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Cringing Cult of Celebrity
  • Rachel Stevens, Mel C, Emma Bunton, The Girls Aloud flats, Ashley Cole, Ben Adams
  • Thierry Henry!
  • freddie Ljunburg lives at 41 maresfield gdns nextdoor to the ravishing pussy galore bird cant think of her name.......shes still gorgeous at 70
  • John Le Carre the author, aka Hugh Cornwell, lives off Well Walk. Peter York, the style guru and author of the Sloane Ranger books, has a place on Arkwright road. Bill Oddie lives somewhere in Hampstead - I often dee him on the High Street. I stood behind Helena Bonham-Carter wating for my turkey one Christmas at Steels, the butchers on Flask Walk. Bob Hoskins (who lives Belsize Park) is often to be seen out ab about in Hampstead, as is Jamie and Jools Oliver plus kids, since they live opposite the Hollybush pub. I once stood in line behind Jools in The Foodhall - all Met Club card and long legs - very interesting, up close. John Alderton and his actress wife (can't remember her name) live on Reddington road, as does John Conte - all three are often to be seen buying their papers from the newsagent just up from the camare shop on Heath street.
  • Steve (T.Rex) Took did live in Hampstead but not at the time he died and he didn't O.D. He choked on a cocktail cherry of all things. His web site is
  • I shared a table outside the Coffee Cup with Jon Moss of Culture Club. He asked me the time. In the long-lost Farqharsons I sat at an adjoining table to...gulp...Jeremy Beadle and another time with Annie Lennox and more than once with the, regretfully, late Michael Gothard. In the Dome, in the early 90's sat at an adjoining table to Peter Cook. Also, saw him in Cyrano's (now Zen NW3) in the 70's. Often used to see him in the street in several decades...or is that decaydes? He sadly looked worse for wear in his latter years.
  • I used to have a friend who lived in what is now Boy George's house. In fact Boy George bought it off my friends father. I think he bought it off Marty Feldman. Anyway, it was a nice place for a party. Surprisingly cosy considering its gothic appearance.
  • sid and nancey stayed at 13 luton terrace in 77 when i was there with dee ranged. in the chemical years, also keith levine, jasper conran, mick ronson, the slits, infact alsorts. remember steve took, he lived there before he oded etc, etc, anyone remember those times is lucky to be alive.. that guy from hawkwind also.. panic in needle park.. the fridge vicious threw out of the top of one of the old workhouse flats.. oh yeah he killed a cat his way as the song goes...then there was the hot summer and all the sulphate melted...
  • John Keats. the greaterst poet to ever live. possibly
  • The artsist referred to above as "Bronco".....surely you mean Rainbow George, as documented in the PCook biography..... Those who have read this will know that RG was destined always to be wrong, so that when PC, having suffered some sort of organ burstage, was wheeled out of death's door on his final journey to the Royal Free prior to snuffing it, RG was on hand to assure him that he'd be fine. This, the book states humouously, is how PC knew that his fate was sealed.
  • Saw Jamie Oliver in the Hampstead Food Hall, at the deli-counter. He was attempting to look anonymous in case the Sainsburys' advert police spotted him...
  • Me and mate saw Ewan McGregor in a mobile phone shop up the High Street. Wonder if he lives nearby?
  • both mel c and baby spice live in a big appartment block just around the corner from the flask pub. also living there is someone with no net curtains 4 tv sets in a row, who insists on standing around by the window with mobile phone in hand - shameless! you'll recognise the building as it used to be an old hospital, and now has high walls and security cameras everywhere.
  • I've seen Emma Thompson pushing a pram a couple of times in Church Row. No sign of her gorgeous hubby though.
  • Tim Roth (of tarantino film fame) near Louis' bakery near Church Row; George Michael (of toilet incident fame) getting a parking ticket in roughly the same place; Liam Gallagar & both Appletons (of musical fame) frolicking on the pavement outside the station and exclusive club thing Toast; Mark Williams (of Fast Show fame) buying groceries in Hampstead Food Hall; Frank Skinner (of footie song fame) eating stuff in Giraffe on the bottom end of the high street; Ewan McGregor (of film fame) snacking in Tootsies in Belize Park (hey, it's nearby); Jonathan Ross (of tv fame) eating in one of the many trendy cafes down the bottom end of the highstreet; Henry Kelly (of Going for Gold fame) looking very smart outside the Post Office; Nick Bailey (Classic FM fame) all the time living above Exclusivo opposite the Post Office; Michelle Collins (of East Enders fame) making her way in and out of Toast above the station; and finally David Schwimmer in an old beige Mercedes wearing a baseball hat (actually that was nearer to Primrose Hill, but hey).
  • I saw Richard Wilson (Victor Meldrew) looking very dapper in a red jacket on the high street. Vanessa Feltz also claims to live in Hampstead (Although technically she lives in Hampstead Garden Suburb)
  • semi famous? Ken Ellis, actor, appeared in an early, (pre-TV show) play; "Hitch hikers Guide to the Galaxy" many other plays & TV appearances, used to appear as the "Punch & Judy" man at many local fairs, including the Belsize Fair. (also a fair ventriloquist) Walked dogs for a part time living, was a reporter for "Womens Day" in the mid seventies. (at that stage lived in Tanza Road) Last I heard, he was living in Steeles Mews.
  • Mel C. (sporty spice) spotted hanging around out-side 'enry 'iggins in Flask Walk, looking refreshingly natural, smiley and like she's loving the fact Hampstead-onians didn't notice her. Little did she realise 2 yards on they were saying to each other"did you see who that was", through a slit in the side of their mouths.
  • Evelyn Waugh. (No 11 Hillfield Road and then North End). Too many bloody Spice Girls. People with more money than me, otherwise I'd be one (presuming I ever attained fame of course)
  • The late singer-songwriter Nick Drake lived on Haverstock Hill for some time in the late 60's/early 70's
  • Boy George lives on Well Rd...believe me...i know that !!
  • Nick Bailey, the famous breakfast Classic FM dj, lives on the bit of Hampstead on the other side of the Finchley Road (West Hampstead). Incidentally, so does his lovely daughter Sally with whom I'm currently having relations that are sexual - yum.
  • Michael Foot. Peter O'Toole.
  • Boy George lives on East Heath Rd in the gothic house that used to belong to MartyFeldman.
  • George Micheal's from Hampstead isn't he? - And I saw him walking into a restaurant there once! And my favourite painter of all-time, John Constable, once lived there too....
  • DAVE ROWNTREE!! The ginger blur drummer lives here!! We met his neighbour at the Brixton Academy blur gig, and he told us so!! We said "Where does Dave live then?" and he said he lived in Hampstead. There you go. You learn something new every day!!!
  • Also spotted Dudley Moore, Pauline Collins, George Michael, Russ Abbott, Peter Cook (pre death), Mike McShane, that twat out of Hollyoaks, Beppe from Eastenders, Jonathan Ross and Bjork and my mum is sure she saw an elderly Gergory Peck. ALso pretty popular among dead people in particular John Keats ( you can visit his house which has a nice garden),Leigh Hunt, and Constable.
  • Keats, Coleridge, Betjeman, T.S.Eliot, Sting, Annie Lennox, George Michael, Dawn French, Robert Powell, Tariq Ali, Julian Barnes, Dan Jacobson etc etc
  • You name 'em, they live in Hampstead. In particular, watch out for Tom Conti in his rather unattractive, white "Riviera" suit, and also for Melvyn Bragg just being a wanker.
  • Sid vicious, johnny rotten lived in a squat on hampstead high st.

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