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  • Save The Bakery! I hear it could go the same way as The Fir Tree.
  • If they say they won't serve you, just whip out ya tits gals, or give a free blowie - the plebs behind the bars don't usually get much action so every little helps. o|-<
  • Remember playing Pinball (Demolition man or the Flintstones) in the B & H end in the Unicorn, many a hazy time was had
  • THE BAKERY INN in malvern link best pub in the town. Great atmosphere, wicked!
  • Nags Head - Bathams Beer - nuff said.
  • The Vaults is now a strip joint, alright.... giggidy, giggidy, giggidy!
  • Get down to The Bluebell Pub in Malvern, if you ask Shaggy real nice he'll give you one for the road, if you know what I mean... Also you can get propa focked there maaaaaaaaaate....
  • The Nag's Head is now by far the best boozer in Malvern - usually a good selection of fit barmaids and real ales. Beware - they do employ bouncers on weekend nights!
  • The Unicorn has now dropped its image of an old mans pub and attracts the local public school girls, who love the fact the bar-men are hot. It may be a little more expensive, but at least you don't get stared out by the bar-staff like in the red-lion. Speaking of the red lion, even if you look 90, take some ID. They seem to get a power rush by asking for it.
  • The vaults is one of the better ones!! If you are over 18 avoid the cross (kindergarten) keys, minors served only!
  • Go up town on a pub crawl going from the volts,morgan,red lion, unicord and then finish up in Ollies for the extra drinking time. Also, playing pool is fun when pissed up.
  • The lamb rocks. The landlord is a character!
  • the wyche, eric 0045 (the landlord) is the don, happy hour 1.30 a pint, who could complain.
  • If you like waiting 40 minutes for a sandwich & being told it is your fault it took so long by masculine manageress - try the Red Lion in Malvern
  • 1. Nags Head Rules 2. Red Lion 3. Three HOurseshoew
  • Olivers has only one thing going for it and that is the manager he is fit as ****! So its worth a visit just to check out the talent.
  • Olivers " fresh faced ", Unicorn " two faced ", Red Lion " watch out or you'll get a fist in your face ", Morgan " i haven't seen your face before ", Don Pedos " thank god finally a face ", Nags Head " hard faced ", The Cross Keys " look at the cheek of ya " DSB
  • The Morgan - love the jukebox selection and theres a pool table and the best place for watching live footy. the wyche is also great usually friendly and everyone knows people from college
  • the unicorn-good place if you like a friendly atmoshpere,staff are hard working,family run pub-GREAT FAMILY-v.friendly,people seem to be intelligent in there+if ur underage-HAHA no chance,landlordi does not let minors get served 4alcohol-sorry-try don pedros!the unicorn has a reasonable sized tv,clean,2 lovely warm fires,great food at even greater prices+fun machines!
  • i like don pedros for under age drinkingb
  • Plough and Harrow, fit staff and good locals - although one of the owners is a _______(use your imagination)
  • The Lamb up in West Malvern is the place to be. Great people, great atmosphere, great everything! The Jam on a Thursady night is Class! you will never find me anywhere ells!
  • The best pub in Malvern by a mile is The Cross Keys in Belmont rd. Good, honest, no nonsense landlord and landlady with great entertainment every week. Go there but leave any attitude at home!!
  • get down to don peds innit? Get focked off a 2.40 pint then select busted on the jukebox, fockin banging down there innit??
  • Fockin' Red Lion, they sell beer... Don ped's - innit? Big tv and shit.. ollies - twattish bouncers... Unicorn - old man hang out Bolly and Bass - fair enough great malvern hotel - dont focking like students... great shakes - nice table...
  • Olivers, red lion
  • Just been in Malvern over holiday weekend, and having found the Nag's Head first time by accident, went out of my way to pay a second visit, before going to catch my train home. Wish the Nags was my local. Excellent range of beers, good pint reasonable priced, friendly service and pleasant atmosphere. I got into conversation with a couple of regulars straightaway - something you could take ages to do in some parts of the country. Intelligent and good-humoured chat around. And had my first taste of Banana Bread Beer! (I'll try anything once, but this time I tried it twice) Newspaper rack handy too - with quality papers. Like to keep abreast of current affairs. (and there's no bar in my local library) Like I say, wish this pub was my local - any chance of setting up a branch of the Nags in north-west London? (Thanks guv, I'll look forward to drinks on the house next time I'm in Malvern - :-) )
  • yes the wyche
  • Ollies (Olivers) is quite simnply the best pub in the land, with it's comfortable sofas at the far end by the poo, table, all set for chillin on aaturday afternoon, b4 heading home, and getting ready to hit Ollies again for when the action really hots up. Often followed by a trip to the dubious lighthouse club. Hot ass from Malvern college as well....and I went there!
  • wyche
  • Red Lion is ok. Ollies is bearable. Morgan is a dive.
  • Ollies Don Pedros (was known as Scallywags) Red Lion The Morgan
  • Well i live quest hills rd in the link and i have a pub at the top and bottomom of my road there arnt loads but there is quite a few.
  • There is no such thing as freshed faced crowds in any pub in Malvern
  • olivers and the red lion are the only decent pubs to visit.
  • Olivers is the best pub in malvern. Why? because i go there
  • BILLIONS. That's the one thing Malvern has lots of is pubs, you're spoilt for choice.
  • The Cavalry Arms Mamby Rd. under new management from 5th Feb , will be closed around 2 weeks later for 4 weeks for a full refurb . Come along and visit us . ......... Suggs & Nicky
  • The Morgan, Olivers where all the private school girls hang out, like Zena,Amy,Holly,Vicky!
  • Well for a boring and uneventful nite out there's always-'Olivers'-along the Gt.Malvern High St on a wednesday nite, where the booze is too expensive, never enough tables and you get bored fast-(but the barman's cute!)
  • The Cavalry Arms at the end of Manby Road
  • SCALLYWAGS BAR & RESTURANT its being revamped v.soon it'll be wicked!!!
  • Olivers of course
  • Millions.
  • Foley Hotel (top of town)
  • Unicorn (top of town) Mount Pleasant Hotel (top of town)
  • Great Malvern Hotel (Graham Road)
  • Brewers Arms (West Malvern)
  • Railway (Malvern Wells)
  • Chase (Colwall Chase)
  • Malvern Hills Hotel (British Camp)
  • The Unicorn - Busy but fun The Nags Head - bit like a kitchen but ok on a Saturday Scallywags - newest bar in Malvern Red Lion Brewers Arms The Star, Cowleigh Road - a good honest to goodness pub with no-nonsense landlord The Lamb
  • - Unicorn (town centre) Busy. All life is here (which may or may not be a good thing). - Foley Arms (accross road from the above) older, bizarre mix of folk, some live music. - Red Lion (up hill on right from Unicorn) Used to be youth pub, now a bit less. Still Packed Thur-Sat. - The Morgan (Worcester Road, towards Link Top) The clientelle look young. VERY young. Of COURSE they are all over 18, and the Local police would never turn a blind eye to 14 year old regulars. - The Wyche (almost on the top of the Hills on road to Colwall) Snug, atmospheric, haunt of Witches. Apparently.

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