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Cheap Food
  • My mum makes amazing creamy pasta
  • The Uni bar did cheap tasty meals when I was last there.
  • Fish and chip shop on Madrid Road is now a Thai takeaway. Looks very popular. Sandwich shop on madrid road opens early till 4pm ish, monday to friday and also does good salads. staff friendly and helpful.
  • nah cheap does not exist in guildford
  • Oh my God, I've found a fantastic new kebab shop (Diamond kebabs). It's at the back of the station and they do the best kebabs and burgers. Their mint & garlic sauce is to die for! Forget the rest, this is the best!
  • Oh my God, I've found a fantastic new kebab shop (Diamond kebabs). It's at the back of the station and they do the best kebabs and burgers. Their mint & garlic sauce is to die for! Forget the rest, this is the best!
  • Tesco's ha to be the cheapest, near the Uni, its about 2.50. You can help yourself, and I always do, to whatever, and despite the screaming kids, the food ain't bad, mmmmmmm love those hash browns.. Otherwise the kebab shop does a mean homous kebab for 2.20, they usually put too much onion in it, so tell them not to, and they might not.
  • wetherspoons does a few 2 for 1 meals which are nice,
  • Fai Kee, 01483 564464, 21 Woodbridge Hill, Guildford GU2 9AA, Best chinese food in town, cheap as well. They will talk you into buying a box of Oolong tea from that famous Sea Dyke brand but at 20p a box its worth it. Steaming. You can also request translation into/from random chinese words here. Merrow Dynasty, good value indian restaurant on Merrow, opposite the Horse and groom.
  • Plant sells chips pizza sarnies etc for under a quid! cheepskates always comune ther for sum grub!
  • everywhere - cant walk 100m without seeing 1
  • Thai Terrace ...........yummy! Mata Hari (new and nice, named after an Amsterdam whore, but never the less....good food)
  • hot wok express in the friary cos mc donalds etc is skanky...i mean 'mc sperm supreme' yes thats what the white stuff is lol.
  • Chicken Doner Kebab, homemade garlic sauce with full salad and pickled chilli's the ultimate takeaway feast - tasty, filling and healthy. Top of town past Mac D's and KFC, right hand fork at roundabout then pull in left before BSM.Stays open well late, 3am I think, does chips and burgers too but hey that chicken doner is so good, even if you are sober !
  • The Royal Fish Bar is dreadfull. Refried chips and old fish. AVOID!!
  • Thai food at The White Lyon in Worplesdon, Full a la carte menu in the restaurant, Thai buffet in the bar Tuesday - Sat from 6.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m which at 7.50 for as much as you can eat is great, or they do a Take away service as well!
  • Amalfis has closed and is now a great english restaurant Simply Simons. There is no mexican in Guildford any more. Wagamamas recently opened - a great Japanese noodle place for quick food.
  • the bakers!
  • Edwards - Avoid, these people are absolutly diabolical
  • the king of burgers provides munchie food for every1
  • yellow river cafe - fantastic bar centro - wkd, cheap and cheerful the weyside - gorgeous in the summer
  • Ken Homs near the castle nicely spicey
  • never buy food in guildford if u want to live to tell the tale
  • Wetherspoons food is well nice!!!! Eat there - it's cheap too!
  • ZINFANDEL, FISH!, all the CHINESE restaurants
  • pizza express cos its quite classy and up-market
  • Burger king Macdonalds*2 (the one in the friary is really good) pizza hut
  • Pizza Hut Dominos Pizza MacDonalds (double cheeseburgers 99p!)
  • Mcdonalds, burger (as usual) ... Greggs sandwich take away thingy is great and great prices (opposite burger king in town)RIKI Lowther
  • YEap - bombay spice is a class Indian.
  • Bar Centro does great Italian food, not too cheap but you get a big plateful. If you're looking for a good breakfast then make your way to Finnegan's Wake near Guildford College as their breakfasts are probably the best in Guildford! Wetherspoons is also good for food although not when it is heaving on a Friday/Saturday night
  • Sainsburys, High Street sell food
  • There is literally every kind of food u could want and more and there are always new restaraunts popping up.
  • Loads - just go to Macky Dees (MacDonalds) or BK (Burger King)!
  • The Jolly Farmer in Bramley (5 miles on the A281 from Guildford towards Horsham) Prices are a bit dear, but the food is awesome and on HUGE plates.
  • Indian: Stoke Road, Woodbridge Hill, Aldershot Rd etc etc
  • 'Phone 01483 577677 for Yu Pong, a great Chinese takeaway.
  • Mind for The Guildford fisherman who can almost guareentee is in KFC at the end of everyday, Kebab's from the shop opposite the old odeon are cheep and cheerful after a good night out but if you can get there Godalming Kebab is the best!! Pizza Express is great esp the waiters!! (tim we love ya)!!! apart from that the rest are fairly average!!
  • cafe de paris, cafe rouge, cafe uno, pizza express, bar med ....
  • Top Food: Kebabs and more from the little takeaway opposite Bojanglez, and the Bombay Spice Indian restaurant on North Street.
  • Fast (Mediumly speedy?) Food:
    • Upper High St = Pizza Express, Perfect Pizza, MacDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken.
    • Lower High St = PizzaLand
    • North St = Pizza Hut, Burger King (rad set of three nearby)
    • Friary Centre = Various things on top floor
    • Off North St = Temptations
    • West side of Gyratory = Fish & Chips
  • Out of centre
    • Stoke Rd = fish & Chips
    • Woodbridge Rd = Dominos Pizza, Woodbridge cafe
    • Stoughton = Seafare fish & chips
    • Burpham = Seafare fish & chips
    • Madrid Rd = Fish & chips
    • Ladymead = Burger King
    • Nocturnal Woodbridge Road/Ladymead = Three kebab vans!
  • Slow food: Many various in town centre including English, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Thai and a stack of Indians for those curry lovers.
  • The Bombay Spice (Bombay Sizzly is fantastic), Mandarin (Classy Chinese), Rum Wong (Great Thai), Amalfi (Cheap and cheerful Italian). Best bargain Pang's Lodge in Elstead - (midweek) big 3 course meal for £7.50.
  • A good student place is the Goshan two doors down from the Bombay Spice as it does 10% off for students seven days a week (for cash). Also on Woodbridge road is a excellent Chinese take away but I can't remember what it is called. Chinese - Bamboo Gardens - Guildford Park Road is ecellent Also have two chippys on this Road, Ocean Delight fish bar (top rate - opens till 12.30 next to the rear entrance to the station and another one not as good but bigger. Bottom of old Palace Road (next to the Astolat) is a One Stop that opens till 12.00 and has a licence.
  • You can't beat a kebab from the shop opposite where the old Odeon used to be.
  • have your chance to get chucked out of the roof gardens at the friary for not having any food in front of you....then get done for chucking tea bags over the side.....plantation cafe rocks even though it a christian place they play pretty cool music and cheap food....
  • TGI Friday's has just opened on North Street and I bet that's good for a giggle.

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