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The Best Things
  • close to the a1 to escape!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • grantham used to be good. Jeff's Club off Castlegate used to be brill in the 60's. Hills and Hollows to play in before they built estates. Along the river before they built estates. Belton Park when you could just go in freely at both ends and wander. Manthorpe fields before houses were built and namby's suddenly thought all the fields belonged to them. and so on ad infinitum. obviously i'm just an old fart!
  • Interesting small special shops
  • Leaving for good and going somewhere I wasn't a pariah was nice.
  • kggs, enpire designer wear,
  • Why the Hills and hollows of course. When ur a kid and you can hide away up there and play games in the big dens. Wow, it's a mega good adventure playground up there - completely free!
  • Skaters
  • Cheap drinks on thursdays. Good live bands like the Karma n the green!
  • lild car park its gud i no loads ov ppl that o down there
  • *looks blank* ummm the train station - the fastest way out!
  • the polite and accomodating...gotta love it.
  • there are not n e good things about grantham !
  • It seems that the sort of people who describe Grantham people as narrowminded and lifeless, are exactly the narrowminded and lifeless type. I suggest if you don't like Grantham People then leave 'cus there are arseholes everywhere. None more in Grantham than Say Hereford or Nottingham...! It just seems that some Grantham people like to slag off the town more than most.
  • The train station (you can get out of Grantham there)
  • the guildhall! all of the parks. oh yeah dysart is gr8 for hiding in and drinking hehe!
  • The train takes you away.
  • Dont think there is any... mm, they sell beer here?
  • Hornsby's inventors of the caterpillar track. Isaac Newton, inventor and mathematician.
  • The A1, the railway station, astral projection. All will get you out of this cess pit.
  • lots of three-sets
  • Grantham is good if you want to go to a pub or buy a house or if you want to go to the bank but thats it really.
  • some of the people, well i mean a few!! the selection of pubs and clubs (good or not), well its better than some places
  • We altetrnatives rule !!!!!! OK!!!!
  • Have to say the playhouse and the fact its so easy to get hold of drugs!!! The tramps, Charcoal Grill, the inbreds from the Earlsfield estate and referring to the drugs point i made, 10 skagheads were arrested on the Earlsfield one night and that is like 2% of the skaghead population in grantham!! People from Portugal come to grantham beacuse of its skag reputation!! F**kin' dodgy!!
  • Have you not listened to what we've been saying? Best thing has got to be the railway station....quickest way out of here! Grantham town football much fun!
  • The very friendly people
  • The ways out... the A1, the A607, the A52, the train station (ahhh, what a place).
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  • The park in the summertime. Oh and There are lots of sexy looking policemen around to assist with the violent pieces of townie filth! And it isn't that far away from Lincoln.
  • EMPIRE CLOTHES SHOP is sooooo coool.
  • empire clothes
  • Grantham isn't far from Nottingham. Don't try and escape before 12 on a Sunday, you'll be stopped by a really Dickensian timetable. Good luck.
  • The people - you might call Grantham people, but they aren't that bad
  • easy access to the A1. escape route for those who realise there is life on the outside.
  • Gotta be da skag again.
  • all of the ovals there are lots and they are pritty to look at
  • sara and william duffy were born in grantham so it can't be all bad.
  • The new Asda, which is applying for 24 hour opening. (The store even broke the law by opening after the official 10 pm closing time.)
  • Great Ponton. A small, scenic village famous for its violin weathervane. Also been known to have had a few funky parties/BBQ's/Piss-ups. I suggest you avoid the line dancing though.
  • Beehive. err. no, thats it.
  • You can drink from the age of 14
  • The view from the balcony at St. Wulframs Church. The number of pubs that can keep beer well.
  • I'm struggling here
  • The Market on Saturdays The escalator in The George Shopping Centre.
  • The Pubs and the fact that there are two girls schools and a boy's boarding school!
  • Jaspers on a thursday night. Nicklbys in the George centre at lunchtime
  • Personally, leaving.
  • Good Friendly Market Town

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