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  • UGC recently got bought out by Cineworld, maybe they'll clean it up a bit. Personally, i'd rather go a bit further and go to the Odeon in Cheltenham - a little pricier, but it's worth it for tiered seating so you can actually SEE, and not having to step in chewing gum/popcorn/false teeth on your way in.
  • ugc in glos is pretty cool and the staff are cool too, its better than payin extra to go sumwhere like bristol just for comfyier seats, its usually pretty empty too, once i spent like 9 hours there watchin movies and hangin out, and they do like the wirlds largest coke its like a fukin bucket! u hav to get one if u go
  • UGC Cinema at the Peel centre - 10 minute walk from city centre - 10 a month, min 12 month contract for unlimited films, or the usual prices per film
  • the only large cinema in gloucester is the UGC, which only shows dead commerical crap. The Guildhall is alright for films, but only shows them on certain days of the week and closes for the whole summer holidays...
  • Only one 6 screen cinema in the peel center,which is starting to show its age.A new cinema is due to be built by the docks.
  • Multiplex, Peel centre, end of southgate street.
  • UGC., 10 a month
  • only one but very good at the peel center next to the bowling alley just outside the city center
  • peel center cinema has six screens and has a great surround sound system in 1 of the rooms.Apparently there is going to be another 10 screen cinema built in the new docks development soon
  • Theres going to be a new 10 screen cinema built down by the docks in a few years,why i dont know as 5 minutes up the road by pizza hut theres a 6 screen one which isnt that old either!
  • Theres one in the peel center about 1 mile outside the center which is actually pretty good.
  • The peel center cinema is the only one in Gloucester but it is massive and theres loads of parking available.Its next to the bowling center and also a pizza hut and burger king nearby.
  • guildhall sometimes shows more'different' films and also does more mainstream ones with table seating, special effects and a bar
  • UGC (formally Virgin Cinemas, then formally MGM Cinemas, then formally UCI Cinemas) is the best cinema in the city.
  • the cinema is exellent not bad considering its gloucester
  • peel centre has a cinema though who likes blockbuster moron action films i.e. explosions followed by love interest followed by more explosions and then a blatant titty shot fin!
  • the one near toys r us is good, its got burger king and pizza hut nearby, but the Warner cinema in Cribbs Causeway is SO much betta!!!
  • Guildhall is the "art-house" venue. Worth checking out to see stuff that you wouldn't see at the UGC. The UGC shows the usual Hollywood crap but has an annoying habit of choosing 80% kiddies films (even away from the holidays) and ignoring anyone else.
  • Big dull cinema miles from anywhere. Don't venture down Southgate street at night to get to it without riot gear. Look no-one in the eye.
  • Good site, 10 mins walk from city centre. large car park. Ther is a pizza hut, bowling lanes and burger king very near by.

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