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  • i was brought up in grantham, on belton lane. i had a great childhood. went to girls high school. wandering the fields over the river, going up hills and hollows to sledge, in belton park to cycle and explore, 5 gates for further afield. all the family owned businesses on high street. 6 old pence to go up church steeple, whole days at wymondham park swimming pool - no pools like that now - very springy spring boards, slides, bridges, grass banks, great. best easter fair for miles around. good market. brilliant big old cinema on high street, before it became bingo hall. god, and those nights at jeff's club off castle gate, and loads of good youth clubs. it's all rubbish now. character has gone. new housing estates covering the old places we explored. people chasing you off as the fields are now theirs, so stick to the paths. believe me, grantham used to be fun. now it's crap, but no worse than anywhere else i don't suppose. people think older people are boring, but believe me, we were free to wander, explore, experience, and, as a child of the 60's, all that other stuff too. you don't know what you missed.
  • The Christmas Market (was the Sunday Funday) St Georges Festival
  • If you are thinking of coming to live in Grantham and are not born and bred here, I would not recommend it. I lived in leicester 17 years before my husband and I moved here 2 and a half years ago following the birth of our son. My husband lived here from the age of 7 until he lived with me in Leicester for 5 years, and even he agrees to some extent with my view of the place. There is nothing to do here, the town is going further into the ground, and the council don't care. It's also the most unfriendly place I have ever come across. Leicester was at least multicultural and accepting of outsiders; not so in Grantham - if you're not from here you will not fit in. People have not made an effort to make friends, and I can't even find work here as a distraction from the loneliness. We are planning a move to Leicester as I have never felt so unhappy in my life and miss my friends.
  • I think the police should crack down on smaller crimes and grantham wouldnt have a crap rep. also i think they should open up a youth club. but one sort of like screaming red. so the chavs wouldnt come in :P
  • Let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor.
  • the whole town should be blown up it is a pointless shit hole which you will be trapped in forever if you dont leave for uni or another country. There are plenty of places to get alcohol (even if your underage) to go on your nightly piss up, its easy to get drugs so this makes your nights even more fun and if this doesn't full fill you then im sure you'd easily find some kev to shag.
  • If you are looking for leading designer brands look no further than Design Works in Grantham from cole & son wallpaper to Romo fabrics Through to an unsual piece of art. Wont Flock wallpaper Design Works has it.
  • Grantham. This is Grantham. These are generally the first words you will hear if arriving in this God-forsaken hellhole by train (although Grantham did win "Station of the Year" - medium sized category - in 1998. Get in.) and that cold, dead, faintly sarcastic voice sums it all up. Grantham is a great big boil festering on the A1 that sucks the life out of all those who are misfortunate enough to stumble across it. On the plus side it does give those poor souls who grow up there an excellent grounding in how to consume 11 times your own bodyweight in alcohol, as well as giving you instant kudos if ever you find yourself at her Majesty's pleasure. Basically it's a bit like the womb. I don't mean that it's warm, secure and protective. Oh no. Rather that once you're out, you tend not to go back.
  • I love grantham, it is the most liberal, multi-cultural place i have ever seen. Full of a variety of shops, eating places, quaint cofee shops and the odd good cause charity shop it provides true variety. It is a truly rich town with a facinating history and with an undescribable calibre of people, it offers opputunity and development and is place where everyone can find what they are looking for. I sincerley hope Grantham will remain as it is long after i am gone for future residents to enjoy its eternal glory and take from it the true inspiration i have.
  • A place in utter desolation Grantham is the very end of the earth. Erebus...we have no beiggining, no middle and no end it just is, a place where you are not a person or a number but some irrefutable word wich is yelled at you in the dark of night by some voice that is absent to your memory but rings silently every friday night heard only by the single passer bye who's liver remains intact. My kind fight a hopeless battle...we fight to protect everything decent...literacy,numeracy, sobriety. Pray help us,we are the second class of this place, second of only two. The first are different...burbary presides, they live only to prowl the streets in shiny nova's terrorising helpless passers bye to the soundtrack of there, rap, hop years progress only the soundtrack changes. Pray....i ask you, never come here for it is a dark pace and thow shalt be lost to the outside world forever doomed to live a life wondering the charity shop lined streets...i pray you...heed my warning.
  • the kevs
  • Dont' come here, go somwhere else...please. If it's too late for you and you already here then....i'm sorry. Be vigilant at all times, the unrelenting Shaznay polultion continues it's enroachment on soceity as we speak, their population increasing by the second. Good luck and god speed.
  • Grantham used to have a vegetarian...but they ate him
  • Can I suggest Grantham be nominated as a landfill site for the rest of the UK?
  • well, no matter what time of day it is, it seems that there are always loads of people in town! whether its 9am or 4am!! The college aswell, people put it down but it aint so bad, some decent people there, altho uv gota expect ur share of kevs and sharons there!! nah, the college aint so bad. There are some sound people in town, and if your in evry corner you turn, you will always find someone whose willing to deal abit of draw!!
  • There is a great thing about the citizens or Grantham!!! No one seems to care aboout anything!!! Someone was shot recently and after about a week no one cared and the police gave up!
  • Kevs. Maybe a new concept to those fortunate enough to have never been to Grantham. Undoubtedly in other places they have other names. However, there are more of them, and they are worse in Grantham. They go around in their kappa gear, with their sharons, generally trying to make twats out of themselves 'startin' on unsuspecting people. They start smoking at 8 years old, and always have fags behind their ears, either that or they beg them off strangers! They have a unique language which consists of a normal word followed by a swearword. I think they should be put down. The Isaac Newton Centre. 70s (like the rest of GRantham). Full of old people who hate the world. A lot (not all) of people in Grantham dont actually realise that there is an outside world. Their life revolves around events in the Grantham journal (out every Friday). They probably (maybe) inbreed. They are often very miserable, and asking them to help you isnt advisable. Some of the ppl also smell funny; or maybe that's just the town itself. I cant be too mean to grantham, it's not the worst place in the world (maybe just in England), but there is the really old fashioned mentality there that gets annoying. It needs pulling out of the dark ages.
