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  • Bronco and Rainbow George were two entirely different people, although they did know each other... Rainbow George is still going - he's got bored with London and is currently trying to crack the Northern Irish political scene - but Bronco died a couple of years ago. And George did indeed make recordings of his late-night rambling chats with Cook, which Bronco occasionally sat in on.
  • Bronco. I used to see him a lot back in the 60's and early 70's. He is NOT Rainbow George. Rainbow George was Peter Cook's neighbour and friend. Bronco was the Shabby tan coat and lots of old tea bags. Used to see him often in Cyrano's restaurant, later to become Pippins and now....Zen NW3. When it was Cyrano's I went in there with my mate Ray and we set up our amplifiers and gave the customers a free concert with electric guitar and bass. I stood on the table, playing bass, in my tight yellow grandad shirt and satin red flares. The place filled with customers. The initially reticent manager was so chuffed at the extra custom from our sponataneous performance, he gave us free cake!
  • 'Bronco the Paraffin Lamp' may in fact be 'Rainbow George', an old mad hippy who did indeed know Peter Cook when he lived in Hampstead in the eighties. He's mentioned in Peter Cook's biog but I don't know if it's the same chap. The portly policeman mentioned is legendary - I used to chat to him when I worked at Kenwood house, as his beat included Hampstead Heath. He was always happy to have his picture taken with tourists, and I once saw him arrest someone by sitting on them.
  • Hampstead being as posh as it is has the finest tramps, last week i came accross a man begging on the high street whilst sipping on a frothy cofffee from Costa Coffee, is that crazy or what !
  • Hampstead's resident street cleaner can be spotted pottering round with his trusty dog, a black labrador who also wears a Camden Council fluorescent jacket (true!).
  • There's a great big fat policeman geezer who waddles up and down the highstreet harrasing the becks about their mobile phones and the brand of cigarettes they're smoking. He's sort of entertaining.
  • Bronco isn't a sreet entertainer but he does entertain you if you give him the time of day, and the price of a cup of tea. He's the local paraffin lamp, with heart of gold and he's either a convincing bulshitter or he really did play guitar with a famous band once. Also rumoured to have made lots of tapes with Peter Cook before he died. Bronco wouldn't tell you this, it's documented via peters friends. Give him the time of day, these crazy eccentrics are living right on your doorstep, lets not wait till he dies and then say what a character he was, buy the old cunt a cup of tea for fucks sake, whats up with you.
  • We used to have a bagpiper on the heath but he's been chased off by the authorities
  • bronco the local parafin lamp, is the walking advert for palamino clothes shop in flask walk. he entertains the locals with his personal flea market, and will talk shite to you for the price of a cup of tea.

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