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Skateboarding Spots
  • skate park is closed they should be building a new one in april 2012, magic 3 is still good as its about 5 set high, uni if you dont skate it during exam time and dont stay still too long and frankie and bennys handrail is good if your at that leval
  • Outside the electric theatre, although theres 'no skate' signs all over one area
  • The skate park. You can pick up there too.
  • behind weatherspoons godalming
  • back of the Lido/Stoke Park always seems busy!
  • I feel so sorry for the young skaters today...back in the day we had the best skate park in the country..if any of you don;t know where it used to be ..just look behind the cricket pitches at the end of the woodbridge road. It was massive and we even had visits from Tony Alva and Jay Adams...and what happened? They filled it in and made it a coach park...oh well at least some of us had a few good years of skating ...
  • I miss the YMCA; Top of Farnham Rd. carpark is good; the uni & GTech are fine. Most people head to Pompey now; Closer & better are Woking skatepark for practice; W.Byfleet's new Healthcare centre & surroundings are drawing in a lot of people now (especially the car park on top of Woolies).
  • on stoke park
  • stone circel
  • the debanams 10, pear drop near tunsgate
  • if anyone knows where the magic circl is (by woolies) theres a loading bay..if you go in there its a skateboard heaven!!
  • The skate park on Stoke Park
  • systems - at the end of station car park nice gap
  • farnham road
  • you can not skate at unis as they call police on you and dont mind getting nicked so no good now to use
  • Epsom road, by row of shops. Next to safeways garage. There's a nice big 3 set, a 'flat bank' sort of thing and some other stuff. Go when the shops are shut otherwise they have a go at you.
  • Farnham road carpark, near the train station. level 11. unreliable but fun curbs. Take lots of wax. Guildford tec, near skatepark - variety of 3 steps, Guildford uni. security high, but just keep moving on. big campus to explore. Banks, steps - from 3 to 15 ish. Law court handrails. not that good. near the defunct Guildford warehouse RIP. Variety of banks nearby.
  • near the lido
  • the sk8 park in stoke park
  • In Guildford, it just needs to be updated - there IS a skate park now and it's by the Lido. I went to Rampage (skating comp) in July there and it wos really cool.
  • the park behind the colledge. it now has new business and is the best park in the area
  • guildford skate park. Hay, its the year 2002 and the skatepark has been improved, its massive! it has six or more flatbanks, a rythm section, a mini, about six quarters and ones vert, a pyramid
  • if you are'nt very good but just wanna have fun near the skate park theres a nice hill it leads from the road above stoke park to the skate park
  • Loads - the centre of guildford is good for that..
  • There should be a single place for all the skaters to do there 'little tricks and grinds' and this is on a live railway track. Nuff said!
  • Nice 6 set at the Electric Theatre. Park, obviously. And the uni has some good runs in it (especially at the student village, but they get the hump after a while)
  • Y.M (C.A), magic circle
  • Nowhere - Guildford is pants for this sort of thing! Aggghhh!
  • go down the high street and to the new-ish HSBC cash dispenser behing comet (I think) there is a small undercover car park with loads of curbs and stuff, which is nice if you're crap, like some people.
  • man, the park is still here, but now it is re-surfaced, and has a sick mini. also, there are minimal fruit booters, whick kicks ass.
  • Guildford is not good, but the new skatepark is up and running, with a flatbank, quarter pipe, cool mini ramp and a fun box little grind rails etc. I gets very full espeacially Friday nights and all day Saturday. Try up by the civic hall it's not grwat but there's some steps, curbs and If your feeling up to it some handrails.
  • Don't know since they stopped the skaters using the spot down by the YMCA by putting up tsll railings everywhere.
  • They're moving the ramps by the lido to the other side of Stoke Park with a decent surface and extra ramps. Due to be completed in April '99.
  • There is currently [summer 96] a petition going around to campaign for a skate park. Please sign it.
  • I have lived in Guildford for all of my life and have been skating there for about eight years. Cool places to skate are around the University where in the carparks you can find some cool grindy banks, and behind the Friary bus station where there are a collection of sweet banks that can be ground to your heart's content and Ollied between.
  • Also The Tec with three levels of steps, Farnham Road car park (indoors) with a big slidy curb, Burger King steps and the University.
  • Guildford's skate history includes an amazing concrete park in the seventies, and an indoor ramp/club type thing in the eighties (on the same site), but both were very short-lived.
  • Try going to London Road station if you're not that good. It's a great place to practice.
  • The protest for a sk8 park worked!!! Over the '98 summer they out up a park with lots of goodies behind the college. Its still going there but they moved it to a shit surfaced bit and squashed it together :( The circle outside the Friary has 1 1/2 inch rails and lots of different steps. North Street is good for some quick runs on a weekday night... its pretty step and has the circle at the bottom.
  • down at the circle where woolworths is and guildford tech at stoke park..
  • I see phreaks hanging out by the train station skating and opposite the Midland bank at the bottom of the high street

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