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Hookup Spots
  • The promenade
  • The funny shaped toilets near civic center
  • Behind kings pharmacy
  • too many younguns playing dubstep smoking the happy baccy
  • Cascades toilets smell of shit !!!!
  • Timmy sucks eggs
  • Bath boy johnny
  • Your a complete sop whoever wrote that you have to meet ALL the people from the area and as for slums we can afford anything you can but we make it look better your a div who needs to wake up posh words aint nothing in this world go be a politician where they give a fuck
  • Don't know about you but every single time I drive past Balla's Mini-mart I always see a group of black young lads sitting on the wall playing extremely loud dubstep which isn't too pleasent when picking up my cousins from Skatepark
  • fuckign shit town
  • What a mess the town centre is, a visit to the council tip on the A2 shows a more clean a tidy place
  • Pocahontas (AKA Pokie)
  • We always used to go down to the prom is Gravesend about a 2 minute walk from the town centre, or we would just walk around town as a group and meet outside McDoanlds. None of us causing any problems, not making too much noise and we were just a group of teens having a laugh and making some memories we will never forget.
  • better than london further away from it than dartford
  • i heard i good place to hook up with a prostitute was the corner of slag street
  • we drink pure methylated spirits round the back of the big shithouse until one of us goes blind, then we drink some more until the dole cheque comes. I aspire one day to rise to the rank of Chav.
  • Crap hole of the year, won it 20 years in a row
  • After reading some of these it's quite clear this town is full of council scum retards (translation : aftr readN sum of deez it's quite clr dis twn S ful of council scum retards innit bruv)
  • I wouldnt bother
  • Woodville halls is good... or outside primark... dead in the centre of town
  • screaming skull tattoo studio is owned and run by ken & sue sales, and it was ken who taught jok the basics about tattooing.
  • gravesend town centre is a good spot to hook up wid ur mates and go choring or wateva (easy to chore from, no police presence)
  • well enewer reli. G'send is the playce 2 b at nite no ol pple out deyre inside wit dere doors lockd n bolted coz o da 'yobs'. Just hang out onda streets getting pissed n havin larf. dwn windmill is v. popular n dwn perry.
  • OMG firstly i just wanna say to they guy who moved to DARTFORD u fink gravsends a shit hole well helllllo darlin take a look around ur getto dartford a biga shit hole than gravesend. n all you people who live in gravsend instead of slating the "problem" the homless pikey kid (probably u yrself) do smfin about it. half of u r moaning about wot u yourself admit doing just hanging on street corners. i mean its the people of the town dat make it wot it is. n gravesend iss soooo nt that bad i lived der for 20 yr and havnt had any problems wot so eva !!!!!!
  • Woodlands Park, Windmill Hill, Perry Street, Gravesend Train Station, Echo Square, Woodviles, anywhere in town, Flats along the Riverside
  • Enewere. just go randum places or jst on da roads n get smashed. no1 old grannies say enetin coz they tuked up in beds nt openin the door to the HOOLIGANS lol.
  • we go on street corners nd n e bench we cn fing. if ders empty beer cans nd fag butts weve been der. even wen we cn get in pubs were still goin on da corners da bst bent is in towm near da chippy.
  • I tink dat gravesed aint that bad!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well?????? Go enewere no oldies or goodies2shoes out at nite here. They loked up in dere homes wid dre telis. Go out enewere n ull find sum1 2 hang wid
  • Into Clubbing????? yes........ ok read on, the South East's premier clubbing forum has a rapidly increasing online community built by clubbers for clubbers. Whether you're a clubbing newbie or an old skool veteran there will be something there for you. We have regular meets where we all go out on the town, take a look in our photo gallery, we have many pictures on the site of the girls and guys on nights out at local clubs, eg Amadeus, Air n Breathe, DA1, OHM etc Come and join up and say hi
  • Anywhere but gravesend
  • well the main one was lord street carpark - until they took the benches away lol - H2O IS A SHITEHOLE SO IS THE GROVE AND MOST PLACES IN THE GEE-send area. Pembrooke ok riva bar not bad but stay away from anywhere else unless u want to be stabbed or gang raped...good ole gravesend
  • i hate g.send... da shops der r useless and da ppl der r skans esp thamesveiw skwl dey all getin beats by swanley massive init
  • gravesnd iz a shi* hole.full of lil bum bois dat go 2 thamesveiw skwl n lil slags dat hang around em n admit dat dey big flirts get cheated on n den gt bk wit em nowin der 2nd bst haha ur all dirty dik**s dat need 2 seriously get a lyf n realise swanley wil alwaz b arder n beta dan u iyt!!!!!!!11111
  • woodlands park, perry street(dont go there all da pikeys dwn der)
  • gravesend is the biggest shit hole on the planet all the scum hanging round macdonalds and tescos kids throwing stuff off the mulitistory car parks and all those dirty pikeys and kosovans down the prom its the single mum/slag capital of the world 99.9 % of the worlds gold is probably owned by gravesend pikeys how much can one person wear ? WHAT A SHIT HOLE
  • edroys gaff its da best especially when billie n mel are there they are a great laugh
  • edroys place its da bst n es bird mel is great!!!!!!!!!
