and Scooter I doubt I'll see you with a skateboard (more likely a bukie bottle and a burberry cap and possibly a vauxall corsa...) We should all look on everyone as an indiviual (ok disregard NED's here) I hate the "trendy's , goth's and Skaters". Just chill and get loaded together, we'll have a better laugh.
  • In 1948 post-war Scotland the Government decided to create a Social Experiment, It took Weedgies, Dundonians Edinbuggers, Fifers and threw them together amongst a maze of conrete and roundabouts and waited almost 60 years to see what would happen, with the interbreeding of these people it created a new and far more terrifying class of ned, a Super Ned which when in its natural environs behaves like a gorilla with itchying powder on its scrotum. This experiement was called Glenrothes or to give it it's local name Glenrotten.
  • So MANY fine Off-Licences selling to the Youngsters... supplying the drunken 14 year-olds with Cider and Alco-Pops to fuel their vandalism and loosen the knicker-elastic to create all those single-mothers and inbred little basta....
  • town park drinking on friday nights!! south flide factorys when you have a few days off skl and want 2 stay up all night!!
  • crystals arena was good for a fecht lol
  • Glenrothes is whack.
  • what can i say, i love glenrothes and id never move, if you live and let live instead of spending all your days pointing out all the undesirables you will end up a bitter, moany old git, try living elsewhere for a while then compare, its only a small town, getting bigger all the time, and getting better also.
  • i like most people slag glenrothes,but i actually love the place when i think about it,your not too far from anywhere,glasgow1 and half hours drive,edinburgh,dundee just over the bridges,the old folk are nippy basterds in the main,seen it all and done it all and all that,but please do visit,especially if your on an exchange from boblingen(arent german girls hot!!)
  • i shat in the bushes in the town park once
  • Well Welcome To Glumrothes Folks. It really never used be half as bad as this. Which all the older generation will tell you. any one who is over 25 years old and who has lived in Glenrothes all their days will even notice a change from them playing as a how kids play today. I am one of the lucky ones as i live in woodside and have done all my days and my family were in woodside before glenrothes came out.How the town is falling apart and has been for a while, is unfortunately glenrothes council do bot know how to run themselves.Yes I know youths seem to be a bit more destructive and vandalise more. yes i know some of you will be saying "old fool", but atleast when i was a young fool we took care. Some folks now have got no pride and some people dont even know what cae and manners are. But when your local government stop giving a makes you wonder why the hell should i. Now as i said earlier i come from woodside and have done all my days and im now an AOP so as you can guess its been a few days. Up until about 5 years ago woodside was kept emmaculate ( well as it can be for a wee town). Even later on if some yobs had been drinking and bottles and so on got smashed, the glass was gone the next glass lays about endlessly. There are paths that go from bighty park to the coos field, now they are just paths with a wood trip and peebles/stones. Since im getting on a bit it had been a few years since i had walked this way. Upon reaching what was in my mind as one of the nicest parts of woodside.....meandering peeble/stone paths, rolling grass hills/mounds, which lead you to the burn, then the river. Upon reaching bighty park, well you could tell that the drink bottles from last month were still lying.Dog poo bins kicked over ( why anyone would risk being cover in dog poo, thought my mentality was getting bad with old age).Another dog poo bin over flowing and bags of poo lying all around it. So set the image in your mind- Standing in a swing park, with broken bits of swings, broken glass twinkling everywhere, dog po bins overflowing and ones that have been kicked over and the craps gone everywhere. Even just 15 years ago the youths had better sense, i am not saying youths of the past and of my time never done anything wrong,infact most of the bad things we got up to in my day were a hell of alot worse than kicking over a poo bin!!! I just dont understand........What i dont understand even less when reaching the peeble/stone bare with me here....well the paths dont really exist anymore. The council our government the people who once prided themselves on looking after and cleaning up their local area. Now these paths have only disapeered within the last 4-5 years, the grass has just been left to grow over them, so when they do come and cut the grass they just end up scattering stones everywhere and probably damaging their lawnmowers. With these paths turing to mud slides in winter and wet weather a local dog walker told me that this area is one of the most common areas for dog walkers in woodside and even markinch.with instant mud when it rains a large area of park which was accessable in wet, snow anything mostly is now cut off all because the council have gone slack and with that so have the general public. So lets go back to the picture we were painting earlier about the park and one of woodsides most rural areas ( id hate to see what the concrete jungle is like). We have a childrens play park with booze and broken glass lying around....Not one rubbish bin is empty either they are overflowin with flys and rubbish, wich some of is porn. Signs of vandalism, kicked over poo bins ( why?!!) , not been emptied poo bins. Abusive and distgusting graffiti wrote on benches. Evidence of fire on the bins, eveidence of fire on an old tree. The burn fool of trolleys and stuff the public have dumped from house hold crap, to garden chemicals!!!! But the part that worries me the most about the picture is the Nursery school at the top of the park!! A massive lack of respect is what people are missing in this town and to you teenagers outt here just now...It wasn,t always like this....there are a few reasons i believe that this happend to the town. Margret thatcher, please i am not meaning to offend with the next one is people having children when they are too young and not fully rsponsible. Having non-concerned council and govertment, the only thing it seems they do have concern about is money. Then the government have the cheek to blame most of the society we live in to do with youth culture and of course the youth get the blame for everything at the park in woodside except the missing paths. But when the government are not exactly leading their future nation forward very well. If the council wont clean up the broken glass as often as they used to and empty the rubbish bins in public places they mightve had a different place to run. Someone told me that you only ever lead with example you have been shown.
  • grew up here left but came back we all slate the place but is the grass really greener
  • its a flee pit
  • I have noticed that many people here don't think we have a train station. I would like to correct that, there IS a train station named Glenrothes Train Station. It's in Thornton though, which, as far as I know comes under Kirkcaldy...
  • Things to Beware: Most Glenrothes folk are very nice, but in recent years the number of junkies has increased. Certain areas are now so over run by them, that everyone has moved out. The flats in tanshall are an example, and I heard that one little boy actually picked up a neddle at the Adventure Park in Tanshall. This is a shame, I love playng there as a child., and its been totally spoilt now
  • I've lived here all my days ... makes you hope you never see your pension day
  • Who are all these morons slagging off the town, why don't they piss off to where they came from then. Maybe where they came from will appreciate their slagging..
  • i dont know
  • gangs are not up 2 much here and the tallent is also kinda rank
  • Macedonia, which is a large housing estate in Glenrothes, is home to more teenage mums, per square metre, than any other area of Britain. It is nicknamed "Pudding Lane" by locals. One street near the Rothes Arms is known as "Shit Street", because all the worst scum in the universe live there. It is wall-to-wall junkies, tattoed arse-holes, and fat slags! Nobody has ever heard of lawnmowers, to judge by the gardens, where the grass grows 3 foot high! All the gardens contain old wheel trims, broken fridges and dog shit, because the lazy slags who live there can't be bothered to get off their arses and walk their mangy dogs.
  • Glenrothes is a dump of a town, where gangs of drunk teenagers roam the streets at night. The only night life consists of one bingo hall. Locals spend all their money on booze, fags and jumbo sausages. When they are not pissed, they are stoned from smoking too many "buckets".
  • Things That You Would Change About The Town: Take the speed bumps off South Parks road -its like a policemans graveyard Open a big nightclub along with a big cinema.

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