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  • time bar is now called inc bar
  • Greenwich Park Bar and Grill (ex The Gloucester) The latest new pub to open in Greenwich is the Greenwich Park Bar and Grill, which is perfectly sited outside the gates to the park. Its location will probably ensure its success but what a wasted opportunity it is. The bar/grill itself has been designed in a sort of beige minimalism - which will probably appeal to fans of airport lounges or mid 90's council offices but didn't do much for me. The bar has a very limited selection that, on my visit, was presided over by an astonishingly disinterested staff. A major disappointment
  • The Cutty Sark is under new management in time for the inevitable summer crowds
  • The Microbrewery - Blackheath... expected a small bar and found it is like the tardis inside. Has a industrial-type interior where presmuably they brew their own brand of lager/beer on site, and a decent food list. My other half had a vat of mussels bigger than she is, and I had a superb large pizza which stuffed me proper. Not as pretentious as I thought it might be.
  • The Greenwich Inn, check it out on a Sunday night normally has a guy playing a twelve string and somtimes people joining in (other guitars n singers n stuff). Very informal but some real talent.
  • Vanbrugh has been refurbed, new manager and that, went in the other day and found that the atmoshere has already lifted, still early days though. Also why no mention of the Pilot? quite close to north greenwich station and does a great sunday roast! friendly local folk too so get yaselves down there
  • Hardy's in trafalgar road. best Guinness outside Dublin.
  • I can't believe no ones mentioned the Spanish Gallion opposite Goddards pie shop. Get yourself a few pints of Hurlimanns in there!
  • Greenwich Union on Royal Hill, nice raspberry beer, but its too damn SMOKY in there. The Yacht is lovely wiv nice views of the river too.
  • The Admiral Hardy used to be an ace pub, with its island bar, pews and real ale, but it underwent a refurb in mid 2001, losing the central bar and now incorporating a delicatessen (!) nextdoor; its food is now pricier and more pretentious, and the pub now attracts more tourists than it used to do as a cozy town centre boozer. Although not exactly in Greenwich, the Royal Standard (Blackheath Standard) was refurbished in summer 2002, losing some grimy charm but replacing it with things like clean carpets, comfortable sofas and the like. Most dramatic change is that it is now branded as a "bar and pizzeria", with (very palatable) pizzas made to order and ready usually within 10-15 minutes - forget remembering your table order, you get a great mobile buzzer thing that tells you when your nosh is ready. Also check out the 'double bed' - a HUUUUGE leather seat near the pool table. A pub to avoid: The Vanbrugh Tavern (off Vanbrugh Hill, near Westcombe Park station). Billed as a friendly local, the landlord/lady and bar staff have, in the main, been anything but friendly, being almost always grumpy and uptight. Now, I don't mind having children in a pub garden, but near the bar of this pub is a sign that practically threatens you with a banning order if your children do so much as speak loudly or walk without asking permission first.
  • The Cutty Sark pub overlooking the river is a great pub, 'specially in the summer. Sitting in the upstairs bay window watching the sun set over the Thames is an experience hard to rival in London. The landlady's a bit over the top in false friendliness (Please stop greeting me like a long lost brother, and I know my jokes aren't funny - there's no need to laugh so hard your spleen is in danger. It's not convincing), but if that's the only drawback then it must be a top boozer.
  • the north pole good pub laugh at the barman's terrible cheesy chat up lines would be actor we guessed
  • Greenwiich's most civil pub: Admiral Hardys Staring head barman 'Paul' with his famous self-styled sideburns.
  • Time Bar - Sunday night especially. Not as good as it used to be but still the best place in Greenwich for music and general vibes. Has a remarkably good male/female ratio (if you're a bloke).
  • The Cricketers is the world's greatest pub, bar none. A proper, unspoiled, old fashioned boozer without a hint of pine in the decor or foie gras on the lunch menu. Friendly and unpretentious, with a fantastic folk night on a Tuesday. And the landlord has a bouffant, an identity bracelet and his name is Vince. He's not some kid straight out of management school determined to take as much money as possible in as short a time as possible. And his wife is a statuesque blonde who works behind the bar. It's pub perfection, and its name is The Cricketers. And Brains Bitter's only 1.60 a pint.
  • Admiral Hardy! Amazing pub... check it out if you can!!!
  • Very cool new bar in heart of Greenwich 'TIME', beautifully renovated x-music hall, on the corner of the craft market. Look at the furniture and the art
  • The Crown is good, Real Ales and good pub grub. The Hare and Billet is a lovely free house with interesting beer and a friendly landlord/landlady, avoid if you don't like smoking - it gets like bonfire night by mid evening. The Princess of Wales remains enduringly, and bafflingly, popular - it is only really for you if you are under 18 with a penchant for wide wheeled ford escorts.
  • The Coach & Horses in the Market is good, lots of events and very friendly staff. Sometimes music. The Gloucester Tavern, just by the park entrance, is a famous gay venue, entertainment Thursday through Sunday (mixed crowd) The Auctioneers has loads of games, bit trendy however
  • Trafalgar is pub of the year. Also Cutty Sark. Both with river views. Plume of Feathers if you want something more local. Plenty more to choose from. Greenwich is a very convivial place.
  • Try 'The Gypsie Moth' for a good pub, or 'The Cricketers', which has local amateur musicians playing folk music every Tuesday night.

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