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Hookup Spots
  • guildforbefore Terror Mcdonald hey was in Faircoft children home cobam 85/86 she ended up in oaks working were point make prize 4 sh*t shave shower
  • I don't got no idea bout gilfid but i need some gud times gud times spent talkin wid mates bout hookers and thieves. That's what I'm saying. No harlots and burglars should be infecting my neighbourhood with their shady dealerships, no please. I had a half brother by the name of James. Looking like a rate big sand monkey, She comes here looking rate hunky, "I've been working out, and I need the truth, would you rather mate with me or Ruth?" And so I said the thing which was no lie, I said "look at me, you big old pork pie, I love all your bunions and big sweaty nuts, I'd rather love you than that big sweaty slut" Yeah. Cunt.
  • Definitely my mate Jane's house.
  • Totes the best plaice is a fish, but the best place is the High Street. Loadsa skanky women and chocolit shops.
  • c42t
  • Go to Tubby Land in summer, if you want a smoke etc. People are quite clicky, so dont be suprised if someone tells you to p!ss off. 'Nightlife' for the underage includes 'Secret Place' & of course the river. Daytime, a quick smoke, go to tokers alley. If you can find it! Carparks, watch out for 'contact security' they make hourly visits to each. Anyway... really do pop down... we'll most definatley take the piss outta ya!
  • pepper-pot in godalming
  • Okay well ... back in the day it was always Spectrum Fri/Sat nites ... with our skates as cover for our foolish parents we'd then be off into the benches in the wooded bit in the middle of Stoke park to drink and smoke the nite away. Sat days were normally spent in Racks close, the river or castle grounds just lazing around smoking safe in the knowledge that our parents would NEVER go there! St Catherines is good for a laugh ... tradition was that on the last day of school everyone would go to the 'golden banks' get drunk and jump of the bridge... I don't recommend it .. you just get cold, wet, ruin your clothes on the sand, have a headache in the morning and probably ingest a lot of rat p!ss in the process.
  • for teenagersish:: if you're a chav: have a good old gander at the magic circle, just outside woolies, although it's mostly crowded with 'scene/emo' kids nowadays. plantation cafe is a good place for meeting friends, if you're a teenager that is. TUBBY LAND is the place to go for a smoke, loads of people up there, always, especially in summer & yer that girl 'bubble' shes ariggt, all that gang are usually there . SECRET PLACE by the road on the way to the river up the steps, punks, scenekids, losers, grungers, altertative kids hang out there on fridays & saturday nights...or did it get busted? well its worth a look. the kids down there are quite an 'elite' group though, quite a tight gang of people, erm might tell you where to stick it. coffee culture is another ace place to hang around, nice coffee and its out of the way on one of the passeges to north st from the high st. tokers alley is a arrigh place to go for a smoke, through a tiny alley on north st. its quite secluded but its good to have an excuse on you just incase, if you get me!!
  • the secret place is the best.. you can spend hours exploring it with your friends when drunk!
  • Just sighted the Bearded Lady waiting at crossing opposite M&S (Wed 20 th April) - had to stop car and wind window down to get a good look - no make up this time just a ring in the knose ! what a sight ! I had to get my wife to peer over to get a full look - it or what loved us having a look ! it loved it ! the last time I saw this being was waiting for a bus opposite the Cathederal in Chichester West Sussex. Sat on a ebnch with the yellow hair and lond yellow beard- bright red lipo and big blue eye shadow -leaopard skin coat -shirt-bair legs and hob nail boots - waiting for a bus ? I DON'T THINK !
  • out side gap and opposite boots. We call it 'the sign'. we are signholders you see and most deffinatly celebs!
  • anywhere away from the bloody pigs trying to bust dealers, tubby's ur best bet.
  • the graveyard. by tubbyland.
  • The 'Magic Circle' down by the Friary centre
  • guildford skatepark
  • The Guildford Space Needle is a popular "jive-spot" for the young ladies and gentlemen of the area. On a clear day it is possible to see as far as Cumbria and the Ivory Coast. You can partake of fine meals from the rotating Little Chef restaurant and after 8 most evenings there is a trendy discoteque in the base section. All in all a fun place to "groove" whether with your parents or otherwise.
  • the three pigs is shit, the managment dont shag to good either. beers to expensive. go to bar med instead
  • I don't know if this is still the place, but the spiritual home of guildford youth culture used to be "the circle",near the Burger King - a real melting pot, a place where a fourteen year old public school boy could buy a piece of rubber at twelve pounds fifty an eigth from Pete, everybody's friend, who stole it from WH Smith, five minutes before. Learning the trade, this lad could, hypothetically, go on to sell a pebble taken from the decorative flora of the McDonalds as a quarter, at the very same place. Good times..... Also, under the Clock on new years eve, where, no matter how ugly you are, you can pull something. Note; this also used to go for Bojangles - I'm not sure if its more classy now
  • the river on friday nites, bandstand if its raining on saturdays and tubby if its sunny - its where the stoners can be found:)
  • Starbucks roxs... buy urself a cuppa a chill for a few hours and also a great meeting point.
  • The G-Town Thrash Centre. All ages gigs are the way forward.
