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Trelawney estate Hackney by Roger Woods (Member 10116913) on 5-Jul-2018
I used to live at 168 10th floor middle block.1961-1971.
Trying to find old friends.
Irene Ward
Lesley Rider
Andy Larimer
David F... more >>
  • Re: Trelawney estate Hackney by Roger Woods (Member 10116913) on 5-Jul-2018
    Andy Latimer .
    Irene Ward!!

  • Re: Trelawney estate Hackney by Roger Woods (Member 10116913) on 5-Jul-2018
    Lesley Ruder

Linda (nee) Young by barrie buck (Member 10315862) on 19-Sep-2017
I am looking for a Linda (nee) young,who lived at the bottom of Roman RD ,near the match box factory .she lived in a prefab.she had a brother called Charlie who died rather young from asthma.I knew this ladies 50 years ago,and always wondered what happened to here if any one can help please get in touch (barriebuck123@yahoo.co.uk   
Sandringham road e8 Hackney by David Jackson (Member 10308286) on 26-May-2017
Hi all, did anyone go to shackelwell school and Hackney downs secondary school and lived in amhurst road or sandringham road in the 70s or 80s and remembers st marks rise church or the vicarage.   
Looking for lost friends by Linda Ellis (Member 10304207) on 24-Mar-2016
I went to Lauriston Primary from 1959 - 1965.
Would like to get in touch with old school friends, particularly Suzanne Howard, Jenny McCann
Hackney Free and Parochial School J Club 1950's by Dave Townsend (Member 10298773) on 18-Jan-2015
Hello everyone,

Anybody remember the J Club at Hackney Free in the 1950's?
Held on a Wednesday evening in the school assembly hall.
Different band each week, I was in a school band that played there
Started out as Ricky Mogg's and the... more >>
  • Re: Hackney Free and Parochial School J Club 1950's by cjb (Member 10097797) on 20-Jun-2015
    Remember the place well but it was in the early 60's when I went. Groups on a Wednesday night and the 'Clubhouse' Monday and Friday nights' I can vaguely remember the fella who ran the place, think his name was Wolf ? Happy days.

  • Re: Hackney Free and Parochial School J Club 1950's by Dave Osborn (Member 10303783) on 4-Mar-2016
    Yeh. I remember Ricky Mogs and the Hellcats with their version of Jack the Ripper as Mogsy ripped the sausages out of Linda Daines.Alan Taylor on lead, Terry Goodman on Drums but best of all Dave Osborn on Rythmn.

Free SIA Door Supervisor training and licence for the unemployed in Hackney by gema (Member 10291061) on 18-Jul-2014
We're offering free training courses for unemployed people on benefits.


You are responsible for protecting the public you interact with the public, work flexible hours and are responible for the safetly of others. But these jobs require a certain level of training and a licence to pr... more >>
Dennis Andries/Edith Cavell School by matthew bozeat (Member 10293244) on 23-May-2014
I'm a journalist and am currently researching for a book about the world champion boxer Dennis Andries from Hackney. I've read on websites that he went to Edith Cavell School and wondered if anyone knew if this was right or if they have any memories of him.
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Authorised D... more >>
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CARON YARDLEY by ben (Member 10280037) on 16-Nov-2012
I am desperately seeking an old friend whom I'm extremely worried about. I lost contact about two years ago.
If anyone knows CARON YARDLEY, who used to live in Essex & London, please please ask her to call my parents phone number.
Many thanks,
looking for a pub name.....Morning Lane by Sue (Member 10279905) on 12-Nov-2012

Im looking for the name of the pub that was at the bottom of Ponsford Street leading on to Morning Lane. Can recall there being one in the late 50's early 60's...remember seeing loads of motor bikes outside so might have been a bikers pub.

Anyone out there have any clues as to the name.
  • Re: looking for a pub name.....Morning Lane by cjb (Member 10097797) on 20-Jun-2015
    Was that the place that reopened as a Silk Screen Printers ?

  • Re: looking for a pub name.....Morning Lane by Susan (Member 10301488) on 3-Sep-2015

    Could the pub you enquired about be the Bridge House Tavern? Hope this helps

  • Re: looking for a pub name.....Morning Lane by Maureen Andrews (Member 10301504) on 18-Sep-2015
    The pub at the bottom of Ponsford Street (known to me as Bridge Street) was The Duchess. It was just on the bend opposite the flats in Morning Lane.

East End Childhood 1960's by Rose Dempsey (Member 10179826) on 29-Apr-2012
https://www.facebook.com/groups/131048057106/ group on Facebook. Come on over and share your memories:) Can also post "looking fors" for people you knew in the 60's.   
  • Re: East End Childhood 1960's by Marilyn Owen (Member 10277788) on 1-Sep-2012

    I would like to trace two childhood friends and wonder if anyone can help. I went to Shacklewell Lane Primary School 1957 to 1962 and had a best friend called Jane Woby who later went to Dalston County Secondary School (grammar) but I lost contact completely when I left Hackney.

    The other friend I would like to trace is Adenike Adekoya (very common names in Nigeria!) who was my dearest f... more >>

Trying to find Sidney Amer by Lezley (Member 10265799) on 25-Feb-2012
Trying to find Sidney Amer who was living at 128 Barrowgate Road Chiswick in the late 60s early 70s.
We have been informed that he may be living in the Hackney area. If anybody knows him could they please tell him that Reg, Sue, Jean and all his other old friends are trying to find him.
Thanks Lesley
Win pet prizes for Christmas in our FREE small forum competition! by petsadvice (Member 10257026) on 15-Nov-2011
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Royal Signals by Rose Dempsey (Member 10179826) on 15-Oct-2011
Does anyone have any idea what regiment a Hackney resident would have gone into in 1939/1940 if they enlisted and ended up in the Royal Signals?   
King and Scarborough's, Kingsland Rd by Rose Dempsey (Member 10179826) on 15-Oct-2011
This was a timber yard on the canal, does anyone remember it or have any pics? My granpop worked there in the 1950's   
Need help, Arcola Street by Rose Dempsey (Member 10179826) on 13-Oct-2011
Hey everyone, does anybody live near Arcola Street? I just traced my grandfather's family on the 1911 census, and googled the address they were at, looks like the street still exists (Millers Avenue) but that it is more or less a gated passageway now. Wanted to verify if that was indeed Millers Avenue and if it is, see if someone could take some digital pics down there of number 29 (or if that's a... more >>   
old friends by Derek (Member 10131999) on 4-Sep-2011
does anyone know the whereabouts of anyone who went to BELMONT SCHOOL   
decorator,laminate floor fitter hackney ,dalston,custom house by Bobby Conway (Member 10261480) on 3-Jun-2011
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Hackney Free & Parochial C/E Secondary peeps 1964 starters by Sue Holloway (Member 10252445) on 28-Sep-2010
Hi Guys,

Am trying to locate the following people that started HF & P Secondary school back in 1964 or anyone else that isnt on the list for that matter the more the merrier.

Susan Clayton
Dian... more >>
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