  • northfleet is completely shit but there is a particulally place dat is good which is number 14 on fishermans hill (the hive) go there n ask for a boy called edroy (fitten) if u wanna get fucked out ur head on green anynight go there trust! whoever thinks its shit u need your head sorted xxx its da best
  • well, if your lookin for a pimp uve come to the rite place
  • my pimp Ruth's house is pretty kewl, no pikeys there neway. Garden opposite Clarendons alrite, lotsa benches and the pikeys havnt quite discovered it yet...
  • outside mcdonalds, or at perry street bus stop. Every chav in town has punched someone by that bus stop, its like initiation into chavdom
  • Railways tavern on a saturday afternoon before catching the train to football.
  • miracles corner wall bit
  • Badminton place at Northfleet leisure centre
  • Having a sly fag down the Prom..
  • i come from gravesend, and i'm not a traveller, so you can get screwed saying that gravesends a shithole, it's only a shithole when you are so weird/ugly/damn freak that people actually notice what a fucked up twat whoeva wrote this is, don't stereotype people, u dumbfuck, just coz we live in gravesend does not mean we are bad, people who label make me sick
  • bluewater
  • Yo da place to be in the summer is woodlands park..bare kru's down there wid some heavy cars and crossers.Also bare zebba d and and finest green lol.
  • In the entrance to TSB, because you can have a sly slash on the cashpoints........oh they've closed that. In the doorway of Our Price was always great for meeting and intimidation.........oh yeah, closed. Down the prom with some Thunderbirds trying to avoid the mutants of the dark it is then and then meet up with your 'conquest' at the Angelsea Centre mutant entertainment centre. How can you both love a place yet hate almost everything about it?
  • Dog shit alley!
  • Cobham Woods - we like to walk there
  • We feel that the graveyard is the most delightful place to (as you youths say) 'hang'. Just the other day we witnessed a grave robbery in which the stole the gravestone, but were nice enough to leave a bunch of roses (deaD)
  • The graveyard is a lovely (as you youths say) place to hang. Just the other day my friend and I witnessed a grave robbery. They took the head stone but were nice eniugh to leave a bunch of roses (dead)
  • down at cascades on the left hand side is a new sick ramping and grind spot but is deffinatly better for BMXing as the ground is S**T!!!
  • The steps near the Red Lion that come out on the Overcliffe, ah back in day....
  • kings farm estate at the central stores off licence bare pikes patrolled by paddy wagons 23 out 24 hours a day what a nice place it is!
  • AH! CHAV DING BEH! Denton innit bruv! hook up wiv me bitch n sum skag on a bench BRUV! INNIT!
  • Hook up spots? Well let's see... Woodland's Park at 3 in the morning... Windmill Hill... both minutes from where I live... go me.
  • outside asdas on a sataday nite. ok gravesend is shite...but where else do they serve under 18's cheap booze?
  • Cobbam woods if you need to take the dog for a walk. Wink wink!
  • down perry street was always the place 2 be, also mackenzie shops and the dp in de summer gr8 4 avin a session
  • We Love there are so many hidden public toilets where we can hump..(me & VJ that is) We are the Gravesend GAYLORDS man....and we love it yerrrrrrrrr!!!
  • everywhere crap dont cum to india
  • gravesend is bad, a melting pot for the ugliest, dirtiest whores around to mingle with their 'john-boy' pimps who hail from a place dirtier than satans arsecrack- Kings Farm. im sure not all people up there are bad, so i'll reserve judgement until i get my stereo back from whoever stole it (unless it wasnt already sold for crack)
  • well mackenzie shop, the dp (doggy park) by the AEI club in kings farm is the place to be in the summa with out a dout!
