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Demolish It Now Building in Guildford, Surrey*

Places that need to be levelled

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Demolish It Now Building
  • The school.
  • friary centre
  • The new House of Frazer building, mingin.
  • edwards
  • pikey flats, all of them... non evacuated..
  • the police station mwwwwaaahhhahahahaha (evil laugh)
  • er, tormead skl
  • FOUNDERS!was a morgue, still has body bath in toilet and leaks.
  • Cathedral - ugly hideous eyesore !
  • Friary Centre!! Its ruined Guildford
  • The Drink nightclub, its red, its ugly and its far too expensive and poncey. And what IS that flashing sign all about?
  • Edwards - with it's staff inside
  • anywhere with pikeys......g4d wud be so much better without them
  • Scruffy Murphy's and the idiots in it.
  • about the whole of guilford???? no? ok wel the people in it???
  • this cow's house by the entrance to tubby by the stairs...she called the police on us once and we got a quart taken
  • Less the building more the town. It's to damn steep!
  • Civic Hall - how ugly is that - concrete monstocity
  • The office buildings around the central ring road, the ugly railway station and bus station.... Guildford's public transport facilities desperately need modernising.
  • the gap shop
  • Demolish the whole town
  • Cullens...Expensive, Mingin Staff and generally shite!
  • Two tall blocks of council flats near the bottom of The Mount
  • Bojangaz night club - ideally with all the bouncers in it.
  • Yvonne Arnold, its ugly.
  • BO's
  • The Police Station in Guildford is pretty ugly
  • Whoeva sed pul up da cobbles in da hi st wants 2 shut their moufs. There is nufin rong wid em tha is wot helps 2 keep guildfords charicta!!!!!!!!!!!
  • guildford county school is the worst newhere
  • Too late - they already have! (old squatter building)
  • Everything on woodbridge road that isnt a pub.
  • Yates- Fave haunt of all the plebs of Gullf. The infamous Gypsy bridge on the A3 (Hogs back flyover) it is allegedly cursed as it was built on gypsy land, the thing keeps being re-built and no matter what it still always needs repairs.
  • The five storey building at the Guildford Tec
  • Syndenham Road Cark Park now gone and not soon enough! Friary Bus station needs to be flattened and start again, Guildford Police Station!!!
  • plantation cafebecause now its full of annoying little try-hards and loud mouth sluts
  • Not really a building but I think they should PULL UP THE COBBLES ON THE HIGH STREET. The cobbles certainly do not suit the style of the town. Bricks or Tarmac would be much better, not so dated looking and easier to walk up. The Friary Centre The Spectrum Leisure Centre Woolworths - absolutely pointless.Poor selection of music, sweets & gardening tools.
  • The Castle - it's just in the way and a car park would be much more useful!!! Also, the Guildhall Clock looks dangerous and out of date. Let's have a digital display for the millennium that you can see from the other end of the High Street.
  • Guildford College, full of pikies who can't find anything better to do than walk around Guildford looking for fights they can't finish.
  • Yvonne Arnaud Theatre
  • The National Grid building which is the most ugly thing in the world, and looks even worse now it's falling into disrepair.
  • Carpark by Holy Trinity- and whoooo!! It has been demolished!!!
  • Sydenham Road Carpark BUT IT IS BEING FLATTENED ! hoorah.
  • All the shops that sell puffa jackets...
  • Dance 2 records gary land
  • Slagamuffins Nightclub

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