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Cheap Food
  • The Thai Food at The Steeles and also at The Adelaide is reasonably priced and great. Take One Chinese on Haverstock Hill does the best chow mein! GBK is popular and good value too.
  • Al'Casbah - wonderful middle eastern food with decor to match. Why isn't this place in the Time Out guide?
  • Byron's on Downshire Hill for a romantic dinner - it's quite easy to get a table at the last minute and the food is really good, plus the staff are friendly.
  • Mam's takeaway on Fleet Road (behind the Royal Free) does a mean cheeseburger, and my flatmate tells me the fish and chips are quite good, too.
  • Best food shop by far is Giacobazzi's Delicatessen in Fleet Road. Try their baked cream with caramel sauce (to die for !!)
  • i had dinner at the al casbah restaurant in hampstead high street on saturday night, and whilst the belly dancing was entertaining, i have to remark upon the appalling service. not only was the service slow and shoddy, (with 1 waiter serving around 20 people), but my food arrived in a cracked bowl, and a chipped plate [all part of the morrocan charm i was told]. The bill had a 10% service charge added, which resulted in me engaging in some morrocan style haggling, to reduce the bill. all in all, a beautiful setting with fine food, ruined by poor service and presentation.
  • NAUTILIUS POMPILIUS on Fortune Green Road is the best fish n chip joint in the UK and thats official! (many have said so, including, erm, Ken Livingstone) and tis fantastic. How they fry it like they do I don't know. Eating in is more than a mite expensive, so take out, on a summer evening and find a bench on tha adjoining delightful green. THE BABUR Indian restuarant, 32 Mill Lane, West Hampstead, likewise is worthy of the highest praise. Excellent food, pleasantly served, charming environment, highly recommended.
  • Cafe nero . on the corner of the High St with Willoughby Rd, has really good mid-price salads- and seats outside to take advantage of the -ahem- sunshine- but beware still full of pretentious wannabeerich people especially on weekends.
  • Kenwood for breakfast - pricey but excellent
  • Montesol - Mexican and South American food (antacid recommended).
  • Cafe Rouge - surprisingly inexpensive (and good) French food and waiters who look at you as though you're a piece of shit if you are a) fat, b) ugly, c) poor, or d) me (ie. all of the above).
  • Swiss Cottage Bar (or "under the arches", as it's known to its regulars). My favourite haunt IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE. Cool, semi-sleazy, tiny cafe on Finchley Road, near the station. Everything about it just screams "THIS IS A SMOKERS' CAFE! COME IN, LOOK MOODY, AND SMOKE YOUR WAY THROUGH 40 MARLBORO! NON-SMOKERS FUCK OFF!". Or something. If "Casablanca" had been set on Finchley Road, the director would have chosen this place as Rick's. They'll let you sit in there all day on a single cup of coffee, doing absolutely bugger-all and smoking yourself stupid, and no matter how often you go in there, they never get friendly, thus preserving your anonymity so you can still look good staring out of the window with that brooding, pensive look. God bless the Swiss Cottage Bar.
  • Cafe Bianco, Perrins Court,located just off the High Street: serving sandwichs & fresh juices to local people not wishing too work. Outside seating and good service.
  • The Creperie, in front of The William IV pub
  • For quality and the broadest range of international delicatessen produce - go no further than the ROSSLYN DELICATESSEN - absolutely ANYTHING your heart (or stomach) desires you WILL find it here. Signed, A loyal local.

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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