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Clubs (Dance Music) and Music Bars
  • Ginglik!!! i can't believe it has not been mentioned. At first glance a shoddy public toilet style entrance but don't judge a book by its cover, inside is a trendy underground bar with electronic and underground DJs, movie nights and comedy nights, its the place to be in Shepherds Bush Green.
  • Whiskey Blue on Fridays is the best night in West London. The best line up and the most happiest people on the planet will be found there.
  • Rumours - under Premier West Hotel. Secrets for low-end lapdancing.
  • Rumours below the Premier West Hotel. Word is you can get lucky there.
  • On a Thursday night there is a bar/pub called Whiskey Blue on Glenthorne Rd Hammersmith that has a DJ who plays 11pm - 2pm. House music etc. He has only just started up but its worth a look.
  • La Palais or Hammersmith Palais used to be "the" super club of the south of England in it's time early and pre nineties. Following a bad few years in which the legendary club struggled to fill it's huge interiour with clubbers it closed down (what you would expect from anywhere being despirate enough to put on Dr. Fox!). It re-opened under new owners Leopard Clubs, in which it proberly managed to about half fill the venue at best. Now silent partners to Leopard Clubs at the time - "Po Na Na" have taken over and named the venue Po Na Na Hammersmith - although everyone still calls it Hammersmith Palais! It has been refitted (all be it on the cheap side) to a kind of arabian look and feel. Friday night's are a club night and Saturday's sees Po Na Na Hammersmith host the highly successful - where the dress code is strictly school uniform. Every Saturday is a sell out with the huge club full to capacity once more every weekend - get there very early as there are only about 300 tickets on the door and the que was way down the road past the police station! Pre book online to ensure getting in as you don't want to be stuck around Hammersmith in a school uniform if you can't get in!
  • Leopard Lounge - arse
  • Hammersmtih Palais has re-launched under the name Po Na Na Hammersmith. It's undergone major refurbishment and now has a Bedouin style layout, which creates an exotic atmosphere. School Disco has a regular Saturday night spot, which sees Hammersmith packed with adults in school uniform and Friday nights there are regular PA's ranging from Gabrielle to Artful Dodger. Definately worth a visit if you haven't been since the re-launch!
  • The Leopard Lounge has now been demolished.
  • Shepherd's Bush Empire occasionally hosts dance nights such as Eu4ria and Progression sessions although it seems to be almost impossible to find any info or promotion for these events. They do not even have a web site! I guess the only way is to phone the box office.
  • The Palais has now re-opened
  • Miro's on North End Road is a typical sloany-type club full of daddy's girls; useful for a late-night drink though, as it's open until midnight or 2am most nights.
  • If clubbing's your thing, then there's nowt in Hammersmith.
  • Not enough, the main one is Le Palais (the club formally known as The Hammersmith Palais).
  • Worst place is Le Paalais, a really crap "nightclub" :)
  • The Orange at West Kensington.
  • Le Palais in now closed - No good (or bad) clubs left in Hammersmith - umless you count Rumours!
  • Leopard Lounge - full of spoilt sloaney rich types spending daddy's trust fund. Does good 70's nite on a Thursday Rosies - seedy late licence pub with a dance floor + live bands (love it) Crazy Larrys - down by Chelsea Harbour, complete meat market, you would have difficulty not pulling here

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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