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Hookup Spots
  • Outside the 'tube' :)
  • halifax is shite
  • Everybody meets in eorges Square
  • The Piece Hall is where all the 'Dark Side' hang out, skaters, emos, "Moshers", s, accepted chavs, , punk, rockers, and litterally odd people! It may not sound like much but its loads of fun, to just chill with your dudes after school, waiting for the clubs to open.
  • the peice hall is now a ""mosha/emo" hotspot, chavland is McD's and the arcades
  • {DAF RECORDS}In the piece hall halifax is a grate hook up spot if u like 2 hear good music as u wate 4 ur mates .Frendly staff and top records n cds 4 sale.
  • alot of people meet outside mcdonalds its in the centre of town easy and u cant get lost. not even tourists.
  • The Moor, aka Saville Park. KIngs Cross, Tesco's at Aachen Way, Woolshops, the library, Southgate shopping street.
  • The moshers by the bus station beat up chavs. remeber support your local moshers. Who have geek support and remember kids geeks carry knives.
  • the acca is a shit hole. Heaths as been taken over by a fat homophobic cow. if i was you i woulndt even venture into halifax for a nite out go to leeds and by the way flares is now called club nemassis and is full of chavs and wankers oh sorry chavs are wankers
  • Massive taxi que outside Premier or Ziggys around 3 am Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun nights
  • Everyone my age (12/13/14) meets outside mac donalds , da bus station shop or outside the libary , but all the sk8er'z r outside the lbary be carefull you dont get knocked down !
  • Ryans at bus station usually n sumtimes coffee culture
  • It has to be outside maccy ds
  • halifax is fucking magic you cunts, stop dissin it or i'll come round, kill ur family an friends an burn your legs off.
  • in halifax watchout for dickheads with caps dangling of their head and think their solid
  • the local school kids round the bus station and the usual random fields and schools oh and asda.
  • it seems that thae sadistic "moshers" chill outside the bus station now. cool. (not). do they not have homes. y would u rather spend your time in a bus station than home??
  • Best place is round the woolshops on the benches its the bisyit place in halifax wenever you go...don't bother going on sundays theres no1 there!!!!
  • the bin in stand B2 of halifax bus station...magic!
  • George's Square
  • mcdonalds..
  • Outside the Bus station or McDonalds
  • Got to be waiting under shelter of Georges Square Toilets!!
  • The bus station after about 5 (when schools are out, the just hang about), and McD's at the weekend.
  • Piecehall bandstand, bus station, outside library
  • i used to meet my mates next to halifax library, on the fountain thing and watch all the skaters. but that was when i was 13/14.
  • If you want to catch a sneaky slapper - try the dodgy bus station across from Northgate House!
  • 9pm outsdie of crown house, top end of halifax. catching all of the telephone workers on their way to the bus station. all those ladies are up for it!
  • 10 year olds outside mcdonalds everyone else in a pub
  • EVERYONE meets outside mcdonalds or the bus station
  • underneath north bridge
  • The bus station and outside the library always has little boys trying to be hard
  • People in Halifax have an un natural obsession with public telephone boxes, most youngsters under the age of 16 will meet around one at least once a week.
  • North Bridge Leisure Centre has become the new hook-up spot. Best time is Sunday at about 1PM
  • Outside the bus station (all the time, lots of skateboarding
  • the barracks
  • The Central Library about 7pm on Mondays and Wednesdays and about 1 pm on a Sunday. No skating on a Saturday: too busy.
  • Try Maggies, Plummit Line, Maine Street.
  • Outside M & S on a Saturday afternoon.

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