  • Valley Drive at the bk of the shops down the alley, where they spoke stuff and drink, end up being suck all ove da roads and need 2 be carried home coz they cant walk, the crew LR KB JESS LUCIE RICKARD JOHN
  • That small wooded bit beside The Woodlands Pub and St. Thomass on that tiny wall.
  • northfleet beach. The best.
  • mackenzie shops is the place to go or doggy park by kings farm and dont 4get windmill hill
  • u grungers suk dik,ino gravesends shit but if u dont like it just fuk oof to skate island or summit gay like dat.
  • Gravesend is the pikee capital of the country - it used to be a nice place but it has "changed" due to SOME of the people that live there. Shame on you - you know who you are! I could even give a pretty good guess at what you're wearing right now! Its a whole "breed" of people - sickening
  • FUDU
  • tennison walk
  • rugby club
  • rugby club
  • The Pocock because it's cheap, and boring so you fuck off after one round and go to the Troc or Ryans bar.
  • agreed on everything that's written about Gravesend, I too live in Denton, the gaes of hell :P
  • Well windmill hill is always a good spot, but my friends and I used to hang around the prom and jump into the closed bit at night.. When funfair on that was ok. If not then we used to walk around in town, sit outside maccy d's and to be known asda's was an alright friday night too! ROFL!
  • After getting a kicking in this hole of a town where I live, I penned a little Sinatra-esque ditty for my pikey attackers: Start telling the neds, and all I don't want no more of it, Gravesend, Gravesend I'm gonna burn their Escorts and crap sportswear And their King's Farm hovels, oh Gravesend, Gravesend I wanna wake up in a town that don't smell bad Find there's no more old slags, that smell of chip fat These little town pikeys in baseball caps Could never hold down a job, in old Gravesend You pikeys should be fenced in, with Special Brew and gin So screw you, Gravesend, Gravesend Gravesend, Gravesend I want to wake up in a town that always fights And find I'm wearing cheap gold, burning car tyres, A complete waste of space, scum of the earth... These little town gippos, outside McDonalds Ain't got the brains to see sense in old Gravesend With their sovereign rings and tattoos, sniffing glue and cheap booze Oh just f*** off, Gravesend, Gravesend
  • Outside of AMF bowling with your biatches.... 9th March 2003....
  • The shops at Riverview Park! Why do kids always hang around up there by the brick wall?!! What is so appealing about a brick wall??!!
  • If you want pikey infestations: woodvilles, outside maccy d's, amadeus, kings farm... well actually everywhere? If you don't want pikey infestations: be very careful, stay at home, change your name, start learning key vocabulary - "a'right bruv?" "e's proper buff" "owz u?" "innit" "wi'id (wicked)"
  • Perry wasn't the place 2 be until the perry perishers brought it to life with fights every friday, fit boys and the birds are a class of there own. They must have put a few more pigs in a job as thier always down there. Biggin up fountain walk boys and the red lion holds a few fittens. Captain's the boy to be with not the catalog crew.
  • kings farm, generally the whole estate!!!
  • woodlands park in the early hours of the morning being sure to take cover from police , any where you can sit and look threating
  • me and me mates spent a lot of time in some woods at the back of the admiral beuty the woods are not there any more a housing estate was built on it same goes for the pub
  • mad jacks is still a favourite haunt and the millers cottage is still a pube free zone but northfleet train station is the main baboon hang out. ps i still live in this shit pit of aplace so feel free to slag it off as often as possible
  • Windmill hill...dats alrite untill pikeys cum up der n wanna fight u! idiots!
  • Luckily for me I didn't move to Gravesend until I was 17 (and even then I left at aged 20) - my mates were in Dartford so thats where I went - wouldn't be seen in Gravesend - its a dead shitehole for the pikey population!!
  • Maybe it was outside Bobs stores in Chalk, or down the Gordon field, then there was the old Shell Garage before it burnt down.. oops. Then that new bench outside the parish hall by the bottle banks and chalk park for a bit of lovin'.
  • Webby's The bench At The Top Of Winmill Street
  • 4 of the main ookups me and my mates meet 1,prom: uge supa waxed conrcete barria 2,woolworths :the best ookup spot 3,anglesey center carpak :specia feature 4,woodville halls :best thing there are the 3 stair sets, a 2 set, 4 set with a slope on the side, uge 7 set, best thing ive seen there is some one 360 flip it.
  • Windmill Hill, woodland's park, anywhere with a shopping parade.
