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Buskers, Street Entertainers
  • John the cronically depressed psychopath, he's such a character :D
  • Neil - brilliant busker on High St usually.
  • There's some pretty decent old skool tramps in Guildford, and a decent array of chilled out alternative people who are generally all friendly.
  • The bearded lady of guildford, no one else can come close
  • There used to be an elderly gentleman who used to walk Guildford Town centre pulling a shopping trolly behind him his coat was done up with string and if it was wet he would have carrier bags covering his feet where has he gone does any one no?
  • Theres loads of them. The singers & fat men with obscure musical instruments are the worst. Get your ear plugs out r better still, run. Before they harrass you for change.
  • yea the bum outside mac d's
  • The Smear Army used to drink in the Quarry.
  • The Bearded Lady - She just kinda drifts round the town lookin wierd... She wears a Pat Butcher-esque leopard print coat (classic!), and she has a full on beard...! Seriously, most men would have trouble growing such a dence bush! She's definately a woman too, she sat down next to me and my mate amd said hi... She's really creepy, I got a bit paranoid she was gonna turn on me and start knawing on my leg or somethin!!!
  • Theres 'Special Branch' a tramp who is rarely seen without a bit of tree or bush in his hand/on his back, spends a lot of time talking to his shoe. Theres the bearded lady who wears a leopardprint coat and has a proper santa beard Also occasionally you'll see a goose wandering up Market St following some bloke ... odd place Guildford
  • 'THE BEARDED LADY'!!!! is a must see, she is a legend, usually sitting outside ST.SAVIOURS church. gotta see her - guildford legend. FUN FOR ALL THE FAMILY!!!! rofl
  • the bearded lady! has anyone seen her? does anyone know anything about her? random old woman with a massive santa claus type beard, thick blue makeup and huge fur coat that wanders around town all the time.. amazing..
  • the guy with the twig sticking out his jacket. havnt seen him for a while. the local fuzz know him as "special branch". FACT
  • Guy with the long hair who sits in the debenhams underpass, or outside the bank opposite sainsburys when the guy with the hat nicks his spot in the underpass. We like him.
  • definatly signholders. Guildford would be boring without them. the suncream fights, cellotape incedents and hobnob eating contests... we have to be put on the list!! Oh also Tinkerbell, who has been moved out of Surrey for his own protection. We miss you Tinkerbell... BITE ME IM JUICY!!
  • THE BEARDED LADY OF GUILDFORD! and the woman of Condor Court who talks to the grass.
  • THE BEARDED LADY!!! aka Valerie. shes really cool!! and offers harry goodwin sims and lou frodsham CHOCOLATE!!! and has a mate called JACK
  • The scary bearded lady who wears a really attractive leopard print coat and bright red lipstick and talks in an extremely high pitched voice. She actually has a full white beard! Likes to stare at people. Also the 'Idea Tramp' who sat outside Burger King with a lightbulb on his head which lit up when he exclaimed that he had an idea..great kid.
  • sometimes by the magic circle in guildford, there is a man with a pants looking monkey. pretend you're about to put money in then slap it and run off.
  • hehehe the dude with the twigs and the creepy dude with the army jacket who smells like kitty litter - he sits on the benches by the circle
  • the guy with the twigs
  • The weird, possibly blind man who stands waving a stick and has the loudest whistle you have ever heard - he stands whistling songs whilst swaying around. However, he has also been spotted in Chester, which is five hours on the train from Guildford. He is a mystery....
  • Sometimes there's a blind guy that whistles and I can't help but join in! The people that dance up and down the High Street on May Day and times like that are weird, it's like volunteering for public humiliation! The drunks sitting on various public benches around the town have like a 5 metre radius around them which no-one enters.
  • A well tanned chap that plays a violin with backing music across the road from Sainsbury's
  • The drunks that always haunt Friary Passage (in between Woolworths and Courts), infamous for starting at least one fight per week! Usually sorted out by the nice Security Guards at Woolies!
  • guildford usually has people wearing colourful rugs playing didgereedoos to draw your attention away from the scenery. theres always some weirdo bashing away so watch out. get the earplugs at the ready...
  • Usually there is someone in the underground, probably a starving musio from the Uni..
  • under woolworths
  • look out for the bloke with the harmonica, he's been around longer than i know.
  • The best street entertainment in Guildford is:- NODDY!!! This guy is pure class. Just get him talkin, take the piss a bit, then sit back and listen as he tells u about his father's killer cows, which he is just about to cycle home, collect and then herd back into the town centre to eat u. Oh, yeah, also ask him what the fastest car in the world is.....
  • the 'puppet guy' sits outside burger king with puppets on his feet,usually drunk !! Always something going on on the high st on a saturday but it's usually more annoying the entertaining.
  • Watch out for 'Special Branch', the wierd guy with the sock puppets and the tyre round his neck. Usually outside BK.
  • Ex TV funnyman Bob Carolgees can be seen busking in the High Street most days, if he hasn't been moved on. He is often accompanied by his one-time canine chum, Spit the Dog.
  • The man outside burger king with the puppets on his feet and his twigs. The woman with the lucky heather!!!
  • talk to Tommy who sits outside Burger King!! He rocks!!
  • Usually have a five piece South American pipes and guitar on High Street (Saturday). Often a 4/5 piece string classical bunch High Street (Saturday). Occasional steel band (well one chap with one drum - but he is good). A mad guy from Romania that sings (usually to himself) in Romanian An even madder guy with some sock puppet and a branch usually outside BK on North Street - don't ask what he does cos I ain't got a clue.
  • Is that old refugee chap still about? Somedays he was Bosnian, others he was Romanian. He sang really irratating songs and people paid him to go away. A few weeks ago when it was sunny the High Street was crammed with string quartets and people with bins for drums.
  • Crustie that always sits outside burger king. Does various drink induced amusing things such as wearing car tyres, putting hand puppets on his feet, shouting at the polis, and puking up.
  • check out debahnams underpass for some stuff and opp. dixons near the circle. i'll be playing there sometimes. just ask for dave and then give me some money.....

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