  • TUBBYLAND! got this well fit girl called Jen Ward, also known as Bubble...shes georgeus, well worth going to tubby for.....hardcore smokers can be found giggling and muching and smokin in tubby every saturday in summer :)
  • Racks Close, Guildford. The entrance to the secret caves of Guildford is there, except that the entrance has now been filled with earth, so it's not visible now. In the 60's my mates and I used to bash down the wooden door and explore the caves. Scared the shit out of us one day when part of the roof fell in!
  • castle gardens in the summer, the flowers almost make you go blind they are so bright
  • the friary is by far the best place cos it has everything in it and its all together so u dont have to walk alot to get wat u want
  • I suppose nowaday skaters meet up at the stairsets just a few yards away from ollies, but theres loads of places really
  • Well.... Theres always the place outside burger king where the man with the twig in his back shouts at you.... could be fun
  • The area with the benches by the Civic Hall
  • stoke park is a good place in summer but it's usually pissin' down with rain in guildford. A new place to hang out is backline studios (at the bottom of the farnham road car park) oh yeh and also plantation is good~ish RIKI Lowther
  • the spectrums usually full of excitable minors and other sporty energetic people. the plantation cafe of course is a classic grab a milkshake (they do the best mint choc-chip there) and outside the odeon is top banana...
  • if you are'nt very good but just wanna have fun near the skate park theres a nice hill it leads from the road above stoke park to the skate park
  • Pewsey down at the top of town - up in the clouds !! Great place to drink and watch the world go by.
  • defanatly down the river on a saturday afternoon after the hangover with a nice spliff or 2 then off to park street off licence near by for a drink and see who comes along..
  • Hoook up spot... that would be by the train station or in the INFAMOUS cirle.. just outside the friary, means that Burger King AND WOOLIES and the cash point are all in small walking distance. Join the circle for all the college crew from Godalming, Alton, Farnham, RGS, Royal, St Catherines.. you name the college/Sixth form... your there!
  • Down by the river
  • The mount. Amazing how many roached rizla packets u can spot.....
  • the castle grounds,loads a fit peeps,loadsa lafs loadsa peeps around friday and saturday come join in
  • Drinking is illegal on the streets and hang-outs spots in G'ford, so I guess that just means anti-drinking-sign-removal will replace drinking as a new Friday night hobbie...
  • London Rd station is full of 11 - 18 yr olds after 4 o'clock so try that for a bit of interest.It's also nr the skate park (about 5mins walk).
  • I spend a lot of time round Castle Gardens but with mates and stuff we just hand round town - Stoke Fields housing area is great though - kidies playground has this great roundabout that makes you so sick if you go on it - may sound a little childish but way fun!
  • The CAstle grounds
  • When i was in my early teens the friary shopping centre and bus station were the places to hang out. We would be there allllllll day and then some. Sad or what then it changed to Colours snooker bar which is above Leapale Road car park, a good place to go to just chill and meet with friends etc, have to pay membership but that's only 10 a year last time i was there.!! And the Mount!!
  • The Royal British Legion on Northway is fantastic for eighteenth birthday parties. There is lots of cheap beer and old people dancing.
  • What is the purpose of all the people who seem to get up in the morning and go to the bandstand at the end of friary street, seem to spend their whole day there trying to be intimidating and then go home to bed only to do the same thing the next day.
  • ok, Teletubby Land (Racks Close) closes at dusk, but after that everyone there goes to the 'Secret Place' which is just back along the road, the entrance is just before the hedges on the right side of the road. Goths punks skaters freaks- everyone goes there on a Fri/Sat nite
  • I suppose the crappy benches at the bottom of the high street where you can go and SMOKE!!!! wow.
  • Im waiting for the first multiple car slaying of the pissed idiots outside Bar Med
  • Plantation Cafe, opposite Route One, on saterday after 12am is a good bet for skaters. The 'circle' seating area thingy opposite the Friary shopping mall.
  • down the river on fridays and saturdays you will find many a person completely fucked off their heads talking about all kinds of stuff....anyway...pop down and we'll take the piss outta ya!
  • Definitely down by the river opposite The Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, its mellow man, kick back and have a few beers by the weir
  • Outside the Spectrum on Friday night's, don't worry about being able to skate, don't even take your skates, just turn up with the biggest group of mates you can find, a bottle of beer, and you will be accepted. (This usually only happens in summer when it's warm enough to stand outside all night.) And another thing, Plantation Cafe, for 14-25 yr olds, only for the brave and stoned skaters on Friday nights, but otherwise it is OK, Saturday day, Saturday night, in fact any other time apart from Friday night. In Market Street, very easy to miss, but signposted at the side
  • The benches in between Argos and Cullens at the top of the High Street (look out for the pissed 15-year old "lads" mingling with the elderly drunks on their way back from McDonald's).
  • At the station, around 11 o'clock Saturdays/Sundays.
  • You irritating little trendies in your stupid huge bombers, why do you hang around stations all the time? I mean, why not on the tracks instead?
  • The only place to go is either the river, the quarry (behind McDonalds kinda), or go to racks close by the castle grounds. Take four cans of super and then after drinking them go skating. I've been doing this for 5 years now and it's great.
  • The bench outside Holy Trinity church or Racks close if you want to meet some cool, friendly and usually pissed teenage punk.

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