  • most of the kids hang around macdonalds or by their local shops
  • The Livingstone shops on Valley Drive is definately the best place to buy a couple of bottles of white lightning, pick up a 30-odd year old man and pass out. Mind you, you do have to watch out for pikeys starting fights. At all times the best place to get pissed.
  • well gravesend as always been a memorable place for me when visiting. the prom was nice in 2000 very quiet the place has changed but the city was not that rowdy maybe i went around with my eyes shut
  • lordstreet full of little pikeis smoking ciggerettes they stole of there fat pregnant mums
  • the cider park (woodlands park), this park is now called the cider park, due to 6 very heavy drinkin lads. rs jf ji ah sh pw
  • Windmill Hill, The prom, Deneholm road shops, Church alley, Chase alley. Many memories of having sneaky cigarettes and drinking sessions around these places.
  • Outside Maccie Ds or by the train station
  • The Perry Grill is the place to be!
  • i always used to hang around woodland park, and the prom when i was a younger teenager.. alot of child molesters were at the prom tho
  • Fleetway Youth Club...Yeah quite bollocks! But the one at Northfleet Church was the business
  • Windmill Hill still rules for sex, drugs, rock n roll, speed and weed and birth control! Otherwise its still Cascades carpark and skating ramp or now at Cygnets too. Woodlands Park during the day if you wanna get chatted up by oikes or if you are looking for the pikeys go down the prom with a bottle of White Lightening and no doubt someone will be there in a flash.
  • Windmill hill i should know i used to go with my friends.
  • Benches, fields, u name em-I've been there!!
  • wicked - i is been mostly hangin around by the venue in the car park, smokin odd stuff. you is be catchin me there most evenins wiv ma biatches.
  • St.Patricks Gardens, the field on Winchester Crescent, Cascades-Rivermount (Just off of Valley Drive)-valley drive bench (near da phone boxes)Yeah bruv!! I had a good larf at all of em and been drunk at ever1 of em-I won't go ito that one though!!-lol
  • central stores kings farm offie
  • woolworths was always the best place to meet,followed by the millers cotage for a drink.In those days( 75/76)that was about the only place to get a drink at 16.It seems now that any pub lets in 13 year olds and bouncers are on all the doors.
  • The Red lion steps, full of wanky little oikes and slappers, some of the younger birds ain't bad, they don't say no much. but then the cellar bar is shut so there
  • hmmmmmm.... it seems that the bench outside Maccys D's is particularly popular at the moment......
  • the prom....... you cant go to gravesend without walking along the prom and meeting a drunk old man and the infamous group of pikies and chavs...........what more could you want from a hang out spot??
  • hello,SORT IT OUT!4 Godsake pikies everywhere get a grip!
  • The spined midi ramp at the top of perry street (next to Sprints).
  • Well I met some really old school friends on the wall outside St.Georges church while waiting for the bus.
  • Er...not much choice really! The prom, mcdonalds was always a fav and youth clubs are extinct now arn't they?
  • Woolworths ,always was always will be
  • The skateboard ramp at cascades is the best ever.
  • Best place=cascades
  • Well if it's whores your looking for - Harbour Street. Numerous amounts of slags with knee high boots and short PVC skirts. Heaven - NOT.
  • Down the prom for a quick shmol or off down to the off license for a huge bootle of Omega cider.
  • Outside woolworths is a place full of adolescent memories, many of them waiting for people to turn up. It's better than MacD's bcos you can shelter in the doorway when it rains.
  • everyone used to doss round riverview shops,no doubt they still do
  • The usual places, Outside Maccy D's, the bench at Perry street, outside the shops at Lion garage is one that's not been mentioned yet. Basically, anywhere they can.
  • the bench at the top of perry street, takes me back. Lots of girls waiting to be picked up.
  • Bench outside the Railway Tavern
  • The young gangs hang around Riverview Park shops and all the streets late at night. Who knows what they get up to!
  • Everyone always seems to meet outside Macdonalds, good as it is in the centre of town, but nearby bentches are alwys full of bird's crap.
  • The Railway Station \(or maybe that's just me !)
  • The bench outside MacDonalds seems to be popular these days.
  • windmill hill...wot can i say? the best chip-scoffin, hooch-drinkin, pub-dreamin, virginity-losin site of my growing up xperience!
  • The Warren on Valley Drive - Many a time I sat up there with my mates and a few bottles of White Lightning.

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