  • Grantham Eye HARD COPIES available pack of 61 bound A4 Originals £4.00 + post and packing (Anywhere Worldwide) Contact 00 44 1476 570396
  • KGGS year 8 + 9 drama club rocks!
  • grantham has some good bits
  • Grantham doesn't seem to have many nutters about these days. Even Worms has gone quiet. There is an old lady on Avenue road who comes out of her flat and laughs and talks to herself, but that's about it. Perhaps Granthams population has finally accepted the fact that it is totally insane and has mingled into the rest of the nutters.
  • I left Grantham in the late 1980's and recently drove through the town centre for the first time in 12 years. The scale and depth of decline left me breathless. The town is a run down shaddow of its former self. It is a tragedy that reflects poorly on the local authorities. Come on SKDC, Grantham and its fine citizens deserve SO much better!
  • Grantham has been voted the most boring town in England two years running!
  • Looking for relatatives of William Henry Cooling and Elizabeth Massey. Their son, Ernest, came to America in 1910 and is my grandfather. Any information would be nice...thank you.
  • If you fancy a J like most in grantham then the spots to hit are, well, just about anywhere. The only place you cant score is Jaspers and thats cos they are all looking to score of you. The cop shop is not a bad starting point. You can meet and really get to know some of the finest people in there as your guarented that the cops cant catch the wankers and only get the good guys who are to stoned to run away
  • grantham is rubbish
  • fat. fat fat fat. that describes grantham's inhabitants in skin words
  • Lest we forget the attempt to break the world record for the longest Conga Line. Record breakers were there at the fantastic (not) carnival. We didn't even come close! Still Cheryl Baker was there and I got to talk to her and it was on telly. This was the same year when the guest of honour was Mr Blobby - nuff said
  • I've spent 19 years of my life living in grantham, going to it's schools, pubs, clubs etc now I only go back to say hi to my folks and for a drink with my friends. Three years away has taught me not to go back. The years I spent there were ok but seeing what other places have in comparison puts grantham into perspective
  • Personally i think Grantham would be a very nice place if it was´nt for this tory attitude from people who hav´nt really go a clue to what life is about
  • Everyone from Grantham who goes to uni has a capacity to drink more than most others.... even the nerds. Could be because there's sod all else to do there.
  • Is the Grantham Eye still going? The latest update I can find on the site is from 1996. Is there any way to get hard copies?
  • Gravity FM the local community Radio Station. Great when its on. 106.8FM tne in to hear some great presenters especiallly Mike Macrae and Wades World. Paul Anthony stinks but people listen to him for some reason, (he can't though). The worst thing about it is dennis Kay in the Afternoons - Slumber time.
  • Actually, there is something about this place that you learn to love. It's home, but leave before you find yourself rooted to the spot, it has a strange way of magnetising people to it, so you never get a way. And that woud be sad. You'd turn into one of those people who can't even find the A1.
  • People you have to either meet or have to ask about: 1) Jacob Sales (Beehive ask The manager) 2)Peter Hurst 3)Issac Newton 4)Martin Croft 5)Peter Brister
  • Grantham is an open air morgue of which nothing of note has ever been written and where nothing of significance has ever happened, a place of quiet desperation and apathy where it’s inhabitants can fairly be described as embarrassed, patient souls that have accepted their lot and the effects of the five card trick. Grantham's only claim to fame, apart from having more pubs than there are spots on half a dozen sets of dominoes, is being the birthplace of Maggie Thatcher. It was once voted the most boring town in Britain by some long forgotten Radio One disc jockey. Totally bereft of any architectural character the partially boarded up High Street, once the main A1, runs south from a bottleneck reputedly designed by local highwayman in the late 1700’s as a stagecoach trap at the Angel & Royal Hotel to a featureless flat green area known as St Peters Hill which supports two unimposing statues, one of Sir Isaac Newton the other dedicated to some pratt called Tollemache. Facing this green is the most hideous example of Victorian Asylum architecture which is known, euphemistically, as the Guildhall. About a mile away to the west lies the infamous Earlsfield Housing Estate, Grantham premier “no go” area where local police have “given up the ghost” having had rings run-around them by numerous gangs of 9 to 12 year old hardened criminals that rule the area with a rod of iron. Over three quarters of Earlsfield inhabitants, including myself, are either drawing Family Credit, Unemployment/Sick Benefit, fiddling all three or “on the thieve”. The supply of Class A & B drugs in the town is a problem that the authorities have all but given up on and has developed into a thriving “cottage industry” and the rising incidence of multi-blessed one parent families ensures it an ever expanding customer base. It would however surprise the local “snobs” to know that there have been more murders and suicides on the private housing Manthorpe Estate than on all of the council estates put together. Grantham boasts no recreational facilities other than a Bowling Alley and no appreciable effort has ever been expended on the younger element of the population who have taken to the streets with a vengeance. There are numerous small grocers shops licensed to supply the young with a wide variety of alcoholic beverages and the incidence of underage drunkenness in the town is at an all-time high and rising. Editor of the Grantham Eye: Many a true word is attributed in jest. Read the Grantham Eye on:
  • I can name 17 people who I regularly keep in touch with in Australia who left Grantham 'cos it's a hole. Sorry, but it's a dump with boring people.

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