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  • The Steeles has to be the best pub ever! And comedy nights at the Washington are fun as long as you don't mind all the smoke as its in a tiny wee room downstairs
  • Nobody's mentioned the strangest pub in Hampstead - the Coach and Horses. It was repainted in a vile shade of maroon and the tolerable seats were replaced with the most uncomfortable things they could find. However, the quiz has an original format (see for a review). Speaking of quizzes, I have to disagree with whoever said the staff in the William IV were 'friendly' - we attended the quiz and found it one of the most unfriendly places ever.
  • Better strike the Washington off the list of good old-fashioned boozers. It was my local 16 years ago when I lived in London and was a brilliant pub with fantastically well kept beer. I believe it's now been done up and turned into another trendy yuppie (Or whatever they're called these days)hangout. Crying shame!
  • Flask on Flask Walk is nice, though very slow food service and bar staff is sort of rude. Better bet is the Magdala.
  • Flask - right hand saloon full of "seedy" "theatrical" types, local faces, straightforwardly mad individuals and colostomy bag toters. Left hand "sports bar" full of what we in the trade refer to as "wankers".... HollyBush - full of idiotic Ruperts and their clucking girlfriends. Also, running-to-fat TV scripwriters in spectacles, droning on to their peers about the fact that they'll be free "for most of March, then all through august/september..." Three Horseshoes - The JD Wetherspoon concession. Low Low Low prices ensure local scum/tight arses/"characters" who can't be accomodated at the Flask have somewhere to drink. Enterprise (Haverstock Hill) - pretty good pub, though for some reason they think that portraits of Joyce/Beckett/Behan etc etc will convince people they're in some sort of irish literary den, rather than a hangout for local teachers/would be hipsters and the usual urban riff raff that drifts around London without any identifiable purpose other than looking slightly lost and/or stoned. Wells Tavern - The pits. Staff who simply can't understand what you want (due to the proprietor's reluctance to employ english speakers)....great location, absolute waste....
  • Hi, new to Hampstead, can anyone tell me a good pub in Hampstead for tonight, that shows the football and has good food and a nice atmosphere please ! Thanks
  • King of Bohemia pub a little further down than the Post Office and on the opposite side of the road attracts hoards of hip rich young things flashing expensive mobile phones all battling for signal (of which there is little on Hampstead Hill). That and flocks of ex South Hampstead High School girls looking for flashy hubby material.
  • Holly Bush is the best, SAVE THE WELLS TAVERN from property developers!, THE MAGDALA (South End Park) charming and romantic (also scene of where Ruth Ellis shot her boyfriend before being the last victim of capital punishment in the UK. The NORTH LONDON TAVERN (at the far end of Iverson Road from West Hampstead station) is indescribable, esp on Saturday nights when they have a leprachaun dancer and play the Irish national anthem at the end of the night and everyone stands up..... but best of all is the Washington (England's Lane), a traditional pub of the highest order. NB All pubs in Hampstead (but not West Hampstead) are inhabited by yuppies and/or bearded men complaining about how the labour party has betrayed socialism. But don't them put you of what is surely the finest and most civilised neighbourhood for drinking in London. A pub crawl from Kilburn through West Hampstead, Hampstead proper down thru Belsize Park to the bottom of Haverstock Hill and Primrose Hill would satisfy anyone.
  • A recent visit to the King of Bohemia proved to be very happening, playing the right kind of music and attracting the right type of clientele.
  • The Wells Tavern, down Flask Walk, is tolerable, though still containing the strange cult of the beck. The Hollybush, up Holly Hill, is a nice place for a really quiet drink.
  • Richard Steels' is a lovely pub with candles, nice decor, too many people and only marginally overpriced beer. The Bull & Last and the Duke of St. Alban's are both right next to one of the bits of Hampstead Heath of doubtful Hampsteadness, and both are almost totally mediocre.
  • Bar-Room-Bar is awful don't go there- full of people in their late 30s trying to be young- was much better as an old man's pub 10 years ago!
  • King of Bohemia on the High Street, for large fights and grossly over-priced drinks.
  • The White Bear, for sneering bar staff and stupid yuppies with large mobile phones.
  • The Flask. Flask walk (2 mins from tube) traditional pub serving food and fine ales. Warm and friendly atmosphere.
  • The Bar Room. Rosslyn hill (between Hampstead/Belsize Park tube) lively and funky, beer garden. Serving food, also a changing selection of artists showing their works.
  • King William IV in Hampstead High Street - "Oldest gay pub in the World" has been the claim for years, anyway it's a very friendly place for everyone, with great attitude-free bar staff. Particularly nice at lunchtimes.

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